A gift for one streamer who’s playing Nioh.
I started this drawing during the last Drawpile session and finished it later in Photoshop. I couldn’t find decent reference for this character, so it slightly differs from the original. :/

You are not allowed to use/edit/trace/repost/publish my art without my permission.
Запрещено использовать/изменять/обводить/публиковать без моего согласия.

Here is my entire character/creature lineup for this past Animal Alphabets Mythical Creatures Edition.  I’m glad that I was able to get through the entire alphabet.  Looking forward to the next one!

hey you guys! i’ve been so busy with tests and everything yada yada yada and i’ve actually had a minuscule amount of time to start writing again!??!??!!?!? i’ve been wondering if you know anyone who would be up to betaread some haikyuu!! stuff and if so message me! anyways, i hope all of you have been keeping up on the season and have been loving tendou as much as i have :))