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Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader; Not in the Least – Part II


Thanks to Lyn for looking over this part as well!

Part II

If your knees had felt like noodles earlier that day, they felt like jelly in the afternoon when you walked alongside an elated Inuoka towards the gym in which Nekoma’s volleyball team practiced. He was still chatting away happily, but it was hard to focus on a single word he said now that you were walking towards your doom – at least that’s how it felt. You had no idea how you’d be able to handle being around a horde of teenage boys running around in sweat-drenched shirts that clung to their muscular torsos and being surrounded by strong, defined calves (your secret weakness!) every day. Just the thought made you dizzy and several times you found yourself bending your knees slightly and pulling in your arms as though you’d break out into a sprint every minute.

But you knew there was no use in running. You had agreed to become the manager of Nekoma’s volleyball team and all that separated you from being officially called by that title was the application form – which you were now holding in your trembling hands instead of your schedule.

When Inuoka pushed open the doors to the gym you felt as though the doors to a whole different world were opened.

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