neka brown

Batfamily using social media

Bruce would most definitely use Facebook. He hates it of course but it’s an important thing to use when talking to those annoying presumpscious rich people who spend their money on jewels and not helping Gotham. As you can tell Bruce has his opinions but that’s for Batman to sort out. Bruce fakes a perfect life as always and has to be that dad™ who, of course, makes it his job to embrass his kids on there.

Tim obviously uses tumblr. Whenever he has free time you’ll find him absently scrolling through memes. He’s shitpost extrodinaire. He specialises in batfam memes though and laughs at the inaccuracy of them all (he makes up the most unbelievable things and cracks up as people go nuts at it and accept it as canon). He also loves hacking into terfs, homophobes and all the like and deleting their accounts/taking them over. He’s become a tumblr cryptid and everyone’s trying to find who it is behind all the account take overs (there are even blogs made about him calling him the hero the world needs but doesn’t deserve).

Jason’s on Twitter. Why? Well to fight everyone of course. Twitter is the best place for him to fight about the discourse and sometimes if the people he argues with are so horrible he’ll track down where they live and beat them up (but that’s not his go to if they’re kids. While they still shouldn’t be excused he knows they can learn so he makes it his job to visit those kids sometimes and straighten them out). There’s a kid that lives in Gotham he visits more often because he lives so close and it may have taken him many months but finally the kid stops abusing his dog and learns to love it. (Damian was really proud of Jason for that one though he’ll never admit it). He was also active on twitter during that charlottesville attack trying to out all the people who participated.

Damian doesn’t have any social media’s because it’s a “waste of time”. He sounds like alfred a little bit more every time he says it. But secretly when he’s not on patrol and no ones around he’ll scroll through Pinterest. He’ll kill anyone that finds out. It’s a good place for him to look at pictures of animals and swords. (Although if he sees stolen art and all that he’ll make it his job to fix that because he knows how much work is put into it, being an assasian can be art too). There are heaps of swords he’s seen that he’s wanted to get, but to his dismay, everytime he’s asked Bruce the answer would be no.

Cassandra uses Snapchat and she absolutely loves it. Her favourite things are the filters and sends the whole batfam them religiously. Her favourite filters will always be the ones with cat ears. She sends them mostly to Steph and Bruce though. Steph screenshots every single one of them because that’s her beautiful girlfriend, what do you expect her to do?? Bruce does the same because that’s his cherished daughter who’s trying her best. When she can Cass trys to add captions and the others will help her with it, it’s really helped with her spelling and writing. She’s very proud and Bruce is as well (it makes Damian jealous)

Dick’s on instagram. He has a lot of followers because he’s ‘famous’ (although he doesn’t like that term). It’s mostly an aesthetic account but he’ll post selfies frequently too. At the start of his account the batfam would always comment on these selfies saying “nice dick pic” which is not surprising so Dick could live with that. And then his followers latched onto the joke and now whenever a selfie is posted almost every comment is something along the lines of “nice dick pic”. He also wants to send in videos of him doing backflips and acrobatic stunts but Bruce is firmly against it. “To keep your identity safe” Bruce says and whenever that happens Dick will roll his eyes but he’s learned not to fight against it.

Steph’s just on discord. She has internet friends she talks to about the numerous fandoms she’s in. She has a lot of friends on there because of her bright, bubbly personality and she loves everyone of them. Her favourite thing to do is gush about her wonderful girlfriend and type in all caps. As much as Bruce pretends he doesn’t care he really does and every person she talks to on there he does a secret background check to make sure she’s safe ( He says ‘secret’ but he knows that Steph’s too smart for that and he knows she knows). He’s overprotective and no matter how much Steph complains about it she secretly loves it.