Neji Plays an Otome Game

Read time: 6 mins. | Pairing: NejiTen

“So let me get this straight.” Hyuuga Neji wore an unmistakably dark expression as he surveyed his bedridden female teammate of ten years. “On yesterday’s mission, you fell down unconscious from a height of twenty feet, broke your arm, suffered a low-grade fever, and was told by Tsunade-sama to limit your activities.” His anger grew amidst his litany of Tenten’s recent misadventure. “Yet you want us to fetch your handheld game so you can play.”

“T-That’s right,” she croaked, barely unable to get up from the mattress without slamming her sling on the bedpost. “I don’t want to miss a chat message from Prince today.”

Neji recalled her telling him a week ago that it was the name of a character in the video game she was playing. “You’re getting addicted to that otome game, Tenten.”

She averted her eyes from her friends. “I-It’s just that if I miss a day’s chat, I’d have to pay ryo to play that part again…”

Rock Lee wore a mediative smile. “See? Tenten’s just being careful about her expenses!”

“…and I’ve already spent this week’s food budget on unlocking more story chapters.”

A panicking Lee barely stopped the Hyuuga in time from hurling Tenten’s device outside the window. 

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May I ask why you don't like Hinata? She's nice...

-literally only revolves around naruto
-0 character development
-hinata fandom
-naruhina fandom
-ruined naruto
-her voice
-her face
-is the reason neji died
-naruto-kun n-naruto kun….naruto-kuun😒😒
- literally dropped bringing justice to the hyuuga clan bc getting the naruto dick is more important
-is a stalker
-trips over rocks
-hides behind trees

Ect. Ect.




When I first started watching Naruto, Hinata was one of my favorite characters. And when she went up against Neji, I thought I had caught a glimpse of what kind of a woman she would blossom into. 

Yes, I used to ship NaruHina. And, at the time, I hated Sakura the younger, 13 year old Sakura. Then guess what happened?


Sakura became a total bad ass mother fucker. That shit threw me for a loop. Yeah, there were times when I began to doubt her character when Sasuke would show up, for example, and he would completely damage her, but she would always bounce back.

Then, there was Hinata. All she would do is say “Naruto-kun!” or try to protect “Naruto-kun!” or only think about “Naruto-kun!”

When Neji died I was sad but really excited because I thought “Yes, now Hinata will shine. Now she will finally reevaluate herself and her decisions as a  could be clan heiress and think about her family! No more Naruto-kun! to a certain extent.” What happened next?

She thinks about Naruto.

The only one who seemed affected by Neji’s death was Naruto. He gave her support, and she thinks “Naruto-kun’s hand is so big.” They start fighting again and she thinks “Even if my love isn’t returned, I’ll still be happy.”


To top it off- the movie trailer comes out. I see it’s about Hinata and think: Maybe this will be different. Maybe Hinata finally changes.

What do we get?

  • Hinata being used as a “love interest” to advertise movies.
  • “Naruto-kun!”
  • Hinata STILL quoting Naruto instead of thinking for herself.

 Hinata Hyuga had so much going for her and it was all wasted. Her strong, independent, brave character was wasted for a washed up, over-used, sappy damsel in distress and this is why I do not like Hinata Hyuga.

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*whispers: magical girls AU starring saskay, nardo, shika and neji-kun Remember this headcanon exists (and FEEL FREE TO DRAW IT IF YOU ARE SO INCLINED :D :D :D) and smile. :)


wow sasuke is even more oc 


[Random] [Prompt] Alternate Universe

Read Time: 9 mins | Set in: post-Konoha Gakuen Den-verse

Twenty-year-old Tenten has always been an early sleeper and riser— borne of her lot as the sole proprietor of one of the oldest karate dojos in the prefecture. Her father (bless his soul) used to deem two-hour conditioning exercises as an acceptable morning ritual, after-school activity, and evening family bonding… even for school-aged children.

