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Hot & Bothered (M)

You decide to slightly tease your close friend Minhyuk, but things take a turn…

Protagonists: Minhyuk (MX) & you

Word Count: 2,5k

Genre: Friends to lovers - Smut

Lyly’s note: This a repost of my first fic. I got inspired by the photo teaser for MX’s Beautiful comeback. I was worthy of being their first win, so I didn’t fix the storyline. Minhyuk is dangerously climbing my bias list… HWAITING ;)


From where you are standing, you can just see the back of his newly red hair, moving excitedly as he talks nonstop about how awesome it’s going to be. You only imagine how bright his expression is and you know very well the night is going to be constant babbling about Monsta X’s new comeback. You don’t mind though. If Minhyuk has free time, you are pleased to hang out with him. His next few months are going to be hectic and you will probably not be able to see each other often.

“Did you?” He turns his attention away from the coffee pot, questioning you with a raised eyebrow.

“Enh? Sorry.”

“Did you see my teaser picture, it got released today?” He smiles brightly.

“Oh yeah, the fans loved it, it was everywhere on the internet and my Instagram feed.”

“Soooo, y/n what did you think?! Did you love it?! Didn’t I look fine!?” He yells excitedly, making Jooheon in the living room loudly sigh.

A faint blush creeps on your cheeks at the thought of that picture. When you opened your Instagram that morning, you almost choked on your coffee. Yes, you had eyes and had always been conscious that Minhyuk was gorgeous. But that picture blew the cute and fluffy image you had of him. It was somewhat mesmerizing and sexy; you never thought you could see him like that. You guys had been instant best friends since he talked to you on a broadcast a year ago, loud as ever and a mess of giggles.

“Well, yeah. I kind of… loved it… I guess.” The corners of your mouth curl up to a little smile as you watch him get confused and a bit worried.

“Wait, did you love it or not?” He pouts.

Here’s the catch about being an Idol. No matter how hot and adored you are, that kind of spotlight brings out self-consciousness and deep insecurities. You give a quick glance at Wonho, who is watching a movie with Jooheon on the couch. That man is the epitome of that statement. Turning your attention back to your friend Minhyuk, you decide to tease him in a different way. You abruptly close the space between you in the kitchen, grab his shoulders and tiptoe to his ears.

“It got me all hot and bothered.” You whisper, breathing out a little too much to make sure it tickles him. He fidgets and opens his mouth in surprise. With a smirk, you release his shoulders and turn around to grab a mug. After all, you were both there to get some coffee. As you are stretching your right arm above your head, you feel Minhyuk lean close against your back. The heat of his body warms you through your thin t-shirt as he whispers in your ear.

“And are you hot right now?”  The tickling sensation sends shivers down your spine. You always friendly teased each other, but this feels somewhat different. Normally, he would have blushed, laughed it up and complained loudly about how he doesn’t like being tickled. You didn’t expect him to tease you right back. Before you can form a coherent response, he closes his arms around your waist and you feel his breath slowly go down in the curve of your neck.

“Because… I am.” He is close enough for you to feel the vibrations of his voice in his chest. You are hot. It is damn hot right now. The gasp that escapes your mouth gives him the confidence to push the teasing a bit further; he grabs your hips pressing you onto him even more and hums in your neck as he drops little wet pecks.

The guys in the living room burst out laughing and you both freeze, before realizing it’s about their movie and has nothing to do with you. Minhyuk seems to start to breathe again and moves an adventurous hand up your skirt, his touch leaving your warm skin on fire. He moans faintly in your neck as he reaches your ass, turning you on even more. Now you are really bothered.

“Minhyuk-ah…” You spin around to face him, putting you hand over his chest to look at him. He holds your gaze for a few seconds that feel like an eternity and hesitantly leans in to kiss you. His lips are soft and wet and you let yourself melt against his chest. You don’t know how. You never saw him as more than a friend before, but he has managed to ignite something in your stomach. You hear him chuckle proudly at the effect he has on you, so you push him away just enough to lift your right thigh in-between his legs and gently press his erection. You stare at him, blinking innocently as he frowns and let out a small grunt. You rub back and forth leisurely and you can feel him getting harder in his tight pants. You are enjoying the friction just as much, but this little game has to end quickly before you both get caught.

“It’s warm right now, but isn’t your room even more heated?” You playfully ask, brushing against his lips. His giggle reassures you, so familiar and comforting, clashing with your whole new dynamic. He turns his head to observe Jooheon and Wonho, seemingly remembering they were there the whole time. Thankfully, the boys are still absorbed in their action movie. Without a word, Minhyuk leaves you there hanging, his spot filling up with cold air. The sudden absence of his body against yours makes you crave him even more. You follow closely behind him, crossing the dorm, trying to look as normal as you could.

“Guys, you have the living room, so we’re gonna watch a horror movie in my room.” He knows very well neither of those scaredy-cats will ask to join in, but as he opens the door Wonho cries out. “Yah!” You stop right in your tracks and give a panicked look to Minhyuk. Is he being suspicious of something? Has he seen you in the kitchen just now? Oh god. Why else would he react, you already watched plenty of movies alone in that same room before.

“Do you guys want the rest of the popcorn?” Wonho doesn’t even take his gaze away from the screen and you step in the room with an audible sigh of relief, followed by Minhyuk. “No need, thanks hyung!” As soon as he closes the door, Mr. Cool-Guy pushes you against the wall and fierly kisses your lips. “Wow y/n, you looked like a little kid being caught doing something illegal!” He laughs in your half-opened mouth and you slap his arm to make him stop.

A somewhat more serious Minhyuk starts to explore your mouth with his tongue, bringing his finger under your chin to lift your head up. One of your hands begins to get lost in his hair, still abnormally soft from the new dye, while your other is making a way under his shirt. He lets out a grunt when you touch his boiling skin and you feel his abs contracting as you trail your fingers to his back, grabbing his shoulder. He abandons your lips to nib on your ear, leaving you panting for more.

