neither of them does the dishes

Izuku gets together with Todoroki a few years after they graduate. Or at least, he’s pretty sure that’s what it is. Todoroki asks him out, and they end up going on only a few dates before Todoroki moves into his apartment because his lease is up anyway.

The only thing that’s weird about it is that there’s surprisingly little… couple-y things going on. They hold hands, sometimes, and often Todoroki pays for the both of them, but that’s it.

Whenever Izuku tries to initiate something more, Todoroki flinches, and Izuku stops immediately. Todoroki never initiates.

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okay so i grew up in a christian home and i am going to be a freshman in college this year. i didn't have sex in high school because i was afraid of parents finding out, and i didn't come out to them (i'm bi). i don't think there's anything wrong with sex before marriage really, and i know there's resources out there but, what your tips were for your first time/being safe/birth control etc. i know my parents will just have to accept my sexuality later on but i'm just looking for help...


General Sex Tips

1. I would highly recommend that you spend some time “getting to know yourself” before having sex. Feel around down there, see what feels good and what doesn’t. See if you can get yourself turned on. The more experience you have knowing what works for you, the better you’ll be able to communicate with your partner or partners and have an enjoyable experience. 

2. If you have a vagina, odds are that your first time having sex is going to be slightly painful. This is totally natural, and will go away as time goes by. But be prepared to be upfront with your partner and to ask them to go slowly or use more lube if things do start hurting. 

3. Speaking of lube, it doesn’t really matter what type you use, unless you have allergies. Lube can be used on condoms, dildos, penises, etc. Totally safe to go in your vagina or any other orifice, it’ll just feel sticky afterwards and you may want to shower.

4. Condoms! There are many different kinds (ribbed, flavored, hot and cold). Magnum are large condoms, so if you are buying condoms and don’t have a monster dick, you probably should not use them. An ill-fitting condom is an ineffective condom! Also make sure to always store condoms correctly and to throw them out after their expiration date. Only one condom at a time folks, wearing two condoms is not twice as protective. They’re more likely to rip.

5. If you have a vagina, you should be peeing and/or showering immediately after sex to prevent UTIs. These are no joke! They are extremely painful infections that cause you to pee blood. Always pee after sex. Pee twice. People with penises can also get UTIs, but it’s far harder.

6. Did you know that only 25% of people with vaginas can have vaginal orgasms? So if you can’t, don’t stress! There are all sorts of different orgasms to be had, and they are all equally amazing. If you’re not cumming, you’re not being stimulated properly. Try a new position, a new technique, try having your partner or partners stimulate you in a different area. The page I linked above is a bit gender specific, but it has really useful information, so please ignore these terms.

7. Foreplay is so important! Vaginas take an average of 20 minutes to get properly revved up and horny. The reason you’re “dry” down there is because you’re not properly stimulated. You can always use lube in a pinch or ask your partner to go down on you, but you’ll find that sex is easier and more enjoyable when you are literally “wet down there”.

8. Period sex. Oh how I love period sex. If you’re a first timer, you probably will be very disgusted by it. Vaginas are at their most sensitive during this part of the cycle, so achieving an orgasm can be easier. If you’re going to have period sex, throw a towel down first. Blood comes out super easily in the wash, you don’t have to do anything special to the cloth to get it clean. You will probably want to shower afterwards!

9. Communication is key. You cannot just lie back and think of England and hope that you’ll achieve a magical orgasm. It’s not like that. What turns your partner or partners on may not turn you on. This is absolutely fine! You may not even want to cum or be able to cum during your first time having sex, and this is fine too. Tell them what works and what doesn’t and be AS SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE. 

10. On a similar note, you are not obligated to do anything to anybody else or to yourself that you are not comfortable with. You do not need to give blowjobs or hand jobs or even have sex with someone if you aren’t 100% into it. If someone is pressuring you and thinks that sex equates a happy relationship, then I would advise you to ditch them and get on with your life.

11. Protection! Please use protection. Whether this is condoms, birth control, an IUD, whatever. The pull out method does not work. I am a product of the pull out method. Not everyone with a penis has precum, but many do. Don’t take the chance! I am on birth control and I love it, but that’s a whole different post. 

12. Dildos come in all different shapes and sizes. You can get ones that are smaller and thinner than actual penises and ones that are comically large. Make sure to use lube! Wash them with dish soap in your sink and leave to dry. Some dildos that are “hyper realistic” come with a powder that you have to put on them. These are incredible dildos, I highly recommend them. They feel so life like!

13. Edible underwear does not taste all that good. Neither do flavored condoms.

14. Black sheets or black blankets and sex are not a good mix. You will see cum stains. They wash out super easily, you don’t need to do anything special to clean them. Just keep them out of sight when your friends and Aunt Kathy come over.

