this is a terrible edit but I made it so I might as well upload it. Artists are tagged!

I just really love passivechara’s poncho human okay. Reada Protection Squad.

nekomell  asked:

Once I was going through Gasquet x Art tag, and your little post made my day (cuz it's so unpopular and yet it's my otp and it was good to know that someone else accepts or even likes this couple) And now I'm going through MuraNice tag and seeing your cute posts, and it makes me so happy again I just cannot~ ; w ; Bless you! <3

I-I /)////////////(\ Oh my, you flatter me so much <3 I don’t know what to say besides thank you very much. Yes. I ship Gasquet x Art; their whole partners thing and how Gasquet was really touchy feely with Art (hence why I brought up the arm slings thing since he always does that with Art) in season 1.

I have no idea why but your ask suddenly inspired ideas for more Gasquet x Art related stuff. SO you can expect some headcanons related to them tomorrow ;)  Once again, I appreciated this cute message <3