So hearing urgent knocks on her door at ten PM was equivalent to a midnight emergency of kaiju invasion proportions. Hence, she was a tiny bit disappointed when she peeked into the peephole and saw a decidedly normal, non-kaiju Rock Lee.

“Go away,” she grumbled, sliding the hole cover shut.

“Oh, did I disturb your sleep?”

“Do you honestly expect me to say, ‘Oh no, don’t worry about it! Come in and have tea and cookies with me?’ Because if you do, I’d have to break your heart. Like, literally. With an elbow strike.”

 “Ahahaha, Tenten, you’re such a joker!”

Grumpily, she finally managed to undo the fussy double locks and proceeded to throw the door open. “Okay, Lee, this better be good.”

“I brought Neji with me.” Lee then pointed to the long-haired male crumpled against the railing, face red. His head was bowed, causing his hair to partially cover his beautifully rare eyes. His usually crisp, starched long-sleeved dress shirt and necktie were disheveled, but she had no doubt that it was, indeed, Hyuuga Neji.

“K-Kaichou!” Tenten rushed outside worriedly and knelt before the male. “Kaichou, wake up! What happened to you?” She had to slap his cheek a couple of times before he responded with a breathing grunt.

She turned to Lee. “What happened to him?”

Lee shook his head. “I’m not sure. We attended one of his family business dinners earlier this evening. Then as usual, a bunch of women— daughters of his family friends, I guess— ganged up on him. And the next thing I know, Neji was dragging me back into the car looking like that and was asking me to take him away from the party because he isn’t safe.”

Her eyes grew wide. “Hired killers?” Their former school council president, along with his cousins Hinata and Hanabi, had always been targets of kidnappers and hired guns mainly due to the prominent family name they carried.

“I don’t think so. Uchiha Itachi’s agency is handling the security details of this evening’s affairs.”

“But he looks bad!” she cried, eyeing the state of her barely responsive friend.

 “Tenten, how rude!” Lee frowned disapprovingly.

 A vein popped on her head. “No, I mean, he looks really ill! Why did you bring him here instead of a hospital?!”

 The bowl-haired male shrugged sheepishly. “Well, I was about to, but while googling which hospital had the most impressive cuisine, I heard Neji calling your name so I figured he wanted to say hi to you or something.”

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good to see another kakagai shipper! I hope this wasn't asked before but do you have any special headcanons about gai?


1. The outfit is lightweight, durable, breathable and really comfortable. Gai is politely, quietly, but significantly bemused by how weird people get about it. He thinks they should be standard issue. Nobody has managed to give him a satisfactory reason as to why they are not.

2. People get very weird about being able to see a lot because the suit is very tight. They think Gai is somehow oblivious. He’s not. He just doesn’t care that much. And, really, he knows a man built like himself does not have a lot to be insecure about.

3. He and Kakashi literally live together. None of the kids really notice and the adults have pretty much stopped talking about it. 

4. Gai has a green thumb and he is not afraid to use it. He grows HEALTHY HERBS and VEGETABLES. 

5. He has been thumped over the head by Tsunade at least twice for performing wheelchair races in the hospital corridors. Kakashi is a silent enabler. 

6. When he first meets his team of small children he finds Neji incredibly irritating and it takes a lot of his patience and attention to avoid treating him unfairly. He feels a little guilty about not liking him, honestly, and never really comments on it to his acquaintances. The closest he gets is telling Kakashi (who may or may not be listening, and may or may not actually be sleeping with his eye open) that Lee is determined and Tenten is going to be an amazing kunoichi and Neji is well. Literally. “Neji-kun is… he seems well.” 

7. Gai is physically much stronger than pretty much everybody in Konoha, excepting cheaters like Sakura and Tsunade.

8. Gai has developed a number of strangely specific skills because Kakashi is pants at taking care of himself. Among these: he can hear the squeak of the window of Kakashi’s regular hospital room from clear across the village. He knows. He always knows.