15. If you start having sex and decide that you want to stop having sex then please tell your partner and stop. You are not obligated to keep going if you feel uncomfortable. Your body = your choice.

16. If you have a vagina then you will want to make an OBGYN appointment shortly after you start having sex. These are vagina doctors and they can check your vagina out to make sure that everything is okay. You should probably get your vagina checked out often if you have multiple partners. If you are in a relationship with one person and use protection, then once a year is fine.

Tonight is actually my five year anniversary so that’s all for now! Good luck babe. Lots of love, you’ll be fine.

  • Bobby *walks in kitchen*: Chanwoo, what are you doing?
  • Chanwoo: What does it look like I'm doing, Einstein?
  • Bobby: It looks like you're unloading dirty dishes from the dishwasher, Einstein.
  • Chanwoo: They're clean, Einstein.
  • Bobby: No, they're dirty. I just loaded them then went to the store to get detergent, EINSTEIN!
  • Bobby: Stop calling me Einstein!
  • Chanwoo: Stop calling ME Einstein!
  • Donghyuk *walks past the kitchen*: Neither of you should be calling the other Einstein.
What Friends Are For (H.S.)

A/N: I’ve been working with this idea for a while now, and I’ve finally got a draft with substance, so I’m excited to share this with you! I’m really not sure if I’ll continue writing on this blog steadily, but I do hope I can share some more stuff with you all in the future. I hope you enjoy and remember that my inbox is always open! Ask me questions or just talk to me!

Harry’s knuckles rap on the door of Y/N’s flat for the 4th time this week, and for the 4th time this week, Y/N pulls the door open weakly, peeking out at him from inside. Today, her eyes are watery and tearful and Harry can swear he hears his heart shatter as soon as he catches sight of her. She sighs and her shoulders slump as she opens the door for him, her guard dropping instantly.

On quiet feet, he creeps into the apartment behind her and shuts the door softly. While he toes off his boots in the hall, he watches her shuffle back into the living room, where she’s undoubtedly been spending most of her time as of late. There’s a moment of silence before the television clicks to life and the apartment echoes with the sounds of some action movie. In the three years that he’d known her, he’s never seen her quite this upset.

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Dinah [walks into kitchen]: Walz, what are you doing?

Camila: what does it look like, Einstein?

Dinah: it looks like you’re unloading dirty dishes from the dishwasher, Einstein.

Camila: They’re clean, Einstein

Dinah: No they’re dirty. I just loaded them then went to the store to get detergent, EINSTEIN


Dinah: stop calling me Einstein!

Camila: stop calling ME Einstein!

Normani [walking by]: neither one of you should be calling the other Einstein.

  • Victor: doesn't like doing dishes and is cheeky about getting out of them
  • Victor: sweeps daily and mops the floors once a week if he has time with practice schedule
  • Victor: leaves books across every counter and table but not in the book shelf
  • Victor: cleans the windows often to rid the nose imprints Makkachin leaves on the glass
  • Yuuri: doesn't ever finish a cup of coffee or tea, always half empty on the counter
  • Yuuri: finds doing dishes soothing so he only taunts Victor of not doing them in a playful, flirting manner
  • Yuuri: leaves the toothpaste tube without a cap every fucking time in the oddest of places
  • Yuuri: does the laundry and makes the bed every morning
  • Both: Yuuri cooks dinner and Victor bakes dessert together
  • Both: Have a hard time throwing anything out
  • Neither are perfect, but they balance each other out and meet each other, flaws and all.

i see all your “viktor can’t cook but yuuri can” headcanons and i see your “actually, i bet viktor’s pretty good at cooking, and yuuri is the useless one” headcanons and i raise you “viktor and yuuri are both absolutely useless at various types of housekeeping and their first month in saint petersburg is a disaster.”

hear me out: obviously viktor didn’t feel any genuine happiness in between the ages of seven and twenty-seven (with one blip on the radar in sochi) and because of that he threw himself wholly into figure skating and never bothered to learn any relevant life skills like how to drive a car, how to pay his taxes, how to operate a vacuum cleaner… yuuri, on the other hand, knows how to drive an automatic and can keep a house passably clean if he wants to, but cooking? absolutely not. back home in hasetsu he’s always spoilt by hiroko’s cooking, and in detroit he was too busy training and studying to have a healthy lifestyle. it was all, like, college hall food and lean cuisine microwave meals. do they have lean cuisine in america? yuuri is also definitely a Notorious Skipper Of Meals, so sometimes he just… wouldn’t bother…

and now they’re living together in this upmarket flat and there comes a point when they realise that neither of them know how to play house. that point is precisely three days into their cohabitation, when they’ve barely left the house, not even for the rink, because it’s just been one marathon shag after another. the sink is stacked with unwashed dishes with stains from microwave meals and dirty glasses and there’s a stain on one of the rugs which neither of them remember happening and viktor, who has never spent so much time indoors, discovers he has a dust allergy. just about the only thing they’ve done is take care of makkachin and head out out for walks.

