Nekotalia and their owners ~! (´∀`)♡ Like master like servant eh ?

I suddenly had this idea since the new season of Hetalia World Twinkle ! And I rarely see them with their owners in official art too so here we go (◍•ᴗ•◍)

I designed this as icons too, so feel free to use :3

Spain and Canada are bonus characters ! I supposed to draw Romano I love neko!Canada and also, Canada needs more love ~! ♡^▽^♡

good and bad things about hetalia

Great things about Hetalia:

• Canon gay character
• (heavily) Inferred gay characters
• POC characters
• the comic is really nice and watching it improve is so much fun
• super short episodes for time-convenient marathons
• tons, and I mean tons, of songs to listen to sung by the voice actors themselves!
• it can be super funny at times
• badass females
• makes history class a bit more fun
• brings up weird facts that you would never had thought could be possible but are (ex: the condom incident with America and Russia)
• references to other shows
• so many fucking ships it’s so good
• fan made things like hetaoni
• himaruya’s doodles
• nekotalia exists

Bad things about Hetalia:

• lots of stereotypes
• the animation is p sucky
• Seychelles hate/white washing
• like 75% of the fandom is 12 yr old weaboos
• France hate
• m o c h i s god what are they really
• gerita still isn’t fucking canon
• what happens holy roman empire
• its p fucked up at times rip china