You decide that his pants are probably very uncomfortable by now and successfully lower them enough to expose the bulge of his erection in his tight briefs. He sighs in relief, pressing himself on your leg, while his fingers are unclasping your bra. Well trying to unclasp your bra. It’s your turn to giggle now. “Don’t laugh.” He warns you with authority as he succeeds against the hooks. But he just laughed at me. You lean in and bite the base of his neck as revenge. “Did you just bite me?” Frowning from the slight ache Minhyuk backs away and sits on his bed, taking off his pants.

“You were right; it’s scorching hot in here.” He smiles and playfully throws his t-shirt at you. You hold his lustful gaze, slowly taking off your t-shirt and your unhooked bra, walking towards him. He stretches out a hand and pulls you on the bed. You can’t help but to remember in disbelief, all the nights you laid there next to him actually watching a movie. Minhyuk brings you back in the present cupping one of your breasts, teasing your nipple with his tongue, while one of his hands reaches underneath your skirt. You moan his name and he hums on your skin in approval, his fingers painfully slowly trailing up your inner thigh. You are panting in anticipation as he reaches your soaked panties but he stops and peeks up at you, an accusing look on his face. “You always come here wearing those kinds of skirts, I’m a man too. You know?” Oh, you know.  Maybe you didn’t pay much attention to it before, but you definitely know better now. “Point taken, I will wear skirts more often.”

You whine as he smiles and dig your nails in his shoulders hoping he will take the hint. He climbs back up to kiss your lips and presses his thumb to your panties. You gasp in the kiss and slide one hand to grab one of his ass cheeks, feeling the muscle contract under your touch. He grunts and starts to trail kisses down your chest and stomach. In no time, your skirt is toss to a corner of his room and he is down, kissing the soft skin of your inner thighs. He lets out a short laugh when he sees your cute panda panties before tossing them away and reality hits you. Why did I have to wear unsexy underwear today? You hide your face in your elbow in embarrassment.

“By the way, I’m keeping those…” Minhyuk blows his sizzling breath on your core to tease you a bit more, visibly enjoying how aroused he’s got you. You whine again and he gives you a first long lick, tasting you. He then firmly presses his tongue on your clit, making you moan loudly. Working on you with his mouth, Minhyuk starts to pump one finger inside you at a building pace. You curl your fingers in his hair, moaning more and more loudly as you feel the familiar knot in your stomach slowly beginning to untie. He adds a finger and begins to nibble on your sensitive spot until you’re dripping. Your thighs start clenching around his head and he moans against your throbbing wet core, sending you over. Your high hits you like a wave and you begin to shake uncontrollably. He holds you down, licking you until you ride off your orgasm and then climbs up next to you, panting for a few minutes.

“I never guessed you were that loud. We should have put on some music” Amused, he watches you cover your pink face with your hands.

“Do you think the guys heard?” You faintly ask.

“I certainly hope they did. Then they’ll have to stop teasing me so much about taking more than a year to make a move on you.” You can hear the smile in his voice.

“Well we haven’t known each other for more than a year…”

“… I did, that’s what I’m saying. That’s why I talked to you on The Show.” Minhyuk gets up and puts some music on, letting the information of his little crush sinks in.

“We said we were watching a horror movie…” You protest as music fills the tiny room.

“Trust me. I don’t care how entertaining their movie is, by now they know what we are doing” He laughs seeing you blush again and grabs your chin to kiss you. Might as well. You climb over him in the bed, prolonging the kiss into a passionate one. One of his hands holds onto your naked hips, tracing small circles with his thumb, and the other one wanders on your back.  You start to gently rock yourself on his erection through his briefs and he grunts. His head falls in your neck and he gives you little pecks. “Gosh, I can feel how hot you are.” He muffles into your shoulder. He pushes you back on the bed, taking off his underwear. As he positions himself on top of you, he gives you a silent questioning look and you wrap your legs around his hips, already begging for him. He smirks and leans in to peck your lips before finally entering you. He starts to move after a few seconds, his grunts turning you even more on. You bite his neck again, trying to contain your own sounds as he sets pace inside you.

“Are you going to keep biting me like a kitten?” He asks you, heavily panting. You whine in his skin, trying to suppress the urge to bite him again, digging your nails in his back instead. “Don’t stop then.” He begs. You happily oblige and keep lightly biting his traps while he sinks faster and deeper with each thrust. You raise your pelvis, allowing him even deeper inside you and you both gasp. After a moment, his grunts turn into moaning your name in incoherent sentences and, as he reaches his high, he becomes a moaning mess. He thrusts harshly a few more times, making you convulse in pleasure under him before he comes undone inside you. He collapses next to you and you both wait, content, as the waves of pleasure slowly fade away. He’s even louder, at least we had music on.

After a minute, the air in the room feels cool against the sweat on your skin and it makes your body shiver. Minhyuk turns to look to you, bringing you closer in his arms. “Why are you shivering, kitten? I thought we said this room was blazing hot.” He laughs softly at your new pet name.

You get half up on one elbow, putting your head in your hand. You eye him down, admiring the small drops of sweat on his chest and the faint marks that your teeth left.

“What are you looking at kitten?” He has a faint blush on his cheeks and sounds a bit shy, even though he’s trying to be funny. His more familiar embarrassment makes you wonder how things escalated like that.

“So how the hell did you get all that glitter off?” You ask, really curious. He breaks into a contagious laugh.

“Does glitter turn you on? I should have tried that sooner” He winks. “So, you really did like that picture, enh?” He lets out his signature giggle and you hide your embarrassment in his embrace. “I think this means good luck. It’s going to be a great comeback.”

“I believe it’s going to be your first win, but what do I know? Until today, I thought you were just a friend. Nothing makes sense anymore.” You smile in his neck.

“I don’t know. I think it makes perfect sense, you and me.”