Pink Carnations

prompt: “this shouldn’t have happened” inspired by this (x)

pairing: sasusaku, minor naruhina

notes: just felt like giving people feels. I warned you


“Good morning, Sasuke-kun.” Sakura beemed, sitting beside him on the lush green grass of spring. “It’s a beautiful day, ne?” He didn’t answer. And she wasn’t expecting anything either.

The rosette sits quietly for a few minutes, enjoying the silence with the man she had loved for so long beside her.

Under different circumstances, this would have been perfect.

“Hey, Sasuke-kun,” she begins. “Did you know that Naruto finally asked Hinata out?” she giggles. “That boy, I swear I thought he’d never do it. He told me he didn’t deserve her; that he had neglected her for so many years, and he didn’t even realize it. He said he’d never be able to give her what she deserved. That was what’s stopping him, and he’s pretty much right about that, but you know what,” she turns to her side to face him . “He never even considered what Hinata wanted. And there’s nothing she wants more than to be with him.

"We all deserve something, yes. But sometimes, what we deserve is not what we want.”

Hugging her legs to her chest, she breathes in. “I’m so happy for them, Sasuke-kun. And you might not admit it, but I know you’re happy as well. Plus, Naruto’s a step closer to his dream of being Hokage. Can you believe that? Who would have thought, right?” she smiles. “But that’s our Naruto, ne Sasuke-kun?”

Sakura sits still. When she first visited the Uchiha Compound, there wasn’t anything she felt but fear. It was a ghost town filled with nothing, but bloodshed, downfall, and sorrow.

But now that Sasuke was here, she considered it her second home.

Because he was her home. 

“You’ve been through so much, Sasuke-kun.” she sighs as the wind picks up its pace. “But I’m glad you’re home. I missed you so much.” she chokes, and a tear escapes the wall she’d built around others.

She buries her face on her knees, and holds herself even tighter together. Keep it together, she thinks. "It’s not supposed to be this way. You weren’t supposed to leave. We’re supposed to take the chuunin exams together; be jounins and go to missions together until we’re 40. We were supposed to have lunch at Ichiraku every week until Naruto shuts up about it.“

She cannot contain it. Her shoulders slump and shake, releasing another wave of emotions. She was sobbing, and only the trees could hear her. He does not hear her.

She doesn’t care. 

She brings her head up and looks at him once more. "I love you, Sasuke-kun. Did you know that? People tell me I deserve better, too. But I love you. And there’s nothing I wouldn’t have given for you to have loved me back.” a sad smile graces her lips. “Could you have loved me back? Would you have asked for Naruto’s advice when you’d ask me out?” she laughs as tears continued to stain her cheeks. “I would say yes, you know. I would always say yes.” she sighs. “I love you so, so much, Sasuke-kun.”

She sits still. Watching the grass blades dance in the wind. Inwardly scolding herself for breaking down in front of him, she wipes her tears and rebuilds the wall around her heart.

“I’ll be going now. It was nice seeing you, Sasuke-kun.” she smiles, but the light didn’t reach her eyes. Bringing herself to move, she knelt before him.

“I got you something.” she smiled, picking up the pink carnations she brought, and placing them on the stone with his engraved name.“Ino said it means ‘I’ll never forget you.’ That’s a promise from me.” she said, caressing the polished stone as if it was really him.

“I’ll come by again some time, okay? And please say hello to Neji-kun for Hinata.”


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Sorry, but logic and NH just doesn’t go in one sentence.

As far as I recall, almost all NH fanbase has always ignored the obvious development (yes, Kishi, it’s called major development and not misleading little plot devices) of NS, SK and SNS and only cared for what Hinata-sama wanted (Naruto-kun, Naruto-kun, Naruto-kun… oh, Neji died? Well whatevz, Naruto-kun’s hand is so big and manly). It was these fanbases that relied on development, parallels and used actual logic to put 2 and 2 together, while NH fans defied all those logical moments because, well… Hinata loves Naruto and thus deserves him. No matter that he loves someone else  so he deserves her too?

Please use your logic and see what a big insult The Last is to all Naruto story.