Blackout - In The Heights - The power goes out suddenly in Washington Heights on July 4th and the characters start out in a club in the dark. such a high intensity song. the music keeps the energy up until near the end where theres a small interlude to give you a breather. the layered vocals at the beginning are wonderfully confusing and i love picking out the parts. if you can find a way to watch this one the staging is gorgeous too. also if i could be immersed in the harmonies and chords in this song I would do so 100%. 15/10

Christmas Bells - Rent - Its starting to snow as the characters are heading to a protest show and they all meet up. my first experience in trying to sing every part at once and failing miserably. entertaining and the dissonant christmas carols lend a feeling of familiar strangeness. every character has their own part and their singing tell a story even as they all sing together. you can listen to a different part each time and get three or four different stories. also watching maureen drive in on a motorcycle at the end is pretty damn badass. 15/10

One Day More - Les Misérables - a beautiful driving piece full of dramatic chords and beautiful layers. the layering isnt as intensive as the others but still quite confusing and lovely. the blending of the orchestration and vocal themes is very pleasant, good act 1 finale. 12.5/10 

Non-Stop - Hamilton - Pretty self explanatory as most songs in Hamilton are. the layering is left for the end of the song but the intensity grows as the song goes on reflecting the theme. multiple musical styles make this song easy to repeat 40 times. having callbacks to songs from the first act make it a fantastic act ender. “Hamilton wrote…the other fifty-one”. layering ties the song together and after the chaos of all the themes being sung at once the last “history has its eyes on you” gives me goosebumps every time. 13/10

Honorable Mention:

Ever After - Into The Woods - Only a bit of layering in this one. they layering is A+ grade tho good job. im including it because you try singing this while prancing around the stage, thank you so much Sondheim for the belief that singers dont need to breathe, we wouldnt have a lot of amazing songs without your philosophy.

As far as Rating on Confusion: Blackout and Christmas Bells are tied for chaos.

Feel free to add on more!! I only included one song from each musical bc multiple of these love using the chaos song model. these were just the ones I can recite every part of i didnt include any i cant bc i have enough of a problem.

Life upd8

Guess what is itching meeeee

If you guessed incision sites you’re riiiiight

I have to keep stopping myself from itching them unconsciously and having three of them makes it even worse.

Asthma hates me also in current news. I’m taking robitussin but I’m still coughing intermittently and I am supposed to sing at a fundraiser thing on Sunday so I’m trying to stop the coughing so I have a fricken voice.

Today one of my tods was kinda lethargic and glassy all day and after nap and snack me and my coworker checked his temp. He was at 103.4 so I sat down and put ice packs under his arms and behind his neck to try and cool him down while Becca called the office to call his mom. We got his temp down about a degree but the ice packs got to room temp very fast and we were using a Dr Pepper I had in the fridge to cool him down when his mom got there. She took him to the ER but I hope he’s ok. I don’t like it when my nuggets are sick and I hope I don’t get sick from it too :(

Today was a long day y'all.

one thing i so wish they hadn’t changed in the dub is THIS EXCHANGE

im mainly referring to this (this is a very rough translation):

Roy: 1st Lieutenant.

Riza: Yes.

Roy: I’m glad you are alive.

Riza: I’m sorry i worried you.

because instead of Roy being the one to initiate the exchange, the dub of brotherhood has Riza doing so and Roy dismissing her thanks as not important right now. literally “tell me later. lets just stay focused on the mission right now.”

I mean I get what they were trying to do and its still nice to have that sort of moment but instead of it being focused on the fact that Roy was terrified of reliving Hughes’ death with Riza and her acknowledging that, it’s turned into the thing I dont like when guys in media dont get to talk about feelings or things that literally just happened because we must be strong. And I feel brotherhood was trying to foreshadow Rizas breakdown with Lust but the nice thing about this show/manga is it doesn’t really need any more foreshadowing. Anyone with any reading/ watching comprehension can tell that these characters care deeply for one another (even with my shipping goggles aside) so her breakdown doesnt feel out of the blue.