There’s a pen in the back corner of the park I live in where humans take their dog children to do their business, and there is a dumpster not too far from the pen. I was taking my spotty fur child out the other night, and as we approached the pen, six (yes, six) cats suddenly scrambled out from under the dumpster and ran for it. We stopped, surprised, and then one remaining cat, the seventh cat, the fearless cat, the leader cat, the kingpin cat, you might say, suddenly appeared at the top of the dumpster. It stared down at us in the night, eyes gleaming and its thick fur looking especially gray in the moonlight, and then jumped onto the ground in front of the dumpster, picked up a piece of toast (yes, there was a piece of toast on the ground in front of the dumpster), and strutted off after the other cat minions. My dog didn’t move and neither did I, not a stirring, not a sound, because when you’re in the presence of the dumpster-cat mafia and their toast god, all you can do is stand in silence and witness.

I have a lot of feelings about cats and it mostly comes back to, I am an autistic person and cats make a near-intuitive amount of sense to me that people haven’t in the past.

And I think that’s a lot of it because most of the things people are like “man cats are so unsociable” for doing are things that I do?

Like I pretty much have social categories of people I am okay with touching me, in which case I will probably put my head in their lap and hug them and such as long as I know they’re okay with it- and people who I don’t want to touch me at all, and I am aware sometimes people will try to give me a high-five or some perfectly sociable small touch gesture, pat on the arm or something and I just freeze up and stand there like a stump because “do not”.

I’m much more okay initiating contact and it depends on stress levels, usually.

Eye contact? The first time it was ever explained to me that cats don’t like direct eye contact and that a good way to bond with cats is to deliberately break eye contact- slow blink or turn the head away- I realized that apparently I have been playing by cat eye contact rules my entire life.

And I think of myself as a social person, I really do, I like people, I like talking to people. I wouldn’t be posting this if I wasn’t someone who enjoys putting my thoughts out there and connecting with others. But also like… people are tiring and especially if I’m stressed I need to go fold up and not talk to anyone for a while, so sometimes if I don’t want to leave my friends but am out of social juices I will just sit in the area without leaving.

So, yeah, I get weirdly defensive of cats because spoken as someone who does most of those cat things and legitimately does love people, it’s like “I am not unsociable and neither are cats, my sociable just doesn’t present necessarily exactly the way you think it should”

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Coldflash, “You’ve been pouting ever since I went out on that date, what’s up?”

thanks so much for prompting me!

“You’ve been pouting ever since I went out on that date, what’s up?” Barry knelt on the ground next to his bed, looking underneath it at his cat.

A mournful mew sounded from under the bed.

“Come on, just because Patty stepped on your tail doesn’t mean all my significant others will!”

He fumbled for his phone, opening it to a picture of Len, and reaching it out towards Snowpaws. “Look at him! Doesn’t he just look like a cat person?”

A hiss.

“Well, I intend to go out on more dates with him, so your cooperation would really be appreciated.”

“Oh, so you intend to go out on more dates with me?”

“Yes, Len, I  - how are you in my house? Why are you in my house?”

“I have to win over your cat somehow, don’t I?”

“How did you know Snowpaws doesn’t like you?”

A mew of agreement sounded.

“Iris said he’s been really picky ever since Patty stepped on his tail the once.”

“You’ve been talking to Iris?!”

Another, possessive sounding hiss. Snowpaws considered Iris to belong to her, along with everyone else who pet him.

“It’s my responsibility as your nemesis to keep track of your emotional well being, and that includes talking to your friends slash family.”

“You know what? You can talk to the cat, I’m sure you’ll win him over too. I’m going to make dinner for myself, and neither my grumpy cat nor the person who broke into my house after one date are getting any.”

“Any dinner, or any -”

“Any anything!” he slammed the door, making sure to get all the way downstairs before he started laughing. His cat and his - date? Boyfriend? Nemesis? were both so extra.

My Husband, Kim JunMeow Epilogue

Table of Contents 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Chapter 1o. The Ninth and The Final

I roll around in bed, murmuring gibberish in my sleep as the unforgiving sun blazes in through my blinds.  Groaning, I rub eyes and feel around for my husband or fluffy cat.  Neither are anywhere to be found.  That’s the fourth time this week, Junmyeon had woken up too early for my liking.  You, know sometimes, a few extra minutes of cuddling in bed before tackling the brutal day is therapeutic.  

Muffled coughs echo from the bathroom.  It’s been like this for almost two weeks.  He says he has a cold but it sounded more like a flu or a respiratory infection.  Dragging my slippers across the wooden floor, I make my way to the restroom and push open the door.  My cheeks plant against the doorframe.  

“You okay, there?” I announce my presence when I probably should have observed silently because Junmyeon jolts and hides his palm behind his back as if he’s hiding something.  His startled expression betrays his secret but I’m too groggy to notice.  How could I not notice?  How?  And yet, I didn’t.  

“Ye-yeah!” he chirps, awkwardly wipes his hands on his back pockets and feigns a smile.  

“It’s not raining until night time,” I inform.  Lately, I’ve become a part-time meteorologist.  “Wanna go on a date?” I take his large hand into my smaller ones and shyly swing them from left to right.  “I’ll be an encouragement before my final exams…”

“Sure,” my lover chuckles and pinches my nose.  

To be honest, both of us are quite the homebodies.  Not only is it to protect Junmyeon in case it randomly starts to pour, but also the fact that we recognize that it didn’t matter where we go, it mattered who we are with and as long as I am with Junmyeon (or Suho) I am happy.  

We settle on taking a morning stroll down the streets.  The flower crown on my head attracts fluttering butterflies, causing the lovestruck male to fixate his gaze in pure admiration.  He thinks I’m the closest thing to an Angel on Earth - his Angel on Earth. As a toddler, I was gullible and innocent, but as a woman, I fully embodied the imagery and personality of his flawless goddess.  I turn around with a butterfly calmly perched on my fingertips.  With a soft giggle, I slowly lift my hand and place the butterfly onto Junmyeon’s nose.  

“Heh, my JunMeow and his pet,” I tease.  

