nekkid people

just got out of my first figure drawing class. i liked it a lot. lots of focusing on bone structure instead of what you see, which was really interesting. probably really helpful for complicated poses. i think that nude modeling would be incredibly fun [which is maybe odd but true] but i doubt i could hold the poses for long enough. now the problem is that i want to draw everyone and everything, but i only get to draw people without clothes on once a week in class. this isn’t…a problem exactly, but it is one of those major difficulties one has to suffer through. and bodies are awesome, so it is difficult! 

being forced to concentrate on sketching makes things so much better though. i love not having to think about things so much outside of what i’m seeing…and it never happens. i hadn’t realized how much i missed rendering until now. 


Robin Thicke “Blurred Lines” Sexy Boys Parody by Mod Carousel (by Mod Carousel)

this is fucking amazing