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Pairing: Daniel/Florist!Reader
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 1687

The cafe Y/N worked at was the quaint one. The dark furnishings contrasting the bright string lights hung about from the ceiling and across the brick fireplace that was always crackling during the winter months. Fresh flowers were placed neatly in bunches on tables and shelves. The greenery brought an inviting feeling to the place, the girl always thought. And she was proud her hard work would pay off.

She never worked behind the counter, always in the main space making sure everything was where it was supposed to be. Placing the books back on the shelves after a customer left them on the table, cleaning tables, and her favorite activity, creating the floral displays. Always coming into work with fresh cut flowers from the local florist she would create beautiful creations that always went with the season.

From poppy’s, sweat peas, and tulips in the spring. Hydrangeas, lilacs and foxgloves in the summer. Autumn always brought baby’s breaths, sunflowers, and cosmos. These left cold season with chrysanthemums, lilies, and pansy’s. Though there were several other flowers that she loved, she could would get scolded for bringing too many into the cafe. She never minded the scolding, it meant she could take them to her home and decorate the already forest like living room even more.

She even had set up near the counter where she decorated vases and mugs with the watchful eyes of customers standing in line. Many people would watch her meticulously place stems in vases and be amazing how well everything worked together.

Occasionally she would ask the opinion of any customer who happened to be near by when she couldn’t tell if she liked combinations or not. That’s when she meat Daniel, she stopped him as he walked by, grabbing his wrist and stopping him in place.

“What do you think of this?” She asked as he stood there dumbfounded, she hadn’t even glanced at him, she was too focused on the work in progress. He wasn’t sure what to say and his friends were already waiting at a time watching the scene.

“I like the colors together.” Y/N’s face lit up and she looked up to the man. A smile stretched across her face and Daniel couldn’t deny the girl was cute. The simple compliment seemed to make her sure about the arrangement and she rushed off to place it, shouting a thanks before going off of course. Daniel only laughed at her, not in a mean way, he thought it was endearing.

The two met frequently, Daniel and his friends continued to come to the cafe and each time Y/N was working on a piece she was grab Daniel and pull him away for his group and ask his opinion. The first time it happened he was shocked but didn’t hesitate to follow. Soon he became accustomed to her mannerisms and was never concerned when a strange grip was placed on his arm.

His friends would tease him about it but he only laughed it off and watched the girl snip stems down and maneuver around around wreaths occasionally into crowns for her and the staff to wear.

She made him one once too but was too shy to give it to him so she placed it on a young girls head. Daniel saw it and he swore his heart jumped at the sight of Y/N crouched down and placing a crown of, what he soon learned was made of, agrimony. The bright yellow contrasting the girls dark hair but matching the light that shined from both girls faces.

He eventually started researching on his own, trying to become better help than just saying that he liked how the little white flowers went well with the roses. She never chastised him for anything he said, she assumed he didn’t know as much as her in the topic, but she liked that he tried his best and always let her drag him over. But as he started giving more in depth critiques she began to grow deeper feelings for the man. She tried to be sneaky about acting on them, though.

One of the days she made flower crowns for the workers she had made one extra, promising herself that she would actually give it to the man. But she went back and forth when he actually walked in, laughing at something someone said but looking over to the stand covered in petals and stems.

What if it’s too girly?’ She thought to herself, running soft fingers over the sweet pea petals. She picked it out specially for the man but now found herself having second thoughts about the whole process.

“That’s really pretty.” Daniel complimented the work in the girls hands. Even though she knew he entered she was still caught off guard, jumping at his voice and laughing awkwardly.

“Ah, thanks. It was for one of the baristas but she called in sick.” She lied. She couldn’t bring herself to actually give it to him, so maybe… “But since theres an extra one, would you want it?” She glanced over to him, his eyes crinkled as he smiled and nodded.

“I’d love to have something you made.” Both stood there blushing, both also trying to hide it behind awkward, perfectly time coughing. Daniels friends sat in the corner booth watching as the flower girl placed the crown on their friends head, laughing at the bumbling mess the two were.

After the crowning they stood there and actually talked about things other than flowers. Y/N learned that Daniel loved cats like she loved flowers. He also liked dancing and that’s where he met his friends. As he spoke, she would admire the way he looked at his hands a lot, or the sparkle in his eyes when he really got into something. They eventually swapped numbers, a big milestone in their relationship really.
“Okay flower boy, tell your girlfriend we need to go.” One of Daniel’s friend’s nudged him and nodded back to the door. Daniel and Y/N didn’t look each other in the eye as they said their goodbyes. Both equally too shy to make eye contact, the mans face the same color of the pink flowers still placed on his head.  

Months would pass and their meetings become more frequent. Daniel would eventually start going to the cafe by himself and they would leave together when the girl was done making sure everything was perfect. They never had a set place to go or time to return, they just walked until something seemed interesting or ran out of things to talk about. It was usually the latter.

Y/N was ecstatic when the florist said she had just gotten a small shipment of clovenfield toadflax in and wasted not time buying several bunches of them. Daniel told her days prior that he and his friends were entering a dance competition in another city and wouldn’t be around for a few days. She understood and was excited when he sent her a photo of him and his friends holding a trophy up. Showing that they made it further into the competition but making the rank that they had.

“See you tomorrow!” The message read and she couldn’t deny the feelings she had when she learned she’d be in his company once more the following day. It was perfect time to surprise him with gardenias. He would leave the cafe with a simple vase of flowers when Y/N’s boss said they didn’t need more. Daniel would tell her he would take them, happy that she was happy that she knew they were going to be used instead of thrown out.

