Nekter Juice Cleanse- Day Two

I will start off by saying that Day 2 was much easier than Day 1. I also got to enjoy Nekter Jucie Bar’s “Advance” Cleanse today, so the flavors were a little varying from the first day’s. The morning started off like any other, getting ready to go to castings. I threw everything in my car along with my remaining two days of the Nekter Juice Bar cleanse and headed to LA. I sipped my first juice, which was the same as the first one from the day before- apple, parsley, kale, spinach, mint, lime, cucumber and celery, it was refreshing and I wasn’t tired of the taste.

I got to Ben’s studio and killed a little time on my computer, then cracked open my next juice, this one was filtered water, lemon, ginger. and agave nectar. They call it a “skinny lemonade”. It was good, very strong tasting, but good.

I went to my casting and knocked it out. Then drove back to down town LA, I was on my third juice by then- another one similar to the first one, very green. That one was a little tough to get to because I was already so full and the taste was similar to the one I had this morning. But after 2 hours I managed to down that one too. Next was the cayenne pepper, and lemon juice. This one is very spicy but it’s the most essential part of “the cleanse”. Within 2 hours I managed to drink that one too.

After lounging around, playing some computer games and checking out stuff online I moved on to drink number 5. I got to try something new, very exciting, this one had beets, so it was a pretty red color. It tasted similar to the first and third one but with a beat flavor added. I liked it a lot.

Lastly as the night was winding down it was time to drink the cashew milk, made with filtered water, raw cashews, agave nectar and vanilla bean. While I like the cashew milk, I was kind of wishing it were chocolate almond milk but that might be too out of the question for a cleanse. I drank it happily.

Today and tonight my bad food cravings were much less intense. I didn’t feel the urge to murder someone for a piece of toast like I did on Day 1. I also had an adequate amount of energy for most of the day, I never once felt faint or woozy, like I did on Day 1. Overall the second day was a vast improvement on how my body handled the cleanse. Only one day to go, and I hear the third day is the best day so I’m really looking forward to it. The third day is also Nekter Juice Bar’s “Organic Cleanse” so the flavors will be slightly different from Day 1 and 2. Yay!


Omg!!! Dying from how delicious this is!
After eating breakfast I got pretty bad anxiety and felt really ansty and just overall really bad. I only get anxiety when I have alot on my mind but this morning I was fine. I was even talking with my family about how excited I am that there coming to visit and all the things we are gonna do so it stressed me out because I didn’t know wat was wrong.
While I was driving to my boyfriends I was craving a juice also thinking it would make me feel better and I knew there was a juice bar by him so I stopped by. Best decision of my life!
The first juice has lime, kale, cucumber, orange, spinach and parsley.
They had a sign saying they were hiring so I sent an email because I fell in love with the place.
They gave me a receipt for $2 off if I came back today… I convinced my boyfriend to go and we got a berry banana burst!
Yummy! Taste like yogurt almost. It has fresh whole berries, banana, vanilla bean cashew nut milk and agave nectar.
To die for! Everyone should check out the Nekter Juice Bar. :)
I feel totally awesome now! 😍

Nekter Juice Cleanse- Day One 

I woke up excited for the first day of my cleanse. I grabbed the my first bottle, which consisted of apple, parsley, kale, spinach, mint, lime, cucumber and celery. It was refreshing and delicious. I thought, “I can definitely do this for three more days.” I drove to work, today I was shooting for Hot Topic in City of Industry, so it only took me about 15 minutes get there. Them, along with Pacsun are some of the few places that make living in Orange County actually convenient. 

I walked in and introduced myself to everyone. Everyone seemed very nice and it looked like the day was going to be fairly easy. I went in to hair and makeup for the first editorial look, a very smokey eye and nude lip. I got changed in my first outfit and we popped off a couple shots. Done. On to the next look. It was also time for me to move on to my next juice, which was full of coconut water, cucumber and pineapple. It too tasted amazing, it was very light, I could have drank a few of those. 

We shot a couple more editorial looks and then it was time for lunch. Everyone left the room to pick up their salads and sandwiches from Panera bread and I stayed, opening my third juice, a slight variation from the first one. The flavor was a little repetitive, maybe slightly more citrusy but still good. I watched everyone eat their food in slight envy but my cravings weren’t too bad. I can do this, I kept telling myself. 

By 2pm the male model arrived, an employee from Hot Topic’s retail stores, apparently this was his first modeling gig and it was a dream come true for him. We shot some amazing photos involving a projector, can’t wait to show you all, but the theme was “goth” so Tina, the makeup artist bumped my nude lip up to a purple lip. 

Those shots came out so amazingly that we finished early and had an hour to chill until it got dark outside, where we would finish the last few looks. I was struggling with my third juice, it was so rich in flavor and my stomach was already so full. 

The sun finally went down and we shot some looks in the Hot Topic parking look. They actually came out surprisingly cool with what little we had to work with. After that, we were wrapped. Time to go home. 

I grabbed my fourth juice out of my cooler and took a sip. “Wow!” It was kind of spicy. I read the label- filtered water, lemon juice, agave nectar and cayenne pepper. Well there’s the culprit. I’d heard of people fasting on a similar combination involving maple syrup. I couldn’t imagine drinking just this for 3 days.

On the drive home all I did was think about food. I wanted a cheeseburger, my mouth watered as I imagined biting in to it and chewing on the meat. I also wanted a chicken sandwich and a lobster, maybe some crab too, oh and some french fries! I wanted it all. My food cravings were haunting me. My stomach was full, I was hungry necessarily, I just craved all of those flavors that I was used to. I guess these are the “bad food cravings” I’m suppose to kick. 

I almost pulled off the freeway and bought a Chick-Fil-A chicken sandwich, but I fought the urge. I committed to this cleanse and I am going to finish it, I convinced myself. But by no means is a juice cleanse for the faint of heart. I love juice, but drinking it for an entire day has been hard. Really hard. Way harder than I thought it would be.

I have to say being able to drink the cashew water at the end of the day really helped me calm down a bit. It’s thicker and feels more like a meal then all of the rest. I can do this…. I think. Two more days and 12 more bottles to drink, only time will tell. Wish Me luck!

To see more hilarious pics and videos from my first day of cleansing check out my instagram @margauxbrooke.

Nekter Juice Cleanse- Day Two

Today was the last day of my Nekter juice cleanse. Overall I am satisfied with the cleanse. I’d be lying if I didn’t say it was hard. Below I am going to lay out the positives and negatives of doing a juice cleanse. 


-I was never hungry, six bottles of juice a day was more than enough for me.

-I felt detoxed by day three and ready to take on a healthier diet overall.

-The flavors were really delicious and refreshing. 

- Good for those who want to lose weight quickly, that wasn’t my goal. I lost three pounds in three days (that I quickly need to put back on).


-Bad food cravings were really intense on day one, I wanted to eat a cheeseburger or a chicken sandwich so badly.

-Flavors become repetitive after the first day. A little variety day to day would be nice. 

-I wish the protein drink at the end of the day was chocolate almond milk instead of cashew milk, not as satisfying as it needs to be for a beginner juicer. 

Overall is was a unique, fun experience that made me feel healthier and refreshed by the end of it. Thank you so much Nekter Juice Bar!