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Hi~ I'm writing a sort of trilogy story where in the beginning, one of the main characters is living with false memories and a fake name. Mid of the 1st part, she'll find out that her identity wasn't real and she meets people who knows who she really is. My question is when to shift the narrative from referring to her in her fake name (of course, I'll begin the story using this) to her real name? Can I change it in the sequel or should I just stick with her false name to avoid confusion? Thanks!

This is a great question, because it does get tricky. However, both of us agree that ultimately it’s up to your character. What name does she decide to go by?

And does she get her own memories back? Does she accept them or choose the other life she’s made for herself? Consider that the two names essentially represent her past and her present, and it’s up to her to decide which of those lives she wants.

An important part of her character growth and evolution could be shown when she’s confronted with whether or not she wants to stay with her fake name or shed it to reclaim her previous name. If you want to transition to her previous name within the narrative, this is a good and believable way to show it’s finite. Plus, it’s done of the character’s own volition.

Another important thing to consider is when your other main characters begin to see her by her previous name, if they haven’t yet already. Depending on how limited your POV(s) is/are, the other main characters might refer to her by her previous name already, or they might never see her by her previous name. If you have a general third person omniscient POV, however, you probably don’t have to worry about this.

If she does decide to take on her previous name, it’s important to show that in the story and drop the usage of her old name  – since she’s essentially not that character anymore. Others may still refer to her by one name or the other, or she may occasionally slip when introducing herself, but ultimately your character will have to tell you which name she chooses and when she’s absolutely sure.

I’m glad we could be of some help! If any other followers have some advice or book recs for neko032, don’t feel shy about speaking up.

what if Loki hears all our love for him from his prison in Asgard?

probably Thor’s most horrifying punishment for him that didn’t include any form of violence.

sorry for my ridiculous hand writings

wtf i just spelled Tumblr with an E. asdfaedglkfjgadf!!

……And he keeps watching her. Watching is all he can bring himself to do, ridden by fear of rejection as he is. Synne is the one person in Asgard he feels he can claim as his friend; he can’t countenance disrupting that. 

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so I finished it! Younger Loki and Sigyn spending time reading spell books (though in the fanfic, her name is Synne). Sorry the quality sucks, I just took a photo of the sketch with my phone. Hope I had the knowledge and tools to edit my sketches digitally…….

Jem knew his talent for the violin was not as great as his father’s - who had taught him how to play when he was still young enough to have trouble balancing the heavy instrument - but he played it for reasons that went far beyond art alone….

…His father had insisted Jem learn it - “I played it for my bride, and one day, you will play it for yours.”

…And, if he were truly honest, he knew it would end his chances to find the kind of love his parents had once had. For that was what love was, wasn’t it - to burn bright in someone else’s eyes?

Burning Bright, by Cassandra Clare

Tried to draw my character as more realistic. On her T-shirt, you can see how I’ve always drawn her in chibi-form. I altered her hair style to the way I have always wanted to do with my own hair (minus the cat ears, of course)

I don’t know why, but I’ve wanted to dye just 1/3 of my hair, specifically the part near the nape of my neck, to crimson red, and leave the rest black.

drawing another LokixSigyn, younger versions of them this time. hope I’ll have time to finish and post it here since I’m just sneaking time to do so during work…

artist tried to draw but end up getting too much feels