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totally dont know if you do poly ships or not, but if you do, can i ask for some kuroo x lev x s/o fluff?? ♥︎

Hmm. Never done before but I can try??…???????

Kuroo x Lev x s/o poly headcanons

• Cuddling is very very important with for the boys. Not that the s/o cares because being sandwiched in the middle of Kuroo and Lev is nothing but lovably and comfy. Lev likes to spoon them from behind and nuzzle his head into their neck while Kuroo likes facing them, and press kisses to their cheek now and then 

• Kuroo is very protective of both Lev and the s/o while Lev is mostly possessive. He gets jealous easily and will pout in a corner until Kuroo and s/o just drags him to bed and cuddle him. It works because Lev is such a kitten melts in the arms of his most two loved ones. 

• Kuroo and Lev likes to tease their s/o, much to their dismay bc one is enough but now they have two? Lev and Kuroo has a “no shirts on at home” kind of thing and it drives their s/o nUTS. bc damn those bodies. often ends with some sexy time *shot*

• They have Movie Friday where they all cuddle up on the couch and watch chick flicks or whatever, and there are always lots of cuddling and kisses. 

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Eeeee!! Your requests are also open!!!! Omg.. Wow i have to come up with another one ok... KENMA, oikawa, and a character of your choice halloween party (wow its spring but fuck it) with s/o (like which costumes and what would they do).. I hope u dont mind its longish

it’s too early for this. Skeleton war is not yet

Kenma some game character. Kingdom hearts characters? Maybe? Tbh I think they’d just stay home and watch movies but at least they would be wearing costumes. bc it’s tradition 

Oikawa Mad Hatter and Alice/The rabbit. like imagine Oikawa as the Mad Hatter. damn. They’d probably go trick and treating because Oikawa would probably babysit his nephew Takeru so they’d go with him.

Matsukawa Skeletons. That’s it. skeleton war they’d probably join Hanamaki and Watari & Yahaba to go and scare the rest of the teammates who were in the gym preparing for a halloween party or something. 

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I need anything with the golden babies ( Hinata, Kyotani, Koganegawa, lev and Onaga (I just love his face so much) ) headcanon or not, with S/O or not, nsfw or not. I finally take my chance to send an ask. Thank you for running this blog, you're fun and cute. Love you *kiss*

Okay so i have no idea who Onaga is, he is from Fukurodani? I think? And thank you ^^ You so nice


• Is really good at baseball. He almost always do home runs and fall on his face when he gets the final base

• He buys his partner sun related accessories bc his s/o is the sun of his life


• Has a sweet tooth but also can handle really spicy food

• He can be bad at showing his emotions most of the time but is actually really good boyfriend material


• He loves ice cream, especially strawberry and pear

• He buys himself and his partner matching items all the time


• He likes to visit the zoo. His favorite to look at is the tigers. bc cats, u get it? 

• He and his s/o take daily walks, to the park, a café, arcade. Anywhere really, they just like walking while talking and holding each others hand


• He can dance. Like damn. Hip hop, breakdance, you name it. He owns it

• He likes to cook for his s/o, at first his food was so so, but he then practiced everyday and became really good at cooking

Important Haikyuu!! Updates!

Very Important!

1. There are two Haikyuu movies planned. One on July 3rd 2015, sequel on September 18th 2015.

2. Haikyuu second season due in fall/autumn 2015 (Exact dates forthcoming).