as much as they wish it could, their life cannot revolve around their dog, so they get to negotiating: they draw up a roster for chores, who does what when, and they venture outside to hit up a grocery store for proper fruit and vegetables (”there will be no scurvy in this household!” viktor declares), neglecting to check the weather, and end up caught in a snowstorm. their shopping is sodden and when they get back indoors all they want to do is get close to each other for warmth and, well, you can imagine how that ends.

so, cooking. they decide their first proper meal is going to be katsudon, because of its importance to them (a few minutes of viktor teasing yuuri about how sexy it is turns into an hour in the bedroom and a very late dinner indeed) and how hard can it be? yuuri’s seen his mum cook it heaps of times. they don’t need a recipe, what are you talking about, viktor. well, needless to say, it does not work out. they undercook the rice and it is barely edible. they overcook the pork and make an absolute dog’s breakfast of crumbing it. the kitchen looks like a war zone. yuuri has bits of egg in his hair. they end up ordering pizza.

over the weeks, they do get better at it. viktor wants to have another go at katsudon but yuuri decides that going from zero to hero is a bit amibitous, so they start small, making things like omelettes and soups and levelling up slowly. actually, cooking is one of the things that comes easiest, after they figure out how much fun it can be. the housework is another matter. since it’s been so rarely occupied, viktor’s flat is a dustbowl, and every time he tries to dust he has a sneezing fit and lies on the couch like a regency maiden, beleaguered by his life of drudgery. yuuri knows how to clean, at least, but he has an unfortunate habit of getting distracted halfway through, which to be honest is mostly viktor’s fault, for distracting him. and now that they’re going to the rink more often, they’re home less, so if there’s a pile of both their clothes at the foot of their bed, then that’s a problem for another day.

everything comes to a head when yakov comes over unannounced one friday evening and has to step over jackets and half-used dust cloths to get to the bathroom and he goes absolutely ballistic on them and installs himself on the couch, refusing to leave until they’ve tidied the place up. “what’s the problem?” viktor says. “just let him stay. he can cook for us.” yuuri gives him the long-suffering look of a man who is engaged to his childhood crush and is going to be in the honeymoon period for the rest of his life; he looks viktor dead in the eye and says, “vitya. we are not fucking with yakov in the other room.” the flat is cleaner than it’s ever been within two hours. yakov stays for dinner, and it’s all very pleasant and domestic, but viktor is suffering from some serious sexual frustration, and the moment yakov is gone he hauls yuuri into the bedroom and they stay in there for the rest of the weekend, barring taking makkachin out for walks.

but after that. after that, they make an effort. by the time they start to throw semi-regular (dinner) parties, it’s almost like they’re respectable housekeepers, and no-one is any the wiser.

Cute! Hope you enjoy~

  • He loves lazy days at home with you! Watching movies with you, and board games! Yes Todoroki definitely likes board games, though he doesn’t know all that many because of his strict childhood :/ but he can still beat you at monopoly
  • Of course you guys generally have to hang out at your house, because 1) Endeavor probably doesn’t approve of your relationship and 2) Shouto doesn’t want to be around his dad, either. Todoroki will happily stay over at your place for however long he can.
  • Shouto’s very polite to your parents, so chances are they quite like him!
  • He’s a pretty good cook, too. He needs to follow recipes of course, but the food usually comes out pretty well. He likes making food for you, and if you make food for him his eyes will sparkle.
  • Picnics!! Shouto loves having picnics with you in the park, it’s so peaceful and affectionate. Will also admire cats and dogs in the park, but doesn’t pet them (even though it’s clear he wants to ask).
  • Todoroki is quite organized and keeps his surroundings clean, so you don’t have to ask him to clean up after dinner and so on. Actually he likes doing chores with you, there’s something nice and domestic about it - one person washes the dishes, the other dries them, and you talk pleasantly.
  • Sometimes he uses his quirk to cool down the temperature of the room so that you either put on one of his sweaters, or so that you two cuddle. You’re aware of what he does, and he’s aware that you’re aware, but neither of you minds. After all, cuddles~!

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dickkory! :D

OMG. I’m sorry anon! I forgot about these? BB/Rae week was a doozy @_@ Anyways, better late than never right?

