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🐕“Fantastic Beasts” Animal Attraction Spell 🐕

inspired by “fantastic beasts and where to find them”, a spell to attract animals such as cats and deer to you.

🐕 gather: a box, waxing gibbous moon water, and food appropriate to the animals you wish to attract

🐕 wash and bless the box with the moon water. 

🐕 place food out in the box

🐕 sprinkle with the moon water each time you leave it out

🐕 replace the food every so often, closer and closer to your home

🐕 ! please be aware of wild animals that are not friendly, and do not take chances with them ! take appropriate precautions !

Neko Atsume but with the Lost Light crew
  • Setting up a Desk attracts Ultra Magnus
  • Build a Lab to get Perceptor and Brainstorm
  • Brainstorm has a chance to build a Super Duper Gun that attracts Whirl
  • Don’t leave Whirl with the Gun unattended without Ultra Magnus present
  • or Whirl will scare off other bots and break random goodies
  • which may attract Cyclonus and trigger an Epic Battle
  • which is when you have to install a Model Ship Workshop and pray for Rung to pay a visit before the thing is blown to smithereens
  • or if the Desk is broken it triggers the Wrath of the Enforcer upon which every present party is thrown in the Brig (which means they won’t reappear for a few days)
  • except for Rung whose coming to harm will trigger Skids’ appearance
  • though there’s a much easier way to get him, just build a bar to attract Swerve and Skids will come to hang out
  • along with Trailbreaker (who is the local Tubbs but with the drinking problem)

Shout out to those who are constantly told they’re “too loud” or “too talkative”

Shout out to those who are told to be quiet because they’re annoying

Shout out to those who have a boisterous laugh and are afraid to laugh because of what others will say

Shout out to those who think they’re annoying everyone by being around people to be happy

Shout out to those who get depressed if they aren’t being social butterflies because they don’t want to bother people

Shout out to those who ramble and feel like no one is listening because they “haven’t shut up about it yet”

Because you matter, and don’t let any introvert make you feel like your extrovertedness is bad.

nemo-ne-impune-lacessit  asked:

I just had a thought: What if when Noctis goes inside to face the old Lucian kings and queens while the other bros + Sora are fighting off the daemons, Sora suddenly becomes overcome by the Starscourge and they have to fight him off too? ;A;

AGHHHHHHHHHH *clutches chest*

I headcanon that Sora joins Noctis and the chocobros when they travel back to Insomnia to take back the light.

Sora knows he doesn’t have much time left– but he just has to hang on long enough to save this world that has been his home for 10+ years. So even though his body aches and his heart races and throbs and stutters and he’s experienced more and more lapses in his memory that always end up with him somewhere he doesn’t remember traveling to, he puts on the Kingsglaive uniform and sets out with the boys.

I’ll let you guys decide what happens to Sora in the end hahahaha. I’ll leave it ambiguous– like whether or not the other chocobros survive after Noctis makes his sacrifice.

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Sakamaki/ Mukami reaction to waking up and finding that their so has sneaked into their bed in the middle of the night to sleep next to them

Shu: *feels a warmthness snuggled up to him and fusses a bit* Laito…Get out of my..*smells her scent and opens his eyes* Oh it’s you…And you’re knocked out huh?  It’s cute that you trust me enough to sleep next to me woman…or maybe you’re awake and want me to do dirty things to you~. Heh just kidding *pecks her cheek and closes his eyes*

Reiji: *feels weight shift in bed* Hmm? *turns over to find his lover curled up next to him, staring at him with scared eyes* *sighs* I’m guessing you had a nightmare… you didn’t have to sneak in here, you could have just asked *gets up* I’ll make you some hibiscus tea, it calms anxiety, that should put you back to sleep… *kisses her forehead then gets up*

Ayato: *feels someone rip blankets off of him* …The fuck!?!? *gets up angrily and sees his lover curled up in a blanket cocoon* Hey who gave you permission to steal my goddamn blankets!? I don’t mind you for sleeping with Ore-sama but not if you’re gonna take my shit!! *angrily shakes her awake* Give em’ back!!!

Kanato: *turns over and sees his lover sleeping next to him* what the hell… I didn’t give you permission to sleep in MY bed!! …but you look so cute sound asleep. Okay, I’ll allow it *clings onto her* mmm you’re so comfy…. *rests his head on her boobs* but you better ask next time.

Laito: *Doesn’t even need to open up his eyes to know it’s her* Mmm~ does someone need a good fucking~? Fufu how dirty Bitch-chan…*climbs over her and then realizes she’s asleep* Oh?  Aww…did you think sleeping with me would make you feel much safer~?  You’re so naive…but I’ll let it slide.  *brushes hair out of her face and kisses her forehead*

Subaru: *wakes up* Damn it’s so squished in here… *looks over to find his lover curled up in a ball besides him* How the hell did she manage to squeeze into this coffin… *strokes her hair* she looks so cute when she sleeps though… must’ve had a nightmare or something *grabs her and holds her* you’re safe now.