The slip of his pet name makes his heart burble.  As the winged creature flutters back to the Heavens, I tiptoe and press my lips into his for a quick smooch.  Every time, those ample cheeks glow with so much exhilaration, air rushes into my lungs.  Now, I know how the sensation of touch got its name; because it has the ability to touch one’s soul.  

We take a seat on a bench over-watching a large fountain, much like that of the the famous Buckingham Fountain of Chicago, only, perhaps, not as crowded.  Gentle breezes splatter a few streaks our way.  Instinctively, I protectively cover my husband to prevent him from getting soaked.  

“You didn’t get wet, did you?” I inquire as I pat his forehead with the cuff of my sleeves.  To be honest, him transforming into a cat is least of my worries (I can’t say the same about the opposite though) but I didn’t want Junmyeon to feel humiliated or label himself a monster.  

He takes my hand from his face and tugs me to sit down next to him again.  His sparkly orbs are enlarged and intriguing as he doesn’t hide the fact that he’s marking my porcelain face as a quality worth veneration.  With a stare that strong, I begin to shy away but he holds tightly onto both my hands and tugs me to turn back to him.  

“Can you let me look at you for a moment longer?” my husband makes a sweet but simple request.  

With the shy bite of my lips, I look back up; his doleful eyes are like Cupid’s arrows, perfectly shot into my heart.  Slowly, he brings his hands up to cup my face.  My eyes automatically close as he leans in and gifts me a longing kiss.  He stays still, unwilling to part until I let out a giggle.  His lack of regard for other’s perception of PDA strikes as such an attractive attribute definitely earning him massive amounts of brownie points.

“Mm…after I graduate, let’s go on our Honey Moon,” I suggest.

“Honey Moon?” Junmyeon questions.  Even the way I tilt my head as I ponder on how to define the term for him, makes him want to bury me deep within his embrace.  

“Mmhm…it’s the trip couples take to celebrate getting married.  We can go on a small trip every anniversary too!” I cheer.

A sad smile clings onto Junmyeon lips; the edges of his eyes sting.  He takes my wrist and pulls me into his embrace.  Naturally, his chin hooks to the top of my head as he loses himself with the temptation of holding onto me.  He doesn’t want to let go.  He thinks, no, he knows he’s selfish for clinging onto me and for taking my heart when he knows he must leave this world soon.  

“Let’s go to Paris!” I exclaim.  “Or, no, let’s go to Korea!” I quip another suggestion, to which neither settles into my husband’s brain because he’s too immersed with the hope of never leaving my side.  Words of thanks play out within his mind - words he’ll never have the courage to tell me.  Thank you for loving me when everyone abandoned me.  Thank you for coming into my life.  How did I not hear?  How could I not know?  Things just didn’t seem to click in my mind that Suho’s fate, meant Junmyeon’s fate too.  Perhaps, it’s my own defense mechanism protecting me because it knows I wouldn’t be able to bear such trauma.

I gasp and peep my head out from his embrace.  “Oh my God!  Japan!” I proclaim.  “Babe!  They have a Neko Island there!  We can meet your friends and you can play around on the island with them!!!” I almost bounce up and down in my seat from excitement.  “Yes!  It’s been decided!  I’ll book the plane tickets when we get home!”

Wordlessly, he pulls me back into his chest.  I blink.  Did he not want to go?  Shrugging, I wrap my arms around his waist and squeeze.  “Junmyeon, will our future kids be half-cat, half-human?” I ponder.  He shakes his chin against the top of my head.  “Ah, they’ll be quarter cat…” I assume.  

“Your future children will be fully human,” he finally breaks his silence to correct.  

“Huh?” I tilt up to look at my lover.  After a moment, I conclude, “Ah…because when we have sex, you’re in your human form so only human DNA gets passed down.  Fair enough…” I figure, “You’re a handsome fella, our babies will be pretty either way.”

How did I not see the tear that streamed down the corner of his eyes or sense the plummet of his heart?  I was too immersed in my euphoria to realize my words were like cyanide poisoning his soul.  He rocks me back and forth as if I’m that small helpless baby from two decades ago.  


Clouds grow gray in the horizon as the slim male leans against a tree trunk and waits outside the college campus for his girl.  Though it’s a heated summer day, he feels the frigid temperates of the dumpster, that night he lost his first life.  Nine minutes later, my silhouette appears at the building exit.  Junmyeon straightens up, his smile beams with anticipation, his brows sink at my deflated form.  Frowning, I sludge myself over to him.  

“Hubby…” I pout, appearing as if I’m about to cry.

“It’s okay…” he starts to comfort, concluding that I probably flunked my finals.  “You can always tr—“

“TADA!” I exclaim and reveal a scantro from behind my back.  The large red “100” screams for attention.  Buckling my knees, I jump up and down in glee.  “I got the top score in the class!!!!!!  I’m graduating!  Junmyeon, I’m graduating!!!!” I cheer as tears fill in my eyes.  

After the initial shock of my prank, my husband throws his head back and lets out a half-chuckle, half-snort.  Giggling, I pounce into his arm and instead of hugging me, he lifts me up.  My legs wrap around his hips for balance.  

“You’re sucha troublemaker,” he shakes his head, remarks, and throws me up a bit so that my lips land right on top of his.  I lose to a fit of giggles.  Junmyeon cups one of my cheeks with his hand and whispers in an inaudible voice, “How am I supposed to let you go?”  

“You just don’t,” I bluntly state, catching him by surprise.  Pinching his nose, I playfully warn, “You’re stuck with me forever.”

Before the familiar sad smile forms on his lips, I lean over and give him nine consecutive pecks, banning him from rejecting my statement.  Both of us end up laughing like fools on the street.  Finally, he sets me down back onto Mother Earth.  

Playing with one of the buttons on his shirt, I genuinely express my gratitude, “Junmyeon-ah, thank you for staying up so many nights tutoring me in Chemistry.  Without you, I am sure, I wouldn’t have passed that class.”  Honestly, I still don’t know how a cat understood science more than a human who paid $100k and studied four torturous years did but that’s exactly how it went.  