  • who hogs the duvet:
    DICK. I mean, I think they both do, but Dick does it more. There’s usually some sort of struggle that happens in the middle of the night, where they both just keep swiping the blankets from each other, but Starfire always wins. Dick knows better than to engage in play fighting with her; she kicks his butt even when she’s going ‘easy’ on him. Granted, they usually end up having sex at this point, but shhh.
  • who texts/rings to check how their day is going:
    Both. I feel like Star and Dick have this super healthy relationship. They’re basically the pinnacle of a good romance, and they probably both periodically call one another to just check in. They’re definitely the type who prefer calling to texting.
  • who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts:
    Hmmm. Kory? I think she’d try to really think outside the box with his gifts, whereas Dick is more of a classic sort of man. Roses, a gorgeous dress, and a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant. Kory would probably take them dog sledding or something. 
  • who gets up first in the morning:
    Dick. He’s an early-riser, probably always has been. Kory likes her beauty sleep. 
  • who suggests new things in bed:
    Both. They’re very open in terms of sexuality, and neither shy away from trying new things/experimenting. The excitement alone is a turn on for them. 
  • who cries at movies:
    Probably Kory. Not that Dick doesn’t cry, just that it takes a bit more, I think. Kory is all emotions, and she feels them all quite vividly. So yeah, when there’s a villain and he murders an innocent to get at the protagonist, she’s all tears and starbolts. 
  • who gives unprompted massages:
    Dick. He’s definitely the type of guy who’s a giver. He likes to ‘set the mood’. With him, it isn’t a question of ‘wanna get intimate?’ It’s more of a subtle thing, such as a foot rub, ankle rub, thigh rub, and he just keeps climbing, if you catch my drift ;) Kory can take a hint. 
  • who fusses over the other when they’re sick
    Both. They’re both worry warts, honestly. Dick and Kory are fiercely protective of the people they love. This isn’t any different. 
  • who gets jealous easiest:
    Neither. I don’t see either Dick or Kory as the jealous types. They’re both extremely attractive folk who are confident and aware of it. They know and trust one another to understand that no one is a ‘threat’ to their relationship. 
  • who has the most embarrassing taste in music:
    Dick. I mean, I wouldn’t call it embarassing, but Star finds his love for old country music (70s,80s) pretty cheesy. 
  • who collects something unusual:
    Kory. She’s got this green thumb, so she has a habit of collecting any plants she deems interesting. She usually dries them out, and maybe tries getting seeds to plant them herself. She has a wonderful little garden. 
  • who takes the longest to get ready:
    You know what? Dick. He’s a pretty boy, and no boy that pretty doesn’t wake up without spending an hour in the bathroom grooming (but mostly ogling himself in the mirror because daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn). Plus, his suit is way more of a pain to put on than any of Kori’s gear. 
  • who is the most tidy and organised:
    Dick. He’s definitely one of those uptight clean freaks. He blames having to share a room/house with any of the other batkids. Kori is clean, but definitely disorganized. Dick is usually picking up after her and it’s kind of cute. 
  • who gets most excited about the holidays:
    Kori. Uh, an excuse to see friends, buy a bunch of cheesy decorations and make everything look ridiculous? I mean, her and Beast Boy practically bond over this stuff. 
  • who is the big spoon/little spoon:
    Dick is probably the little spoon. He doesn’t mind in the slightest. 
  • who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports:
    Kori. She’s pretty fierce, and doesn’t really get this concept of ‘letting them win’ to be polite. It sounds like hogwash, and on Tamaran, is probably considered disgraceful. 
  • who starts the most arguments:
    Probably Dick. Kori worries about him and obviously wants what is best, but the kid has his head up his butt sometimes, and he has issues letting people in, so you know that’s something they work through together quite a bit. 
  • who suggests that they buy a pet:
    Neither. Kori has Silkie and the idea of replacing him would break her heart into pieces. Plus, Silkie would most likely eat any other pet they brought home…it happened once to Gar’s hamster but as far as he knows, Taro is still just ‘missing’. 
  • what couple traditions they have:
    Oh, they definitely roleplay. They’re that weird couple that plays out some sort of scenario like they’re just meeting for the first time at an art gala and Dick is this handsome secret spy while Kori is a double agent, and they hit it off anyways. On a more normal scale? They definitely have more play fighting/sparring/training that usually just ends with them making out on the floor or something, all out of breath. 
  • what tv shows they watch together:
    Soaps and dramas, most likely. They watch them weekly, and argue/make bets about what will happen to x character(s) next episode/season. 
  • what other couple they hang out with:
    BB/Rae, Roy/Donna, Wally/Linda, Tim/Steph, pretty much any/all of the batfam members and their SOs. 
  • how they spend time together as a couple:
    Being silly and doing dumb, childish things. I mean, I can see them in their new apartment, and Star steps off the carpet in their living room and Dick is like: “KORY! NO!” He’s clutching his hair like she’s just committed a crime most foul. Then, he says: “THE FLOOR IS LAVA!” And they proceed to play tag, giggling like idiots. 
  • who made the first move:
    Honestly? It could have been either. On one hand, Kori goes for what she wants. On the other, she drops hints like mad, and it’s usually Dick that has to sort of acknowledge it. He’s too polite to just go for it, but Kori makes it clear quick she’s interested, so he might. Still, with Dick, the ladies probably take more charge than he does. 
  • who brings flowers home:
    Dick. He’s a classy guy. Definitely the roses and chocolates type. I mean, Kori has a whole garden; she doesn’t need to buy roses. But he likes doing it so she likes it when he does it. 
  • who is the best cook:
    Uh…Neither of them can cook? Kori burns everything she touches, and Dick’s dishes usually look like they crawled out of a horror movie. 
some thing that probably happen
  • grantaire steals enjolras’s glasses
  • they’re very simple magnifying glasses 
  • “huh,” he says
  • “i can see things”
  • turns out he needs glasses
  • (((how was he painting. grantaire how)))
  • they borrow each other’s clothes all the time with varying degrees of success 
  • and then one day grantaire slips on enjolras’s fave red jacket
  • i hear wailing in the streets
  • it’s enjolras
  • grantaire looks good
  • grantaire looks damn good
  • sometimes when grantaire needs attention and enjolras is busy grantaire just literally climbs into his lap and falls asleep there and enjolras doesn’t have the heart to move away he’s like a cat 
  • some days grantaire can call enjolras a pet name at a meeting and completely derail him and sometimes their arguments transform into sticky sweet love battles and it’s really gross and they’re really gross
  • they buy joint presents and the amis want to be annoyed because they’re getting less presents but also it’s kind of cute
  • grantaire and enjolras are equally stressed abt the wedding because Everything Must Be Perfect
  • grantaire’s obviously assigned aesthetics and enjolras does logistics 
  • it’s beautiful 
  • neither of them can look at the ring on their finger and not start to grin. it’s impossible 
  • they buy cutlery and dishes together when grantaire moves in with enjolras
  • also husband mugs
Cute Happy Prompts

