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im so happy this blog is still up and running... after i left i was so scared the blog would go dead... thank you to all the current mods for keeping the blog i started and cared for alive <3

:D!! Hi Admin Pickles!!

I know I (Mod Spooky) haven’t been posting transparents lately due to being in the middle of a move (in which I will return to making transparents once I’m settled!) but I glad I could keep this blog still running after you left and I’m glad that it still being active makes you really happy!! :D

To all of the other current mods: Breezy, Frosty, Pumpkin, Marshmallow, and Dottie. I know life can get busy, but thank you all for your hard work in helping me with this blog. I’m glad it still makes so many people, including the blog’s original creator, happy!!

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