“Do I get an award?” my husband plays.  

“Hm…” I rock back and forth on my heels.  “We can stay at Neko Island for an extra day so you can play with your friends a little longer.  I think I can afford it…”

With a soft laugh, Junmyeon pulls me in.  My brows knit as his lips ripple against mine.  I taste salt against my tastebuds.  


The thing about college graduation in America is that you don’t know whether you’re graduating until you graduate.  Sometimes, you don’t even know even after that.  I thought that was what I’d be most stressed about on the day of my graduation ceremony.  Instead, I wake up to rampant hacks coming from the bathroom.  Rolling out of bed, I stride my way over and turn the doorknob.  It’s locked.  Junmyeon never locks the door.  I blink, the small detail completely awakens me up.  

“Junmyeon-ah…” I knock.

The coughs start to grow muffled.  

“Are you not feeling well?” I worriedly ask.  

“I’m…” he coughs, “…fine…”

“You don’t sound fine,” I retort and attempt to twist the knob, “Honey, open the door.”

“Ye-yeah…” he stutters.  “Give me a moment.”  I hear the faucet rage and hast wiping noise as if Junmyeon’s trying to clean up a crime scene.  I knock again.  “Ye-yeah…” his shaking voice sends my worry peaking exponentially.  Flattening my lips, I hold my guard up and prepare to ram the door down.  Junmyeon flings open the door at the same time so I end up running into his chest.  

“Ah-ow…” I yelp.  Regaining my composure, I hold Junmyeon’s biceps and ask, “Is everything okay?  Why are you so cold?”

“Yeah, sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you up,” my husband apologizes.

I let out a scoff, a little offended that he even mentioned it.  That doesn’t even make the cut to my list of worries.  Like a nagging housewife, I throw a blanket over him and rub his icy skin.  “I told you to wear more clothes when you sleep.  You always like to be naked; are you sure you aren’t a part-time nudist?”

“I have pants on,” he argues with a low and coarse chuckle.

I throw him a pointed look to let him know that I am not joking around.  After a while of chafing heat back into his body, I end up just going under the covers too and using my own body heat.  Just like the first time we met, two decades ago, we caress each other, aligning our hearts into one.  I stroke his head and he snuggles deep into my bosom.


“You going to be okay alone with my parents?” I nervously question as I fix my husband’s tie.

“Yeah,” he simply replies.

“You sure?” I’m more doubtful but he nods again.

With one final peck, I let go of our hands and walk down the halls to the ceremony prep room, where all the graduating students waited.  Wordlessly, he watches my silhouette grow smaller and smaller.  

“Good job, My Love!” Junmyeon cups his hands around his mouth like a microphone and shouts down the hall.  “I’m so proud of you!” His sweet congratulations make tears brim in my eyes.  I throw him a flying kiss and gesture for him to go and line up with my parents.  As I turn around again, he whispers, “I love you…”

“Ah, Junmyeon is here!” his mother-in-law cheers and pats his hand.

Politely, he bows to her and my father, who is stern but no longer hostile at his presence.  

“Aigoo, Junmyeon-ah, you’ve gotten so much thinner.  Has our daughter been bullying you?” my mother observes his sickly form.  

“No, no of course not.  She’s the best wife anyone could ever have.”  His answer is so genuine that even the stoic father-in-law finally gifts him a small smile.  

Junmyeon guides my parents to take seats at the arena before taking his own.  “Our daughter told us you tutored her and helped her pass her exams.  Thank you, Junmyeon,” my mother expresses her gratitude.

“No, it’s her own intelligence that helped her pass.  I only provided her the encouragements to motivate her,” my husband is always so humble.  

It only makes the two middle-aged adults fall deeper in love with their son-in-law.  “She keeps telling us you’ve been treating her really well and always supporting and protecting her no matter what situation.  We’ve never seen her so upbeat and happy before.  When she talks on the phone, we can hear her happiness through her voice,” my mother further explains as she wipes under her eyes.  The older male’s eyes also begin to brim with tears.  

From my seat in the stadium, I grin widely and wave at my family.  Junmyeon chokes back his tears at the thought that his resolute would wipe the smile, he had vowed to protect, from my face.

“I will always protect her even if I’m no longer in this world,” Junmyeon grips onto the woman’s hand and vows.  

The walk across the stage lasted a mere ten seconds.  I spot my mother with a camera in her hands and my father directing her to take the best angles.  But it’s my dear husband, Junmyeon, whose cheeks stain with tears.  He’s so far away and I can barely see him, but his tears reach my heart.  I burst into tears as I descend the stage not out of pride for completing my degree but out of happiness because I realized I found my happiness in life.  

As the ceremony concluded, students and their families reunite in hugs and proud congratulations.  Gripping onto my diploma, I search around, like a lost kitten, for my family.  There are just too many people, and yet, I spot the shiny bell around Junmyeon’s neck.  


“Congratulations!” Lila shouts as she pounces onto me with a big panda bear hug.  “I’m so, so proud of you!!!”

“Thanks, Lila,” I reply and try to tear myself out of my overly-touched and sobbing best friend.  “Sorry, I’ll be right back!” I apologize.  By the time I look up again, I can no longer locate my husband.  So I did the next best thing by revisiting the seats where my family sat earlier.  Only my mother and father are present; immediately the woman tugs me to pose for pictures.  

“Mom, where’s Junmyeon?” I question the photography-addict for the third time.  

“Ah…Junmyeon…” she turns to her husband.

“…he said he needed to use the restroom,” my father answers, unaware that those are our code words used whenever Junmyeon felt a transformation coming soon.  Panicking, I tilt my head up to the sky to search for storm clouds but only discover the ever blaring egg yolk.  “He told me to hold onto this for him and that it’s your graduation present…but actually…he’s been gone for a while…” even the strict father-in-law starts to grow with worry.