I need some happiness for them or I’m going to have a breakdown.

-Hunk and Lance play the most extreme game of Hide n’ Seek in where Lance once finds Hunk on the ceiling! (After Pidge snitched). Hunk and Lance asking everyone where the other is makes them smile. Soon the whole crew is in on it and Coran was the last one to be found… in the cryogenic pods

-Freeze tag! Coran and Allura have to learn how to play which would put them at a seemingly difficult disadvantage but Coran has the arm span of a chimp. Angsty children (Keith Allura Pidge Shiro) vs. Kickass Angels (Coran, Hunk, Lance) its uneven, but it doesn’t matter, Keith’s still gonna get Lance every time

-Spa day in which Lance gives everyone facials, new hair-do’s and just a day to relax and depress

-A whole day in which Shiro forces everyone to take a fucking nap so he can think for two seconds. It’s nice. Too nice… he wants to talk about life with Keef

-Shiro and Lance play pranks on everyone all day. Allura is about to order them to stop until they invite her to join. Who knew she’d turn on them???????? (Pidge did)

-Hunk, Shiro, Lance, and Allura went on a mission to get some more food so Keith and Pidge spent the time alone with Coran amping up their lions

-Hunk doesn’t want to do dishes and neither does Keith so they play a game of Rock Paper Scissors in which it turns into a battle TO THE DEATH! Keith is murdered in cold blood by Hunk’s tickles and wet willies and is shamed into doing the dishes

-Pidge finally gets some sleep only to find everyone played a trick on her that they’ve aged 30 years (thanks to Shiro’s make-shift-makeup)

-Stargazing ft. Allura and Shiro. Also includes sleeping bags and storytelling.

-Lance and Pidge try and set up a speaker system without Hunk (because they’re grown ups who don’t need no Hunk) when it blows to smithereens they give up hope and go start a circus with the mice (poor Hunk has to clean up the mess)

-Allura and Pidge have a talk about girl stuff finally! Turns out they don’t have much in common and it quickly turns awkward. Pidge then relays fond memories of her parents and Allura shares hers too. Maybe they do have something in common…

-Hunk and Pidge are baking and eating all day. It’s surreal.

-Shiro is having horrible nightmares and stays up with Pidge to get away from them. They end up having a bonding moment and Pidge accidentally calls him ‘dad’. Shiro is touched. He’s promised not to tell anyone that ever happened.

