neko niki

Here is B4 of the “send me two characters and choose a pose below” from neko-niki.
I choose Underfell!Papyrus and Underswap!Papyrus, they are based of the design of amortem-kun’s comic Papyrus Domination. 😄

Hope you like it. 😊

designs and character styles based by @amortem-kun

Underfell by Underfell community
Underswap by the respectful owner
drawing by me @shiro-dovahkiin

Pose challenge by @neko-niki here is the challenge:

                                      || Sin ||

So I just got my JuuSei commission from Neko-Niki on Deviantart…And I’m quite pleased. She did such a fantastic job with these two. Art is by her and idea is by me. RIP. Please excuse me while I clean up the nose bleed on aisle 3. Also reposting this since Tumblr was not registering it in the search. THIS PATH WILL LEAD ME INTO OBLIVION AND I’M ALRIGHT WITH THAT