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veko. Neko asks to draw you like one of her french girls but ends up drawing a duck instead.


Neko! omg))

“Hey.. hey Vos” Neko called eagerly.


“I-I drew a duck. I was trying to draw you but… it didn’t turn out as planned, heh.”

“Oh, really? Nice! Can I see?”


“Looks really good, great job!”

“Thanks! …Vos?”

“What Neko?”

“Zombie jiggalo.”


nekomikuzi said: Something hyper. Maybe some Neb. Or Alice and Brandon acting like children.

I can’t actually make…people… out of clay, as much as I wish I could. The chibi Sparkles I made was my first attempt and used up a good portion of my flesh colored clay anyways OTL Gah, I feel incompetent…

nekomikuzi said: requests? otay otay neko has one… neko working on on making a big rocket and brandon watching neko and being like ‘lolcute’ and stuff (its for a fic neko is writing, totes brandeko!)

Im not sure if this is what you wanted. But I tried

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*offers pizza rolls and cookies* ;~;

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Hugs are always here if you need them.

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/smooches your face

thank you guys so much! Just know that I’m fine and so glad to have you guys *group hug* you are the best! Thanks to everyone for the kind words and good vibes and everything =w=