I was tagged by eliosu and koecha to do the drawing outfit meme♥

Draw yourself in what you wear everyday, at home, and fancytime.

Well, I don’t usually wear glasses at home, so everything is a bit blur but I just let it be. My eyes need to breathe *v*

I tag: nekowork, tsuki-nekota, clarice82, peachdalooza, tio-trile

You don’t have to do this meme if you don’t want to or if you’re too busy :)


External image
 I love him *-* 

I was missing to be so obsessed with a show! xD
The thing is, I love feel myself like this… I’m happy ;w;
And well, about the drawing, it’s done with pencils 2h and 3b and about the duration … I think I’ve been drawing him approximately 4 or 5 wonderful hours… more or less xD (I really enjoyed! Oh Sherlock <3) 

I hope that you like it! *-*”

just casually drawing an AMAZING picture…. my god