I take the letter from his hands but daren’t open it due to my own fear.  The morning coughs start to echo in my mind.  His longing kisses and prolonged hugs.  He’s nearing the end of his life.  Tears start to brim in my eyes as I shake my head in denial.  My mother tugs on my sleeve and encourages me to look for him at the front gates.

“Perhaps, he thought we went to the exit already,” the older female stays positive.  

Nodding, I stuff the letter into my sleeve and run to the front gates in search for the love of my life.  “Junmyeon-ah!” I shout into the crowd.  But amidst sobbing proud parents and gleeful graduates, my voice drowns into nothingness.  Still, I continue to look around, even getting onto my knees in case Junmyeon had gotten soaked while going to the bathroom and transformed.  Bathrooms could have clogs, it could flood from leaky pipes or faulty faucets…Again and again, I try to calm myself.  But the crowd begins to disperse.  I tell my parents to go home first, lying that Junmyeon had planned a surprise treasure hunt for me.  With a fearful heart, I open the envelope addressed to “My Dearest Angel“.

“My Love,

This is Junmyeon, also JunMeow, also Suho.  They say souls don’t really have identities; we all start as wandering formless air.  Human, cat, or dog, we all began as one and the same.  Only those lucky enough are given a physical form to represent themselves.  In my lifetime, I was lucky, not only once, but three times.  Three times, you gave me an identity when everyone saw me as a nobody.  You saved me when I no longer wanted to be saved.  

Thank you for loving Junmyeon, for loving JunMeow, for loving Suho.  Suho will always cherish the collar you wrapped around his neck when you accepted him as family.  JunMeow will always remember your sweet belly rubs, the cart of toys you spoiled him with, and the delicious homemade meals…And Junmyeon…Junmyeon wasn’t even supposed to exist.  You were the reason he came to life.  You are his everything.  He will always love you no matter where he is…

I will protect you always…”

Tears rid from my swollen orbs like waterfalls no matter how hard I try to choke them back.  I’m frustrated, confused, bewildered…and heartbroken.  Was this a break up letter?  A farewell letter?  A formal proposal?

“KIM JUNMYEON, YOU GET OVER HERE RIGHT THIS INSTANCE!” I sob loudly down the now empty streets.  

Withholding my breath for such a long time had finally taken a toll.  My knees lose their strength, buckle, and I collapse onto the floor in a weeping mess of a heap.  That’s when I heard a shuffle from behind a tree.  My head whips back and through my blurry vision, I spot a shadow.  His body trembles as he chokes back his sobs.

“KIM JUNMYEON!” I target.  As soon as I call out, he begins to dash off.  I lung myself up onto my feet and chase after him.  “KIM JUNMYEON, YOU STAND RIGHT THERE!” I demand.

Sobbing, he continues to run off.  Soft coughs rid from his throat.  If it weren’t his weakened health, he’d surely be miles ahead of me by now.  With one last push, I capture him by tossing myself and my arms around him.  The sudden imbalance causes both of us to topple over on the floor.  That’s when I notice the blood trickling down Junmyeon’s lips and covering his chin.  Trembling, I hold him and bring his head to rest against my chest.

“Wu-what’s going on?” I question.  A numbness starts to settle in.  He coughs again; more blood seeps out.  “Jun…Junmyeon-ah…” I struggle to collect myself at the sight of my love tormented with pain.  

Weakly, he lifts a hand up.  I grab it and bring it up to my cheeks.  “Let’s…let’s go to the hospital, Junmyeon,” I finally come up with a logical plan and try to lift him up.  “Hubby, don’t worry.  Nothing will happen to you.”  They’re words offered to myself as consolation.  Junmyeon squeezes my hand and shakes his head.  For when God opens His door to welcome His child back, even the most skilled doctors cannot change fate.  But stubborn and in denial, I try to hoist him up over and over again.  

“That’s enough now, My Love,” he concludes and gifts me a weak smile.  That’s enough, because I’ve tried.  That’s enough, because he was gifted three identities when the world told him he deserved none.  That’s enough, because he’s gotten the privilege to live through nine lives protecting the one he loved.  

“Babe…” I sob and hold his fragile form tightly against me.

“Thank you for coming into my life and giving me a purpose to live in dire times,” Junmyeon reveals words he thought he’d never have the chance to say.  “If there’s a next life,” his lips quiver, “I wish to be your real husband.”

“What are you talking about?!” I weep, “You are my real husband!”

A sad smile forms on his lips as he takes one last glimpse at the angel he fell in love with.  Even in this dying moment, he feels his heart enlarge with love for me.  “…I love you…” he whispers with his last breath.  His grip on my hand drops lifelessly, his head falls completely on my chest.  

“Junmyeon…Jun…” I bawl as a hole solidifies in my heart.  

Heartbroken tears shed themselves down my cheeks and chin, and coats Junmyeon’s beautiful face with everlasting love.  Rainrain changes him.  But though it didn’t rain down from the Heavens, it rained in Junmyeon and my world that day.  Gradually, the human resting within my arm morphs back into his feline form.  His soft fur tickles my arms.  With him like this, it almost looks like he’s just asleep after a long game of red-light-green-light.  Sadly smiling, I cradle Suho within my arms and lean over to kiss him on the top of his head.

“I love you too…” I choke.  


“I have one last request,” Junmyeon bears the title of a greedy soul to plea before the Almighty.  “Make her forget about me…”  With a nod from God, he closes his eyes, letting his tears mix in with the Heavenly rain.

He took away my memory for the second time, but he couldn’t take away my love for him and the concrete evidence, such as the amethyst ring around my finger, the cat collar, and his farewell letter, even though it is now illegible due to the heavy rain after Junmyeon’s departure.  They said they found me alone and unconscious on the street.  My parents and friends all argue that I had hallucinated my husband’s presence.  

Then why, why do I feel this deeply rooted agonizing pain within my chest?   What must I do to see you again?  