-Allura and Keith and Lance all take a quiz (made by Shiro) on who would be the next black lion incase Shiro died of stress. Turns out all three are equally capable and Allura plots to murder the boys for being as superior as a princess

-Hunk, Shiro, and Allura are having to act like actual parents with the small children (Pidge Lance Keith) start accusing each other of breaking Coran’s stuff. The three parents are done™

-Lance listens to music in his room all day.

-Keith gets to train all day.


-Hunk builds a cook

-Shiro also takes a nap

-Coran gets to chat with Allura about the good ol’ days

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boyfs for the ship thing

falls asleep on the couch: both they fall asleep together bc they stay up too late playing video games
makes friends with the neighbors: neither they both have anxiety BUT jeremys kind of friends with some of the other jewish kids in town that he met in the jewish center and all and his dad made him befriend them 
is the adventurous eater: hm probably michael
hogs the covers at night: michael
forgets to do the dishes: let’s be honest, both
tries to surprise their partner more often: tbh neither?? 
leaves dirty laundry on the floor: fucking both
stays up til 2 AM reading: michael. we all know why jeremy stays up til 2am for and its not reading
sings in the shower: neither but sometimes michael does when he thinks no one will hear him 
takes the selfies: mostly michael
plans date night: idk they both just do whatever they feel like doing, no plans needed

send me a pairing!

1) If you discover something that you’re passionate about, pursue it. Pursue it with everything you have.
2) If you need to cry, cry. Let tears run down your face until there are no more left, until you’re sure you can never cry again. Then wipe your cheeks, and continue fighting.
3) Take time for yourself. Sometimes when everything in your head gets too crowded and confusing, you just need to shut yourself out, to hole up in your room and just be alone with your thoughts.
4) There is no feeling just like the way your heart pounds when you’re at a concert and the lights go out. Also: nothing is as satisfying as screaming out the lyrics to your favourite songs, screaming them right at the person who wrote them down.
5) If you ever need to escape, read a book. Get lost in a different world, give your heart away to fictional characters. Laugh and cry with them. If you don’t like reading, listen to an audio book.
6) Flowers will light up your darkest days. If no one buys flowers for you, buy them for yourself.
7) Always be honest with people you expect to be honest with you. Tell them if you don’t like the way they act towards you or others. And always tell them how important they are, how much you love them and how grateful you are to have them in your life. You can’t say it often enough.
8) Laugh. Laugh until your stomach hurts and until happy tears blur your eyes.
9) Get out of your comfort zone and take the first step. Text him first. Smile at him. You’ve got nothing to lose. Who knows, maybe he’s been as scared as you to make a move.
10) Be nice to your parents. If they’re angry with you, it’s most likely because they’re worried. And think back, maybe you mistreated them. Maybe you weren’t fair. They’re the reason you’re in this world in the first place, so treat them accordingly.
11) Your heart will get broken, there’s no need to lie. But hearts don’t stay that way. It doesn’t matter if someone comes along and fixes it for you or if you fix it yourself. It’s not what you want to hear, but the boy who crushes your heart into tiny pieces probably won’t even matter to you five years from now.
12) Cut toxic people out of your life. You don’t need them. Don’t let them take your happiness.
13) It’s not selfish to put yourself first from time to time. Not at all.
14) Don’t ever wonder if you’re good enough. Instead try to be the best version of yourself. If you think you are not good enough for someone, think again: let go of them. They don’t deserve you, not the other way around.
15) Losing someone you love is always hard, no matter the circumstances. “Time heals wounds” is not necessarily true - but time helps. Time lets the pain fade to a dull ache in your chest until you wake up one day and you’re okay.
16) Don’t worry too much. Easy to say, isn’t it? What I mean is: don’t worry about things you don’t have to worry about. Because you don’t have to spend your days dreading the next week or dreading your life after school. There’s no point, it only drags you down.
17) Don’t take anything for granted, ever. Be grateful, even for the little things.
18) If someone says “you will never make it” to you, smile at them and try as hard as you can to get where you want to be. You don’t have to show them anything, but it still feels fucking fantastic to prove them wrong in the end, not gonna lie.
19) You have never been in love? You’re a virgin or unkissed, even? Don’t stress. The right person will come along, they’re on their way already. Until they reach you, be kind to yourself. Falling in love is neither a competition, nor a necessity.
20) Make other people happy. Yes. How good does it feel to make someone smile? Tell your best friend she looks amazing when you meet her, help your mum do the dishes, smile at strangers on your way home. Make yourself feel better by simply being a good person.
21) Learn how to forgive others. It’s a blessing to know how to stop holding grudges.
—  21 things I learned about life before I turned 21

cosmicblushes-moved  asked:

hance >:3c


Who falls asleep on the couch?

