neji hyugas

anonymous asked:

Could I have some fluffy cute relationship headcanons for Neji?

Yessss I love Neji and need some of these headcanons!!!!

  • Neji is the best cuddler. He’ll just wrap you up in his arms and wrap a blanket around you two and just lay there with you on his chest and run his fingers through your hair.
  • Super protective. Like maybe to a point where you have to tell him to back off some, especially if he just gets really overbearing if he notices guys (or gals) are paying extra attention to you.
  • All about private dates, so you two probably won’t go out on the town for date nights. I see him as liking to cook and if you like to cook, then you two could have a fun date night where you experiment with a new recipe for dinner.
  • Always the gentleman. Always opens doors for you, always walks you home. Such a gentleman.
  • He loooooves when you play with his hair. So play with his hair.