Fur balls run everywhere in the cafe.  Excited guests shuffle in after waiting for hours in line to cuddle with the adorable feline friends.  Wiping off sweat from my forehead, I sprint around with a broom and get on my knees to change the litter boxes.  One cat may be a hassle but housing twenty little monsters made me a human slave.  

“Official cat lady,” my friend and business partner, Lila labels.  

I groan as I run a wet towel over every surface of the cafe to collect balls of fur, because apparently it is cat fur shedding season.  Every waking moment, I want to sneeze.  

“Meow~,” a small black kitten waddles over and hugs my ankle.  

But it is all worth it.  With a soft smile, I squat down to pick up the clingy baby.  “Sorry, Little One.  Even though you’re so cute, you still can’t be my #1.”

The kitten grumbles.

“You can be my #4, though!” I exclaim.

“Still thinking about them?” Lila asks, taking the kitty from my arms and nuzzling her nose against her soft tummy.  

My fingers fidget with the band and bell dangling from my neck.  “Yeah…” I admit.  It’s been five years…  

“Your therapist say anything?” my friend cautiously questions.

“She says I dreamt the whole thing up…” I sigh.

“But you have a ring and all.  JunMeow is definitely real; I remember him and he was in love with you!” Lila vouches for my side of the story.  

“Therapist said he might have ran away…”

The bubbly girl scoffs, “No way!  I’m positive JunMeow did not run away.  He was so attached to you.  Now, you tossing him out…I’m not sure…”

I narrow my eyes and roll a catalog up to smack her head.

“I’m certain he existed…” I muse as I run my thumb up and down the name tag.  “My JunMeow…My Suho…My Jun…” I close my eyes and think hard.

The door chime sounds, alerting both my friend and me.  Automatically, I get up and say, “Sorry, we’re closed for the…” My voice drowns as my eyes meet the familiar blue onyx orbs from my dreams.  They’re even more enchanting and loving, filled with so much emotions.  That jawline.  The spacious forehead.  Plump lips I used to kiss fifty times a day…

“Jun…Myeon…” I finish my sentence and stand there frozen in place.  

“My Love…”

I burst into tears at his response.  Slowly, all our memories returned back to me.  Our feet advance toward one another until toes tickle against toes.  We press our bodies against one another, hoping, wishing, to never separate ever again.  Loudly, I sob into his chest and he against my temple.  

A love so deep like ours, touched the heart of God and gifted Junmyeon the tenth and final life as a human.  

“Junmyeon…” I bawl and suffocate myself into his chest.  

“I’m sorry, My Love…” my husband cries along.  He had thought I had forgotten him and prepared himself to spend the entirety of his tenth life silently cheering me on from the shadows.  “I’m…back…now…”

With water-filled orbs, I look up at him, pull him by the collar, and captured his juicy lips with mine in a fervent kiss.  It’s been way too long - way too long.  Our hands automatically run down each others’ bodies.

“Alright.  Okay.  Wow!  Gotta run!” Lila, who had just finished putting the cats asleep in the back playroom, babbles.  She pretends to shiver and darts for the door.  “Blackie is still kinda chilling back there so please—“  Junmyeon tosses my top and it lands inches from Lila’s foot.  “Eep!  BYE!” she shouts, “And use protection!  Twenty cats is enough, we don’t need human babies running around for at least another three years.”

I shut her off with a deep moan.  


Once she’s gone, I smirk and grab onto Junmyeon’s top with the intention of discarding it.  I pause.  “Cats Are Devil’s Spawn,” the familiar t-shirt read.  

“What?” I let go of his shirt, straighten up, and scoff.  Junmyeon blinks, confused by my sudden withdrawal.  With arms crossed over my chest, I grumpily say, “Cats are all sweet and cuddly cute angels.”

My husband burst out laughing.  “This is the only shirt I could find when I arrived back on Earth.  I had hid it in my cave slash.”

Still, I pout and shake my head in disapproval.  

“Then, would you do the honor and take it off me?” Junmyeon naughtily wiggles his brows and suggests.

Despite my desire to keep my poker face, the corners of my lip twitches.  Ah, whatever.  Turning again with a look of amusement, I catwalk toward my beau.  I grab his shirt and announce, “Things are about to get feisty in here.”  

Chuckling, Junmyeon places his palm behind my neck, leans in, and whispers into my ear, “Baby, let’s make love.”

And love we did.  Now.  Always.  Forever.

“KIM JUNMEOW!” I scream.

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Cloudy With A Chance Of Kittens

Sephiroth hung up his PHS and shook his head at Zack. 

“That is not helping,” he said. Zack snapped the photo and was already sending it. 

“She’s a cutie pie,” Zack said, “and widdle cutie pies like you don’t belong in the labs, do they?” 

“Meow,” the cat replied, her eyes glowing in…a rather content way. 

“I may not have an option if I can’t find her a home,” Sephiroth said, “ and you taking…what is the word? Selfies? With the cat isn’t finding a home.” 

“I was just showing the others,” Zack said, “You know Gen will get a kick out of this. A kitty cat followed you home after a lab appointment.”

“You don’t know that is what happened,” Sephiroth said, but that was  probably what happened. The cat certainly did seem quite attached to him. She kept jumping away from Zack to rub herself against Sephiroth’s leg. 

She was cute too, even the glow of her eyes was so sweet and innocent. 

I must not become attached to animals,Sephiroth began the old mantra in his head. He’d had a childhood full of practice with it. He continued to scroll through the contacts on his PHS, but no names were standing out. 

He’d already called Tuesti, but the man admitted he had three already and four would be pushing the limit. 

Sephiroth jerked back to the real world as his door banged against the wall. Cloud stood there. Looking determined and…scarily frantic. 

“Cloud?” Sephiroth began. 

“Kitten,” Cloud said, growled really. 


“Kitty!” Cloud said seeing the little black ball of fur currently weaving through Sephiroth’s legs. Sephiroth glanced down. The cat, noticing a new audience, mewed in greeting. In the time it took Sephiroth to blink, Cloud had crossed the room and scooped up the cat. 

