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Mamboswap - Hiveswap parody of Mambostuck by @toastyhat​!

lol its nowhere near as good as the original…
Still, this was a really fun exercise in animation. Plus it’s awesome.  I have so many wiggly frames on here, you don’t even know.

Can’t wait for Hiveswap to come out!!


Hiveswap, Cherubs, Fantrolls, First Guardians, Limebloods: How Does This Concern Me?

New year, new theory! With Hiveswap hot on our heels it’s fitting that we kick 2017 off with a bang, right? Gotta get my bets in before the races start! You know what they say right? Go big or go home.

So let’s make the first theory of the year a Hiveswap plot forecast!

Let’s talk about how the fantroll we saw for 2 panels might actually tell us how Doc Scratch and cherubs factor into the plot of the game.

This is definitely a lot more interesting than the Handmaid.

Longish post warning. We’ve got some potential to discuss.

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I would like to make a friendly reminder that the $20,000 wasn’t only to get these two fan trolls canon, the two people who each donated those $10,000 have got all those Kickstarter Packs.


 A digital download of the game, a digital download of the game’s soundtrack, a SIGNED physical copy of the game, and a Kickstarter-exclusive print signed by Andrew Hussie!

A Sburb tote bag, a God Tier t-shirt of your choice from the What Pumpkin Store, a set of 3 enamel pins, and 2 Alpha and Beta kids sticker sheets!!

A Record tote bag, a Gamebro OR Gamegrl t-shirt, a set of 4 enamel pins, and 2 Dave/Bro sticker sheets!!!

A Midnight Crew themed playing card deck, a Midnight Crew tote bag, a Spade t-shirt, a set of 4 enamel pins, and 2 Midnight Crew sticker sheets!!!!

A Homestuck-themed tarot card deck (78 cards, featuring art by 39 artists), a Grimdark Squiddle tote bag, a Prospit OR Derse t-shirt (your choice!), a set of 4 enamel pins, and 3 Prospit & Derse sticker sheets!!!!!

Senator Lemonsnout or Pyralspite Plushie, Troll tote bag, Terezi Canopy t-shirt, a set of 4 enamel pins, and 2 Trolls sticker sheets!!!!!!

An exclusive pack of signed game concept art and special thanks in the game credits, not only that but also a black & white commission OR a beautiful custom Soul Portrait by Andrew Hussie HIMSELF!

And you know what’ll happen after that, Cosplayers, fanarts, plushies ALL OF THAT.

Tl:DR Version;

Those two people got a TRUCK load of stuff and not “JUST” their fantrolls canon.