The accident

Some of you might want to know what, exactly happened.

I was going to give BG a ride home to the train station.
But little was I aware of his charming sense of humour. I did drive a little to fast (50/60 km on a 70km road), I lost control over my car, we went back and forth over the road to finally hit the ditch, onto a rock, hit the tire on a concrete well, go up in the tree and then fall back on to all four tires.

It was that bad, that the car could’ve just turned itself around but it managed to keep its control somewhat.

When we landed and the car stood still, I looked at BG, no blood there. I looked around, not understanding the situation. When I did, I turned over to BG and said: FÖRLÅT!! (Sorry).

After two hours, I had to call my dad, my brother and then Val to let them know of the situation and that I was fine (as well as BG).
I did feel a tingling sensation at the back of my neck, and I began to feel sick. I sat down (more like hunched) on the ground and I had trouble with breathing.

Brother came to the spot as well as others (all of them complaining about how fast I usually drive on that road, but I am not the only one) to come and help us.

None of them had the powers to get my car up from the ditch, so Brother had to get the tractor.
After a while we finally got the car up, BG and I walked behind the tractor, Dad came with his car and drove behind me and BG.

… You can see how bad this was…
My little pearl… My gorgeous car…

So, I did mention that my neck started to hurt, right?
I nearly began to cry because of the pain, both BG, me and mum decided to give me a ride to the ER, just in case there was a whiplash.

Usually we got to wait at the ER (unless you’re bleeding enormous amounts of blood or other fluids from your body) but we got in fairly in time. We had to wait like 2 minutes.

We said that we could give BG a ride home if he wanted to, but he wanted to stay and make sure everything’s ok.
I had a fun time, really.
I was laughing like never before (and we all know it’s due to the chock). But that neck thingie thing was uncomfortable as heck. It had a few buttons and these buttons went straight into my head.
Aaaand I noticed that I couldn’t get up from there without any help. I was stuck xD
 It’s kind of funny how much you use your neck in order to get up from the bed or anything else like that.

They X-rayed me, but they couldn’t see anything on the screens so I was free to go, 5-6 hours later.

I stayed home from work yesterday because of my neck and the chock of course, but today I was working. I’ve never felt so good before.
It was a relief to get back to work.

oh dear god “Heroes of Cosplay” has come to Swedish Television (TV6). 

ooh dear god no no no no no no no no
Everyone will be looking down on Cosplay now… As they didn’t ALREADY.

I mean, HoC is NOTHING like Swedish con’s.
They’re cosy, sweet and everyone is helpful and even if they don’t know where the fandom is from, they still appreciate the cosplay.
Look at the Homestuck Fandom in Sweden.

Everyone is curious about it, and asks nice questions.
There are no literal fights within fandoms (as I have noticed), but of course there were minor fights with love to Hetalia.

Even when I was dressed up as Feferi and headed up to an Adventure Time Meetup, they shouted (jokingly) that I wasn’t allowed there, and that I was at the wrong meet up.
I actually loved, but told the truth that I was in fact invited.

Oh yeah, to my new followers…

I do write quite a lot, and often just nonsense. 

To avoid these, blacklist “nelbleh”.
I really do try to tag my stuff, but I often miss out on it.
To that I can only say I’m sorry. But however, this is my account, my dashboard and I love to socialize on Tumblr (as many of you are aware).
As it says on my profile, tumblr wars happens occasionally and when they do. It’s is a war going on.

I’m pretty much giving up on dA more and more ._.

Seriously, every update since dA 7.2 has been… Not at all that great.
ANd I’m one of those who LIKES changes as long as they’re for the greater good. And there hasn’t been any great update since then.
Who the eff wants dA Muro? Not me.
I just want the site to function BETTER, icon’s doesn’t show up, it’s glitchy as fuck and the only thing working somewhat like a charm is their st.ash-system.
That I really enjoy!

But the rest of the site is so… Not old nor immature, but… I don’t know.
Every time I log onto that site I just feel like a burden, it’s not fun anymore.
I don’t know where it started being such a bore.
Well, yeah, I know.
When they fucked up “Today’s page” where you could read all the news and popular journals, the best forumthreads and such.
They still have it up and running but where the journals once were, there’s just empty space.
And when they made the forum threads showing up in the kind on threadsystem you had on the rest of the site…. I just no.
I want newest comments on the deviations, and the oldest ones showing up in the forums, not the same EVERYWHERE.
It’s really difficult getting a grasp on the thread then.

I guess it’s time to move on.

I was at a really shitty mood today

But thanks to my lovely morail, who ALWAYS cheer me up whenever she’s not around, cheered me up with this little package:

“Open carefully Nellson, you actually cannot use the knife!! D:”

She’s the best <3

^that was in the package <3




So I finally watched Brave now.
I only did this because I’ve gotten so spoiled on tumblr, tumblr saviour doesn’t really work when people don’t tag their stuff.

Anyway, this is totally spoilerfree and all I wanted to say is that I really loved it <3
The animation were so smooth and lovable, and oh gosh, I loved it <3