I was tagged by eliosu and koecha to do the drawing outfit meme♥

Draw yourself in what you wear everyday, at home, and fancytime.

Well, I don’t usually wear glasses at home, so everything is a bit blur but I just let it be. My eyes need to breathe *v*

I tag: nekowork, tsuki-nekota, clarice82, peachdalooza, tio-trile

You don’t have to do this meme if you don’t want to or if you’re too busy :)

“BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH!!  I love him *-* 

I was missing to be so obsessed with a show! xD
The thing is, I love feel myself like this… I’m happy ;w;
And well, about the drawing, it’s done with pencils 2h and 3b and about the duration … I think I’ve been drawing him approximately 4 or 5 wonderful hours… more or less xD (I really enjoyed! Oh Sherlock <3) 

I hope that you like it! *-*”

just casually drawing an AMAZING picture…. my god



Teacher Jung: You and Heung Soo must’ve been very close.

Nam Soon: Since elementary school. We were both really tall so it was hard to fit in with the other elementary kids. We lived life as best as we could… tried our best at everything. Then when I get tired, I would go over to Heung Soo’s house to sleep and eat. I would go and watch Heung Soo play soccer and stay until it got dark.