Ruki: *feels someone climb ontop his chest and sees his lover curled up ontop of him*  Livestock? Wanna offer an explanation? (”…the thunder scares me”)  Hmm…you know thunder can’t hurt you right? It’s only a sound caused by sudden increase of pressure that lightning produces from- *sees she’s dozing off and sighs* Sweet dreams Livestock. *holds her*

Kou: *turns over in his sleep and is face to face with his sleeping lover* Aw, how cute, my little kitten wants to sleep with me~! *kisses her nose and pulls her in so her face is in his chest* why don’t you just sleep with me every night! *chuckles and strokes her hair* sweet dreams m-neko-chan.

Yuma: *feels nuzzling in his chest and looks down* …Sow?  Haha you’re so small that if I hadn’t noticed you I would’ve rolled over ya and squished ya.  Well…since we’re both here and and everyone is asleep. *bites his lip and climbs over her, slowly grinding* (”mmm no!! I’m tired”) Cmon babe. *gets a pillow thrown at his face* Tch fine bratty pants!! *lays back down and lazily drapes arm over her*

Azusa: Oh, you’re here…I was beginning to feel lonely anyways… *holds her* you’re so warm…I like you here…you should sleep with me every night…. *smiles and interlocks fingers* goodnight beautiful.

haiiiiiii this be me dream daddy oc. his name is bob saget and he cut and died his hair to be leik the cool kidsz. he really wants 2 have a fun time, but only if ur a guyyyy. he raeds yaoi mangas and reads smutty fanfiction of sanic and shadow. he just wants to find a hawet guy to share his coke addiction with him. he’s 8’‘3 and lieks long walks through the landfills. send him a tweet if you want to get jiggy with it.

The level of daddy is immense. He gonna blow up the Twitter.

〜Mod Neko

“I get really annoyed when people try to join in on a roleplay and get ignored. Like it’s never happened to me but I see it happen and I try to include the person . How is the roleplaying community supposed to grow if we don’t let people in?”

submitted by anon.

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Neko!Dan is adopted by Phil from the shelter, he hides for weeks, scared of Phil and what he might do. He knocks over a vase and he starts crying. Phil hugs him. They slowly fall in love and it ends in smut

I did it again, I wrote a fucking novel trying to build the backstory and establish everything before it gets to the smut lmao. if there’s anything you should know about my writing is that I always write a lot… Please note that Tumblr mobile does not like this fic, you’ll have to read it on web, sorry!

my excuse is that this prompt deserves a full fic so you can appreciate the “slowly falling in love” part :) this is 6443 words long and I am screaming how did I get here??? anyway that’s why this one has a read more lol

contains: mentions of past abuse, riding


Phil looked around at all of the nekos in the shelter, feeling a little overwhelmed. Some of them were wailing, some were sleeping, some were totally ignoring him, and some were staring intently at him without making a sound or even blinking. His mum had suggested he get a neko for companionship since she was afraid he was lonely, and he wasn’t ashamed to admit that he was. I don’t want a neko because they’re a neko, though. I hate thinking about them sitting in their cages for years, not wanted by anyone.

He walked down the aisles, not sure exactly what he should be looking for. He nibbled at his bottom lip as he thought about how a lot of nekos came from bad homes or rough beginnings; it made him want to adopt them all and take them home with him, let them live their lives the way they wanted to.

“Sir? Do you need any help?” A woman asked. He turned around.

“Ah… I’m just not really sure what I’m looking for,” he said sheepishly, suddenly aware that he’d already been there for 30 minutes without really looking closely at any of the nekos.

“Do you have a preference for what gender?” She asked. “Any desired personality traits, skills…?”

* “Not particularly? I’m just looking for a companion, really,” Phil said, scratching his cheek. That sounds like they’re robots programmed to do certain things…

“Hmm, well unfortunately that doesn’t really narrow down your options, but I will say that a lot of the nekos towards the back are… a little warier of humans for various reasons. You can talk to any of the nekos if you want, but I can’t guarantee that they’ll want to answer you. If there’s one you’re particularly interested in, let me know and I can put you guys in a private room to see how things go.”

Phil nodded and he walked away, heading right for the “warier” nekos at the back. He felt bad for the nekos back there; he figured that most people would stick to the front and middle, so they must rarely get any attention. Although maybe that’s for good reason, he thought, stopping briefly. What if I go in and I stress them out? … But what if I find a neko in there who really needs to get out of here?

Having convinced himself, Phil pushed open the door and walked inside. It looked the same as the part of the shelter with the more “adoptable” nekos, but all of the nekos he could see from the doorway reacted to his presence by hissing, pressing themselves all the way back in their cages, or just turning their back on him.

He walked further in, peering around. It was uncomfortable feeling so many eyes on him. Phil scanned the placards in front of the cages, trying not to stress out the nekos even more by staring back at them. Alison, Everitt, Chris, Lisa, Emily… Came from an abusive home, found on the streets, found living with a pack in the forest, came from an abusive home, unknown…

Phil was reading another placard: Dan… Unknown… Refuses to speak to anyone… Can be standoffish…. Needs a home with adults only, shows fear when startled or exposed to sudden movement…

“Makes them sound like pets instead of creatures capable of rational thought,” Phil mumbled under his breath.

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