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Yep, it’s that time of year again. The time when we bring you lots of hard-hitting Halloween articles…

Our treat for you: we’ve compiled a list of NPR’s spookiest stories.

My personal favorite NPR Halloween-y fact doesn’t really have much to do with Halloween at all, but it’s still pretty great: for centuries, giving a man a pumpkin was one way for Ukrainian women to reject a marriage proposal:

“It got so bad, many men would only propose at night so they wouldn’t be seen with a pumpkin in their hands, if they were rejected.”

Pretty scary.

Also, I cannot resist sharing this spooky Halloween-themed Neko Case Tiny Desk Concert from NPR Music.

- Kate

Vampires and Bats

Medusa’s Gaze And Vampire’s Bite

Vampire Bats And Other Blood-Sucking Creatures

Bat Sounds: An Endangered Species Soundscape


It Just Isn’t Halloween Without A Little ‘Hocus Pocus’

For Halloween, TV Scares That Are Still Kid-Friendly

Scary Movie Night: Settle In And Unsettle Yourself

Tricks and Treats

Glow-In-The-Dark Treats To Light Up Your Halloween

Ode to Candy Corn

Study: Halloween Treat-Tampering Overblown


8 Things Everyone Needs To Know About Zombies

How To Love The Zombie Apocalypse

Learning How To Be A Zombie On A Low-Budget Zombie Film


When Halloween Costumes Become Offensive

Pirates, Princesses, Witches And Vampires: Stocking Costumes Is Serious Business

Halloween And Blackface: Same Story, Different Year


A 'Witch Queen’ Who Casts Her Spells Year-Round

How Real Is The Candy Witch? Pretty Real, By Some Measures

The Serious History Of Hocus Pocus In 'Penguin Book Of Witches’


The 'Thriller’ Dance, A Halloween Tradition

Your Halloween Soundtrack, From A Candy Frenzy To The Dance Of Death

All Songs Considered: The Songs that Scare

Misc. Monsters

Annotating 'Frankenstein’ And Reviving A Classic

It’s A Bloody Business, Being A Demon

Halloween in the 21st century

Mobile Apps To Enhance Your Halloween

Paranormal Technology: Gadgets For Ghost-Tracking

Misc. (but still great) Halloween-y stories:

The Master Carver Vs. The 1,800-Pound Pumpkin

Burial Rights: Who Owns Dead Bodies, Anyway?

DIY Halloween Hacks

Halloween For Adults: A Scary History

Photo credit: Walt Disney


What Playboy’s sexist article about Neko Case really says about women in music

Case’s anger is justified, because Playboy’s gender-stereotyped take reads like it was written in 1960 rather than 2014. One exemplary line reads: “More thoughtful and mature and funnier than the typical female artist types, she’s also not trying to ape the hunter-gatherer characteristics of her male counterparts.” The point is clear: Case is great, for a girl.

Case is wrong, however, in saying that we should never celebrate a woman’s accomplishments as they relate to her gender. Doing so can be a way to highlight women’s voices in male-dominated fields. Problems arise when we look at women’s art solely through the lens of their apparently inescapable femininity — yet that’s what we do, nearly all the time, across almost every medium. 

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What inspires your overall style?  

Practicality, comfort, oddness, ambiguity. My style Icons are Cathrine Ringer of the French pop band Les Rita Mitsouko and Grace Jones. They can both be a lady and a dude and all manner of freaky inbetween. They are powerful and brave. They actually make me swoon.[x]

In the end I was the mean girl
or somebody’s in-between girl.
Now it’s the devil I love
and that’s as funny as real love.
—  Hold on, Hold on by Neko Case.