Never Ever Land

Just decided to start posting chaps of my fanfic here idk

Pairings: Adrinette. ladynoir

Summary: Marinette, a broke college student barely able to pay her tuition, discovers a secret world of magic. Participating in an underground fight club under the alias of “Miraculous Ladybug”, Marinette meets the reigning champion, Chat Noir. Put off by his cocky attitude, Marinette resists his charm but how long can she last? “My lady, do you know what’s on the menu tonight? Me-n-u ” AU.

Only the sound of rain pelting against the cement broke the solemn silence that hung over the campus. A lone figure sat alone at a bench situated outside of the financial building, her shoulders abruptly rising up and down at a capricious rhythm.

Sniffling, she raised her head to catch a glimpse of the gray, cloudy sky. The rain drops masked her tears, and for that, she was thankful.

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