nekorage art

         Had they known to savor, would they have? Could they? Hewondered about it later; if his hesitation unhitched the world, intensified itssteady rotation, so everything passed before his gaze in a helpless blur. He might have held on, wrenched his eyes wide, so that his last day as a member of the world would linger undiluted in his mind. If only, if only.

ao3 // 

fantastic art by nekorage

Um it’s Pulmo but I had to change her a little so I could use her for a school project. Yeah I didn’t get to color yet because I’m intimidated by her and I don’t want to mess it up do u see those lines it took me forever

(I don’t really care about this preview quality so just ignore that) (Also the image is much larger than what tumblr decided to…you know, make it)