neko nyan sugar girls

signs as nyan neko sugar girls quotes
  • aries: moshi moshi koneko-chan, what's cooking good looking?
  • taurus: i better tell raku-chan that she's a really cool neko and that she's pretty downright sugoi
  • gemini: hiss get away from that neko you no-good inus hiss
  • cancer: she doesn't even remember who watashi is
  • leo: let's have a kawaii sleep-over-chan nyan ya
  • virgo: *raku-chan screaming for a full minute*
  • libra: there's freedom in this country. this is ameri- japan
  • scorpio: i'm very arigatou-ful
  • saggittarius: nya rawr
  • capricorn: good morning raku-chan- OH MY KAMI YOU'RE A NEKO AGAIN NYA
  • aquarius: you two are the best tomodachis in the whole world nya
  • pisces: don't you remember me? i'm your tomodachi. your best tomodachi

So on the 15th this month my friend had a birthday party. We invited some mutuals along and had a good time watching anime, which she is a big fan of, and goofing off. We start off by watching a couple of spoofy shows like gakuen handsome, nyan sugar neko girls, and sugoi quest for kokoro (all are hilarious in their own way btw check them out if you haven’t already). We’re all sort of silly people and at one point we start to horse around say things like “wow you are so kawaii nya rawr” jokingly. You know, it’s the end of a long week and we’re all being a bit louder, rowdier, and weebier than we normally would be. So one guy mutual isn’t saying much-he’s a shy dude so we didn’t think much of it-but he’s on Snapchat and taking pictures/video a lot. No big, I am too. He brushes us off whenever we try to bring him into the fun (“hey x, who’s YOUR waifu?”) and even straight up refuses to eat any cake. Oh well, more for us! So the party goes on for a couple hours and we have a great time and go home around 11. The next day I check his story and it is no joke full of things like “the animation on this show is so cringey” (picture of gakuen handsome which is supposed to look bad?? did he miss the point or something) or “the people here just said kawaii unironically… Cringe” for about 15 pictures and video. And it’s like ??? ok you want to take advantage of someone’s hospitality and then insult them behind their back (only I have Snapchat and/or him added in the group that was there). What makes it worse is that one of the girls we invited, a grade level below me, added me and later posted something about “I had fun and made new friends! I’m so happy!” Honestly that guy was the real cringe and he sure as hell ain’t coming to no more parties with us

The Best Anime Ever

I firmly believe everyone should watch the masterpiece that is Nyan Neko Sugar Girls. The animation is top notch and frankly some of the best I’ve ever seen. The plot and characters were insanely well thought out and unique. And I cannot stress enough how well the voice acting and dialogue was handled. In addition to all of this the creator gave us extra audio of my personal favorite character, Hitoshi, singing Hips Don’t Lie and I Want it That Way.  Go search it up on YouTube nyaa, rawr.