Hunk, after a long day of being a brilliant engineer and working hard on some project. Sometimes it upsets Lance, because they were supposed to watch this movie/show together, but he understands. So he plans days for the both of them to just chill and watch their shows together.

Makes friends with the neighbors?

Both of them. 

Is the adventurous eater?

Both. When I say this, I mean that when Hunk makes and deems something worthy, Lance doesn’t argue and eats it. 

Hogs the covers at night?

Lance has a tendency to roll over and snatch the covers with him, but Hunk has no problem yanking them back so they’re both covered again. 

Forgets to do the dishes?

Lance. Of course. Lance is the kind of “I’ll do them in a minute.” and Never does, until reminded another 2 times. 

Tries to surprise their partner more often?

Lance. Lance looks up to Hunk and sometimes he feels like he’s not good enough for him. Hunk is smart and cute and talented and Lance get’s very self conscious. So he tries to be spontaneous in an attempt to keep Hunk interested. Hunk enjoys it, but he makes sure Lance knows that he will never un-interest him. 

Leaves dirty laundry on the floor?

Neither. They are both very clean conscious and like to do laundry together.

Stays up till 2 am reading?

Neither. They both make sure to be in bed by a certain time, the next chapter can wait, better to go to bed and NOT be dead tired the next day.

Sings in the shower?

Both. Together.

Takes the selfies?

Hunk, but Lance usually instigates them. 

Plans the date nights?

They both take turns.

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I'm not sure if this is something you do, but how about some headcanons on an au where Dami and Jon have their personality swapped?

  • Dami is always trying to get Jon to come over to the Manor to show off a new toy or gadget he got because it’s really cool and he wants to share it with his friend. Jon reluctantly goes because he doesn’t want to admit that he wants to see it
  • Jon doesn’t feel bad about saying the word hell or any other “bad word” but Damian still does a little breath intake when he hears it because that’s a bad word and he isn’t allowed to say that why is Jon allowed to say that is he okay
  • Damian texts Jon anything that slightly reminds Damian of Jon. It could be a puppy holding a knife (you know the picture), it could be a meme, it could be anything that Damian looks at goes “Jon” and then he sends it to him
  • Jon is always trying to get Damian to watch horror movies but Damian hates watching horror movies because they scare him. Jon reminds him they fight people worse then ghosts on a daily basis but Damian doesn’t care because horror movies are scary
  • At Jon’s house, Damian always asks Lois if he can help with dinner or the dishes. She always tells him no but thanks for offering but Damian persists and eventually he is allowed to help with dishes. Jon doesn’t get why someone would want to do chores at someone else’s house but if he doesn’t have to clean the dishes then he isn’t complaining
  • Damian is constantly telling Jon he doesn’t want to rebel because Jon does things like spray paint abandoned buildings or go into abandoned buildings in general. Jon reminds him it isn’t actually rebelling because they aren’t doing anything bad but Damian keeps saying it is rebelling because it’s illegal. This leads to an argument that neither of them win

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Get sand and Rowaelin please!? (Really unoriginal but I can't help it lol)

I assume the first one was Feysand but I just did that so I’ll do Rowaelin. 😁

falls asleep on the couch: both of them.When it happens, Rowan just carries Aelin into the bedroom while Aelin uses the opportunity to play a prank on Rowan
makes friends with the neighbors: neither really makes an effort to get to know the neighbours.
is the adventurous eater: both of them but nothing crazy.
hogs the covers at night: AELIN! Rowan doesn’t really mind, he’s a walking furnace anyway
forgets to do the dishes: Aelin, of course…
tries to surprise their partner more often: both of them love surprising the other
leaves dirty laundry on the floor:  Aelin. Rowan doesn’t really complain about it, strangely enough. He just picks it up and puts in the basket without a word
stays up til 2 AM reading: Aelin. Obviously. Rowan does sometimes as well.
sings in the shower: Aelin sings completely off key every single time and always tries to get Rowan to join. If he’s in a good mood, he actually will because it makes her laugh.
takes the selfies: AELIN! ALL THE SELFIES. ALL THE TIME.
plans date night: Rowan. He loves taking her to really meaningful or gorgeous places

Bevie Headcanons #1

Here’s where I got the headcanon questions.

1. Who gushes about how amazing their partner is to others? Ben is proud of Evie. He enthuses about her fashion pieces, her success as a designer and seamstress, how far she’s come as a person, and etc.

2. Who tells the other person they love them on a daily basis? Ben does. Sometimes, Evie feels like she doesn’t deserve his love.

3. Who cooks and who does the dishes? Evie cooks, and Ben cleans.

4. Who picks the other up and twirls them around? Ben, especially if he returns after finishing his kingly duties.

6. Who thinks it’s cute when the other yawns? Evie thinks so; it makes her think he looks like a cute beast.

7. Who wants to fight everyone? And who wants to love everyone? Neither wants to fight. Ben is the one who rather love everyone; he’s more of a peacekeeper.

