Green Mountain Avengers Origins- Personnel File 09

Imagine, if you will, a forest, getting towards the cooler end of fall.  The trees are mostly bare, and the russet-hued leaves that coat the forest floor are thick, up to the midpoints of your calves.  Your friends told you that this was a great place to hike, even if it was late in the season.

Looking out across the wilderness, you have to agree with them, the small patchwork of lakes and the nip in the air is invigorating, almost otherworldly.  Then you see the shape in the tree, but you blink, and it’s gone in an instant.  It must’ve been your imagination.

But then you feel the presence behind you, and whirling-you see nothing.  And then it’s behind you again, pressed close against your back, and you feel arms, muscular and sure around you, even though the stranger is shorter than you, you can feel that.

“Don’t you want me?”

The voice whispers into your ear, and you succumb to the wave of lust that sends your heart pounding, blood rushing to your cheeks, and lower…The next thing you know, you’re on the ground, fully clothed, dazed and confused.  In the distance, as you get up, you see a young man walking away through the trees, a canvas sack slung over his shoulder, bright pink hair fading away into the undergrowth.  Sitting down again, you dazedly get your phone from your pack, only to discover that all of your trail rations are gone.

And that is how the GMA discovered Nikolas Walker, a young mutant who disappeared into the forest at will, reemerging to incapacitate hikers with pheremones, robbing them of their food, and walking away without a backward glance.  This previous story was one often repeated by hikers whom the young man had robbed.

Animalistic though he was, and living on his own, he wasn’t considered hostile, or a threat, though game wardens had been dispatched to see if they could ‘rescue’ the young man living in the woods.  They usually found themselves dangling in lasso traps, embarrassed but unharmed.

It was thus that a two-man team from the GMA set out one day along a trail through the Vermont back country, team member Battousai acting as bait, without his costume or weapons, and Huntress Mariah Howland trailing at a vast distance behind, knock out arrow in hand.  Something changed that day, however.

Rather than follow his usual modus operandi with Rose, Niko approached the stranger, descending with ease from a great elm tree to meet with the provisional Avenger.  He had noted the way that the hero and his companion had walked through the forest, that they weren’t tourists or visitors, that they were capable of killing, but didn’t want to.  Rather than hiding, Niko had followed the law of the forest and come to show them that he meant them no harm.

It was then that the two GMA members surprised Niko by offering him a place on their team.  With winter fast approaching, the young mutant made the decision that anyone would make, and joined them without incident on their trip back up to Burlington.

It was thus that his story had come to light-Niko, a run away who didn’t understand his powers, had shut himself away in the woods, slowly learning how to control his pheremones, his ability to cling to any surface, and his strange instincts that allowed him to avoid most any dangers.  However, his year spent in the woods had come with a cost-he had difficulty with socializing with humans, seemed rather obsessed with sex, and hoarded food under his bed in his private quarters at the Cathedral.

Today, Niko has transcended most of his social issues and has successfully reintegrated into human society.  He leaves his door unlocked as a sign that he trusts his teammates, and that 'should any fine males or females desire a good time’, and we’ve gotten his food hoarding instincts down to mostly ramen packets.  Out of all the GMA members, it is believed that Niko spends the most time eating, and has the busiest dating life.

Green Mountain Avengers Personnel File 09

Real Name: Nikolas ‘Nikolai’ Walker

Code Name: Tracker

Aliases: Spider, The Woodsman

Affiliates: Green Mountain Avengers, X-Men, West Coast Avengers

Alignment: Good

Identity: Secret Identity

Citizenship: American

Occupation: Adventurer, Artist

Species: Mutant (human template)

Classification: Superhero

Powers And Abilities

Animal Affinity: Tracker possesses excellent interpersonal skills with animals, and those with animalistic tendencies. (Dated both Tigra and Daken, the son of Wolverine).

Wall Crawling: Tracker can climb and cling to even sheer surfaces, regardless of angle.

Knife Fighter: Specializes in knife fighting.

Enhanced Reflexes: On par with Spidermans danger sense.

Peak Human Survival Skills: Incredibly knowledgeable on survival skills, especially in forested regions.

Pheremone Control: Considered highly attractive, regardless of another subjects usual romantic inclination, who thus seek him as a romantic partner, due to his body releasing hormones that increase others attraction to him.  This pheremone is always on, and can blunt anothers aggression towards him.

Weaknesses: Social issues, he is very shy, and will sometimes act like an animal when it comes to food.Submits readily to those with a more dominant personality.  

Paraphernalia and Equipment

Pet Wolf: Canadian Timber Wolf, not trained, and really only friendly with him.

Pet Hawk: Apparently comprehends English, and can communicate with Tracker.

Bowie Knife: Nicknamed Fang, of unknown metal alloy, apparently he 'found’ it.  Believed to be a super-alloy of extraterrestrial origin.

Costume: Grade 3 S.H.I.E.L.D. all weather survival gear, Mk II Forest Camo variant, accented with ballistic armor that appears to have been scavenged off of fallen enemies.