So I worked with Jo Bevvy Cosplay and Photography at MAGFest to shoot my Nel Zelpher cosplay from Star Ocean: Till the End of Time! Here’s one of the shots from the shoot which was a collab effort with thepompouspickle who majored in scarf tossing in college. XD (It’s a lot harder than it looks, for real guys!) Big thank you to both of them for such a stunning end result!

{ooc: The Blades as maids, from the manga adaptation. I love how Clair is like, “lol wut?”

Though, if I may rant for two seconds, I hated how they gave Nel an unlockable maid costume for the sake of fan service. It’s like: “Here’s a great character. Now let’s fuck them up by helping them give you a boner via clothing they’d never actually wear, even if you paid them.”}