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🐕“Fantastic Beasts” Animal Attraction Spell 🐕

inspired by “fantastic beasts and where to find them”, a spell to attract animals such as cats and deer to you.

🐕 gather: a box, waxing gibbous moon water, and food appropriate to the animals you wish to attract

🐕 wash and bless the box with the moon water. 

🐕 place food out in the box

🐕 sprinkle with the moon water each time you leave it out

🐕 replace the food every so often, closer and closer to your home

🐕 ! please be aware of wild animals that are not friendly, and do not take chances with them ! take appropriate precautions !

anonymous asked:

Munakata 2020?

He’s got my vote.

I know things seem tough right now. I know you’re hurting. I know this year has been hell for so many people. But can you do me a favor?

Please keep fighting.

Please keep smiling.

Please keep being good.

Please keep believing that good will always win over evil in the end.

This year has been tough, and it’s hard to stay optimistic. However, like all bad times, it will pass. It happened before and it will happen again.

Keep your chin up. Life’s not over yet. :)

Shout out to those who are constantly told they’re “too loud” or “too talkative”

Shout out to those who are told to be quiet because they’re annoying

Shout out to those who have a boisterous laugh and are afraid to laugh because of what others will say

Shout out to those who think they’re annoying everyone by being around people to be happy

Shout out to those who get depressed if they aren’t being social butterflies because they don’t want to bother people

Shout out to those who ramble and feel like no one is listening because they “haven’t shut up about it yet”

Because you matter, and don’t let any introvert make you feel like your extrovertedness is bad.

So last night I had a dream that I was downstairs, about to feed my cats, when I ran into a cat that was definitely not one of my cats, just wandering around by the stairs waiting for me to feed it.

The cat didn’t resemble any of mine, or former cats of mine, or any I’ve known in particular. I can’t think of anywhere my subconscious could’ve picked out its design.

But I just realized that it did look suspiciously like Hobo the fanon Neko Atsume cat… who I hadn’t heard of until this afternoon…

Hobo prowls dreams for food pass it on