I am in the process of 4 major surgeries - joint replacements-in the course of a year. There are things I need for the upcoming surgery that I cannot manage with my fixed income and that my insurance will not cover. I’m already facing a mountain of medical bills. I have been blessed with friends who have helped when I have asked- it’s just so hard to ask- but I must. Please read the first update for a detailed explanation of what is going on…and if your heart is open, please help. I am forever humble and grateful.

So this is something that I have struggled with posting about on here for a while. Some of you (especially the ones i know in real life) know that my mother is very sick. She has been sick for over half of my life with one thing or another. If you need more details you can either read her post or I can provide them they can just get a little overwhelming. We have managed to scrape by the entire time with the help of amazing friends and family and me working as many hours as i can at the jobs i have. Unfortunately the bills keep piling up and although she is on disability and social security and has medicare with a medicaid back up there are just some things insurance won’t pay for. We are in the process of looking into the lawsuits that are going on for people who have had the recalled hips like mama but it takes a very long time. And she still has to get these surgeries and things taken care of as soon as possible.

So my mother started a go fund me. The amount to raise is $5,500 which would help with the following:

I owe $300 for the CPM machine that helped me regain movement in my new knee after it was broken during the surgical manipulation. The insurance didn’t cover it. 
I need $500-900 to replace my lift chair which has died and I cannot get into or out of after I have the next joint replacement, and it’s a year too soon for my insurance to help with the cost. 
I need $350 to pay the rehab facility that takes such good care of me. I had to spend 2 extra days that insurance didn’t cover after the first knee replacement. 
I have over $100,000 in medical bills in various stages of collection- as I can’t pay them on disability.
I need a gel seat for my wheelchair, a shower seat for the bathtub, a hospital bed for when I come home from rehab, while I recover and prepare for the next surgery.

I understand that people see things like this all the time on tumblr for much bigger and more worthy causes than this, and if you only have the money to donate to those, please please do!  if you could just signal boost I would appreciate it from the depths of my heart. I am unfortunately not an artist or writer or anything like that. If you can donate and you would like me to sing a song for you i can do that, I just figured since my mother was brave enough to ask for help once more after having to ask so many times I should be too. If anyone wants to ask for more details or anything my inbox is always open and I will answer whatever I can. Thank you so much.

So as I am loading up the groceries into my car this older guy probably mid 40s pulls up in his car and I hear him say “hey girl!” I glance up and, when I see he is talking to me, give him a faint smile cause I can’t help it and look back down at the bags I am loading. He calls again and when I look up once more he plainly asks “you got a man?”. I smile brightly and say “yes” because that is always my answer to strange guys asking me things. He slams his hand on the steering wheel and goes “Damn, I knew it!”. As I proceed to laugh at his reaction he smiles and goes “well you have a nice day ma'am” and I waved and returned the pleasantry. I am sweaty and gross and that is the nicest thing that has happened to me today.


Merry Christmas I am too tired but am awake for some reason and forgot to take my makeup off last night. I am probably going back to sleep b/c my family takes every opportunity to sleep in they can.

I wonder how many AMVs there are for royai set to Angel With a Shotgun…


Awesome: tried out for a part in the sound of music a local community theatre is performing, don’t feel like I sucked the audition, sang pretty well!!

Not so Awesome: while practicing the dance for the auditions (they teach you there) I spun like the choreography said and spun too fast because wood floors and I fell on my wrist. Which feels fine unless I use it a certain way or try to grip something. Adventures in Klutzdom continue!!

hextrudedcubes asked:

Once, I was outside, and it stopped raining, but I didn't bother to wipe my glasses off for a bit. But when i did the raindrops didn't go away; it turned out that because i had transition lenses, their shape had imprinted them and I had to wait like five minutes before they went away.

That sounds like an utter hassle. I was offered transition lenses but I like trying to wear large sunglasses over my normal ones obv. The only similar situation I had was when I went with my friends to another city for fun and it rained so we walked around in the rain until we were soaked because it sounded like a good idea at the time but then my glasses were covered in rain drops and my shirt would be no help since it was dripping and it was dark so I was basically blind walking around a city I had been to twice. And then we got ice cream. But that’s like tattoos for your glasses!!

The meninist thing confuses me cause, not only is it completely ridiculous, I’m also pretty sure that’s not how words work???
I mean wouldn’t it make more sense (not that I think it will ever make sense I am referring to the word choice) for it to be like masculism/masculist or something not just taking the last few syllables of feminist and tacking Men on the front?? IDK that is the first thing that bothered me after my initial incredulity. Although I may just be giving the people who actually came up with the term more credit than I should.