“So precious,” he cooed in her face. She was purring already. Cloud began to cradle her in his arms and she rewarded him by rubbing her cheek against his. 

Zack made a choked noise beside Sephiroth. 

“Did you know he liked cats?” Sephiroth asked. 

“Yeah,” Zack said, with a remarkably even tone, “but I thought he just liked them.” Cloud ignored them entirely and took their surprise houseguest to the sofa. 

“Yo Cloud, didn’t you have patrol?” Zack asked. 

“Had it covered,” Cloud said, then returned to coddling his new friend. It took a moment for Sephiroth to realize the garbled Wutainese Cloud was speaking was actually pure, unfiltered Nibelwyn. He was cooing it at the cat. 

Zack had to leave the room to have his laugh. 

Sephiroth started to crack a little when he saw the way the cat reacted to Cloud’s most likely undying love. She kneaded her paws into his shoulder and blinked slowly, almost not opening her eyes as he scratched behind her ears. 

It didn’t help he had three or four names picked out already. 


I was tagged by @knkruinedmylife thank you ♥️♥️ surprisingly I’m doing it right away bc I dont really feel like doing much lmao anyways get ready to see just how idecisive I really am I can never…. pick…. and i wont bc this game is for fun !!!!

rules: write down your top 10 biases and answer the following questions. (10 is such a small number when you stan a lot of groups ;_; …)

1. Hyunuk (IN2IT)
2. Heojun (Madtown</3)
3. Yoohyeon (Dreamcatcher)
4. Zuho (SF9)
5. Jacob (VAV)
6. Seunghyun (FT Island)
7. J.Jun (MAP6)
8. Mina (AOA)
9. Minpyo (B.I.G)
10. Kim Taedong

ummm this is rude….. can i say my cat? both? neither?

holy shit i…. both?? I’ll say Heojun rn bc I wanna make him smile or feel better :’(

jhsdgbfhf that’s… i love Jacob’s deep voice but Taedong’s is really unique so maybe.. Taedong

god Mina is such a cutie I would totally laugh at her jokes but Hyunuk is a huge meme :’) Hyunuk?

omg i….. jkdfgbnjh listen Seunghyun seems like so much fun and I love him for it but they always joke about what an old soul Minpyo is and… same?? so maybe we’d get along better because of that? idk you all tell me tbh….. I wonder who you would pick for me :’)

one of my fave rappers or one of my fave dancers? wow…. Taedong rn tho so he can finally get on stage after eing through so much!!!

sorry Mina but I’ll go with Zuho bc I always love their choreos sm :’)

uuuuhhhhh stopppp….. both if they asked :’( both at Once if they wanted :’( maybe Jacob would be easier?

why… i… both ofc… i’d run from one dorm to the other  if needed!! maybe Hyunuk like I’d be really worried bc they’ve been working non stop for over a year!!!

have you seen both Heojun and Yoohyeon smile tho???? but I really wanna see Heojun smile rn… y’all know why :’((

jhdfgb both!! FNC family trip!!! yessss

i tag @miniminsu @jeupstan @aceyng @astroboyband @benji-bae @softsnuper @weirdawn  @riripandalili @mangotrees

Mr. First Kiss

‘Mr. First Kiss’
Rating: teen
Modern AU, college
Pairing: Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia
Word Count: 3474
Summary: A modern college AU mashed up with a 'meet cute’ idea.

My Secret Santa gift for @a-world-under-siege

Plue didn’t need an excuse to walk on his hind legs, he spent more time upright than anything it seemed. The whole breed had been prized as circus dogs. Right now he was straining at his leash, trying to get closer to the guy walking his cat in front of them.

“Plue! Hey! Plue! What do you think you’re doing?” Concentrating attention on her dog was Lucy’s downfall and salvation. This dog didn’t fetch, didn’t like other dogs and refused to walk at heel. Lucy needed to keep a sharp eye and firm hand on the leash to keep her American Eskimo miniature in line.

A Cat? Lucy loosened her grip and gawped at the sight of a Russian Blue decked out in a black leather harness, with a tiny knapsack on his back, embossed with smiling green fish.

The man halted and turned. “Just going for a walk lady!”

Mistakes one and two; stopping and turning. Lucy came face to face with a confused and very attractive man a couple inches taller than herself with dark eyes and a shock of pink hair peeking out from under a knit cap.

“I wasn’t talking to you!” Lucy regretted her lack of make-up this morning. Sheesh! If she’d known her new neighbourhood had such a good looking man, she’d have taken the time to dress nicer.

Plue lunged for the cat.  Inattention to the dog; mistake number three.

Jerked forward and surprised from the amount of pull in a not even twenty-pound dog, Lucy went crashing chest first into the stranger. She gasped as he wrapped his arms around her, trying to keep her upright.

Plue yipped at the cat who stood his ground for ten seconds and then decided to climb his master, swarming up the man. Lucy watched him scrunch his eyes shut from the pain. Now distracted with his pet perched on his shoulder, digging claws into his flesh, the stranger stumbled about, trying to steady his footing. “Happy! Stop it!”

Plue, not to be denied his attempt at making a new friend or asserting his dominance over a new enemy leaped into the air and knocked into the man. In a flailing mass of tangled limbs, man, woman, cat and dog fell to the sidewalk.

Lucy wondered why the pavement radiated warmth and smelled of wood smoke and spice. Her eyes snapped open in shock. She was laying on the stranger, cocooned in his arms and her lips smooshed onto his.

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Just when you thought a cat intensely chasing a laser pointer couldn’t get anymore engrossing, along comes an adorable toddler trying to help the cat get that pesky red dot. Prepare for the implosion of the entire Internet.


The human caretaker of the cat and child posted video of the encounter to YouTube. “His name is Phineas (2.5 years), the Cat is Muon (about 1 year),” the poster explained. “Phin had never seen the pointer before, and neither had Muon….My child and cat are on the same wavelength.”