neither does water!

1eleven  asked:

how powerful are schematics? could they for example stop a bullet if they weren't aware it was coming? so steam wouldn't carry the demons? could non magic users boil water in case of demon contamination? hmmm schematics are a sort of passive magic use right? so wouldn't that make having a tattoo schematic and bathing incredibly difficult? could demons contaminate sweat? sorry for all the dumb questions

No, it’s fine! <: I really like answering questions. Here’s kind of a long response, sorry:

The ‘power’ of schematics is kind of relative—they’re a lot like a programming language for magic in which they have very specific, clearly defined functions…for instance, something like ‘cause pressure drop of 8 atm at: XYZ coordinates’ would be an example of one. They’re also typically localized to the surface that they’re drawn upon, especially in the case of ones meant to cause explosive force.

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whispering-brook  asked:

I was reading through all of your werewolf AU because, Ya know, it is possibly the best thing ever. And I came across the vampires vs werewolf vote. Now I am curious as to what would have been in it? Also curious about HOW the vampire smut would have been like.You made your own twist on the werewolves and it works REALLY well, but what would have been your twist on vampires? Would it be the burning in the sun or the sparkling?That kind of thing. (I am not comparing you to twilight.I'm not mean.)

Over a hundred million copies sold worldwide? Comparing me to Twilight would be a compliment in my book. 

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WTNV Theories and Ramblings - Episode 68: Faceless Old Women

Above the cut:

  • Pixels that are arranged into symbols that are arranged into words that are arranged into meaning that is arranged into your experience (as you currently hope to understand it).

Below the cut:

  • A glimmer that your experiences could be so much more than what they are now.

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