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Theoretically, although Hussie said it as a joke, all fantrolls are/could be canon. In Act 6, when Caliborn’s Dad travels to a planet and blows it up, we see the two fantrolls that were given a single panel due to the kickstarter donations their creators made. However, if that entire planet was inhabited by trolls (which it appeared to be), then there’s obviously millions, hell, billions of trolls. So who knows? Maybe your fantroll was living on that planet before it was destroyed?



Mamboswap - Hiveswap parody of Mambostuck by @toastyhat​!

lol its nowhere near as good as the original…
Still, this was a really fun exercise in animation. Plus it’s awesome.  I have so many wiggly frames on here, you don’t even know.

Can’t wait for Hiveswap to come out!!


Some random and unfounded predictions for Hiveswap

Hiveswap’s coming out tomorrow! To celebrate this, I created this blog dedicated solely to Hiveswap and Homestuck. I figured I’d kick off the shenanigans with a bunch of spontaneous predictions I have zero evidence for!

  • Jude’s treehouse will turn out to be ridiculously well fortified, and he’ll stay up there for the entire game.
  • The troll who works at the train station will turn out to be the most important character in Hiveswap.
  • The game will provide an option to customize the fetch modus, and no reasonable option will be given.
  • The whale killed by Eridan in the comic will turn out to have been Cridea’s lusus.
  • The canon fantrolls will be killed off seconds after their introduction (but not many). No effort will be made to reconcile this with their deaths in the comic.
  • The game will take place during the Summoner’s revolution, which both Xefros and Dammek will be part of. The Summoner will appear in the game, as will Darkleer, the Handmaid, the Grand Highblood, and the Condesce.
  • One of Cridea’s memes will include a passing reference to “you can’t escape the miles” that nobody (including Cridea) will understand.
  • A surprise twist will reveal that Dammek is a human disguised as a troll, and a later surprise twist will reveal that Dammek is a cherub disguised as a human disguised as a troll.
  • In a scene that nobody asked for, Joey will fight a cuttlefish and lose.

It’s likely that none of this will happen. But nonetheless, I’ll publish an update on this post once I’ve played the game!

Hiveswap, Cherubs, Fantrolls, First Guardians, Limebloods: How Does This Concern Me?

New year, new theory! With Hiveswap hot on our heels itโ€™s fitting that we kick 2017 off with a bang, right? Gotta get my bets in before the races start! You know what they say right? Go big or go home.

So letโ€™s make the first theory of the year a Hiveswap plot forecast!

Letโ€™s talk about how the fantroll we saw for 2 panels might actually tell us how Doc Scratch and cherubs factor into the plot of the game.

This is definitely a lot more interesting than the Handmaid.

Longish post warning. Weโ€™ve got some potential to discuss.

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I would like to make a friendly reminder that the $20,000 wasn’t only to get these two fan trolls canon, the two people who each donated those $10,000 have got all those Kickstarter Packs.


 A digital download of the game, a digital download of the game’s soundtrack, a SIGNED physical copy of the game, and a Kickstarter-exclusive print signed by Andrew Hussie!

A Sburb tote bag, a God Tier t-shirt of your choice from the What Pumpkin Store, a set of 3 enamel pins, and 2 Alpha and Beta kids sticker sheets!!

A Record tote bag, a Gamebro OR Gamegrl t-shirt, a set of 4 enamel pins, and 2 Dave/Bro sticker sheets!!!

A Midnight Crew themed playing card deck, a Midnight Crew tote bag, a Spade t-shirt, a set of 4 enamel pins, and 2 Midnight Crew sticker sheets!!!!

A Homestuck-themed tarot card deck (78 cards, featuring art by 39 artists), a Grimdark Squiddle tote bag, a Prospit OR Derse t-shirt (your choice!), a set of 4 enamel pins, and 3 Prospit & Derse sticker sheets!!!!!

Senator Lemonsnout or Pyralspite Plushie, Troll tote bag, Terezi Canopy t-shirt, a set of 4 enamel pins, and 2 Trolls sticker sheets!!!!!!

An exclusive pack of signed game concept art and special thanks in the game credits, not only that but also a black & white commission OR a beautiful custom Soul Portrait by Andrew Hussie HIMSELF!

And you know what’ll happen after that, Cosplayers, fanarts, plushies ALL OF THAT.

Tl:DR Version;

Those two people got a TRUCK load of stuff and not “JUST” their fantrolls canon.

you: haha wow, how did you memorize all of the first AND last names in bnha?
me, a homestuck: haha idk man