8. Who cuddles up to the other after a long day? They both do. Evie usually initiates it. Sometimes, Ben starts it when he’s stressed.

9. Who posts their selfies on social media of them together? They both post selfies, but Evie does mostly.

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Gerard Lacroix and Ameliee

                     SHIPPING MEME || ACCEPTING

send me a pairing and I’ll tell you who:

falls asleep on the couch: gerard. he is Tired™

makes friends with the neighbors: probably both of them. amélie’s a little more introverted i think but if they have good neighbors then she’d also befriend them

is the adventurous eater: i feel like gerard is always coming up with weird new ideas or getting excited about trying some crazy thing. amélie goes along with it as long as its not too ridiculous. she’s a bit of a food snob

hogs the covers at night: amélie. she doesn’t mean to, but she just gets all wrapped up in them. gerard thinks its cute

forgets to do the dishes: gerard for sure. amélie scolds him and he gets overly dramatic about how much he loves her and how she’s the light of his life and he’s so sorry. then she makes him do the dishes

tries to surprise their partner more often: gerard. he just really really loves her and loves seeing that glimmer in her eye when he surprises her with something she likes

leaves dirty laundry on the floor: hm neither. gerard would be more prone to tho

stays up til 2 AM reading: both of them

sings in the shower: gerard does it loudly, amélie does it softly

takes the selfies: both of them. they’re either perfect with both of them looking absolutely unfairly flawless or they’re silly and gerard looks absolutely ridiculous. amélie’s always still so beautiful in those but either has a fake stern look or she’s laughing

plans date night: gerard. he likes spoiling amélie and having everything taken care of so she can just enjoy herself

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If you're still doing headcanons, could you give some for Bertholdt and Reiner moving out together for the first time in a small, old, grungy apartment (either romantic or platonic is fine with me)

Oh boy can I give you some Reibert moving out/in together headcanons! (Fun Fact: one of the fics I started for Reibert week that I was too lazy to finish actually walked through each month of the year of these two moving in together. So. Yeah.) (Also, I hope modern au is okay cause I find modern au easier to work with than canon these days.) (P.S. This got long.)

  • Right after college, (and two and a half years of dating,) Reiner and Bertholdt decide to move in together.
  • Bertholdt’s got a job as a history teacher at a local high school, and Reiner’s been offered a job as a junior accountant at the business he interned at during school. So they have the job front covered. Now for the apartment.
  • They find a place that’s decently close to both of their work places. 
  • The apartment isn’t the greatest, it is rather old, but it has it’s charms and it’s a place to live so they don’t worry about it too much.
  • It’s a simple apartment on the third floor of three. There’s a coffee shop underneath it at the street level, with one other apartment separating the two. The layout’s pretty plain: large-ish living space, kitchen with a small space just big enough to put a table, two bedrooms, and a bathroom. Nothing fancy. 
  • They move in in June, and it’s quite an adventure. Hauling furniture up three flights of stairs was hard enough… but having to arrange it and have it look decent once in the apartment? It’s like a giant game of Tetris that causes way more stress than necessary. 
  • They have to take a break after finally deciding which way to put the couch, and end up taking a nap on said couch, the two of them barely fitting on there at the same time. 

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I planned to post the last smut scenario request from the previous batch but it was taking me way too long I’m going into a smut slump (does that make sense hahaha) it’s like I exhausted my entire smut vocabulary all of them sound the same right now and its making me pretty stressed up to honest ;-; So here! Have some of Bobby instead, I hope y’all enjoy this one :-)

“Bobbyyyy…” You cooed, hugging his arm and resting your head on his shoulders. “Let’s do it together.”

“But I did them alone the last time!” He argued.

It had been two days since neither of you did the dishes having been way too busy with school and work respectively and after eating up a storm for dinner, the growing pile was just becoming too intimidating for either of you to actually want to volunteer.

You shamelessly batted your eyelashes at him, “Pleaseee…?”

“Okay fine let’s play a game, loser does it all. Alone.”

“Sounds good to me.”

With that, the both of you sprang out of the couch and scurried to the TV console in search of the video game that you guys were each better at, competitiveness evident as he distracted you from time to time by messing up the discs in your hands but it was to no avail as you found your favourite zombie game disc a second faster than he did, waving it triumphantly in the air, “Me first!!!”

“W-wha-? How did you even-” He gawked at you incredulously before sighing in defeat. “Fine…”

“There there, it wouldn’t be that bad,” You giggled, giving him a quick peck on his pouty lips.

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