The difference this time, however, was that she was finally going to give him something. It wouldn’t the whole, “I maDE AN EXTRA!” or “Would you want it or something?”. It was going to be a…

“Congrats on your win!” She exclaimed, wrapping her arms around the males neck as he embraced her. This was the most contact they’ve had and it took them both back, but neither minded at this point, but they did feel slightly cold when they pulled away. Y/N scrambled to pick up the small bouquet of the small white flowers. This was her way of confessing without him actually knowing she was confessing. She hadn’t heard of the species up until a few months ago so assumed that he wouldn’t know what they were either.

“I didn’t know if guys get flowers for these things, but I figured I might as well try.” He took the flowers from her and smiled down at them, and then at her. It was a nice surprise for him, he appreciated that she took the time to make a special arrangement for him. No matter how simple.

“What do these mean?” The question took Y/N aback.

“What?” She asked, already trying to buy time to come up with something.

“Don’t flowers have certain meanings? Like roses can mean love. Depending on the color, that is.” He replied, showing that he’s actually looked into the things that brought the two together.

“Oh! That,” She was glad that’s what mean, though if she thought about it, what else could that have meant? “They mean good luck, you know, for the next quarter of the competition! I was going to choose lilies but I remembered you have cats. That would be bad if they decided to eat it.”

That night Daniel sat at his computer, trying to find this specific flower, eventually stumbling onto an article that had the exact same looking flowers. He continued to read down the paragraphs of where they originated, how to grow them, how to care for them, and eventually landed on the triva portion.

Linaria bipartita, or more commonly know as Clovenfield toadflax, typically symbolizes someone wanting their feelings to be notice by another.

Daniel was quick to reach for his phone and going to his and Y/N’s messages, but stopped as soon as his keyboard opened. But he decided to go for it, to be bold and instead called. His heart raced as she picked up, he didn’t give her time to speak, knowing he could change his mind quickly.

“I’ve noticed your feelings, and I hope you’ll accept mine.”


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The two grown men were bickering like children in a booth of Granny’s diner, “You think that you’re better for (y/n) than me?” Graham laughed, “You’re a pirate. You were a villain up until two months ago!”

“Aye, true. Nonetheless, mate, you served the Evil Queen and did her bidding for years, also making you a villain in your own right. Neither of us are particularly good for (y/n) but I am most definitely better.”

you & me against the world

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philkas au in which the boys get tested for hiv

okay so i hope this was what you meant by ‘get tested’ and if not im sorry 

i had to do lots of research for this so i hope i got things right. if anything is ridiculously off, let me know!!

also anon said either philkas or evak and i realized ive never written for isak and even so if yall want that i can give it a try!!

“What a fun date.” Lukas says, arms crossed against his chest, sitting low in his chair, foot tapping the linoleum. Philip can’t help but smile, looking over at him.

Lukas is right. Getting tested for HIV isn’t exactly romantic.

But it’s way more prevalent among young gay men than with straight people, and considering Philip’s history, it can’t help to check.

He doesn’t often talk about the things he did before he came to Helen and Gabe’s; he doesn’t often talk about how he kept food on the table and how he paid the bills. He’s told Lukas bits and pieces, and each time he does, Lukas gets this sad look on his face. He pulls Philip into his side, and presses a kiss to his head. Partly because he doesn’t know what to say, and partly because he wants to make him feel better.

It isn’t Lukas that isn’t open to talking about it. It’s Philip. Most days, that’s not something he wants to rehash.

“It’s just a blood test.”

“And a cup of pee.”

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so we know about dex’s older (most likely super uptight and conservative) brother, right? and thinking about that makes me sad and emotional so instead let’s talk about dex’s older sister samantha, who is liberal as shit, bisexual as shit, and just generally cool as shit

  • she’s 5 yrs older than dex, has the same red hair and freckles as dex does, but her eyes are brown like their dad’s
    • is her favorite song brown eyed girl? u fuckn bet it is
    • the jimmy buffett version?? damn straight
  • she’s always lowkey been dex’s favorite sibling, and at first dex didn’t realize why, but then he realizes he’s Not Straight and it makes a lot more sense bc sammy has always been cool about stuff like that
  • samantha doesn’t come out to the fam, but when dex comes out to her she def lets him know he’s not alone
    • she tells him that he doesn’t ever have to come out to the rest of the fam if he’s uncomfortable about it, but if he does do it she’ll be right there with him and hopefully her also coming out will lessen some of the blow
  • she is, like, insanely smart. dex totally looks up to her and her kickass job as a museum director (u pick a musuem idk) in NYC
    • yep she lives in NYC
    • she went to NYU on a full ride, fell in love with the city and decided to stay
  • dex comes out to her when he’s 13, she’s 18 and about to leave for NYU and she’s stressed bc wtf she can’t leave her baby brother in this house full of homophobes when he just had the courage to come out to her
    • she considers turning down NYU and going to a community college, just for a year, at least
    • dex convinces her not to
    • she skypes him twice a week and texts him every day
    • she’s a rlly good sister
  • they still skype twice a week and talk daily while dex is at samwell, and she recognizes his crush on nursey MONTHS before dex does
    • one night, after a game, dex looks scared out of his fucking mind and she’s concerned until he half-screams “I THINK I LIKE NURSEY HELP”
    • “lol broski you’ve legit been in love with him for months calm down”
  • once dex and nursey get their shit together her first order of business is to invite them both down
    • also she’s been seeing this RLLY COOL girl and she wants to introduce her to dex so this is like a rlly fun gay poindexter family gathering
      • “plz don’t call it a gay poindexter family gathering, sammy”
  • anyway nursey fucking loves samantha like is just completely enamored with her, thinks she’s cool as shit and her job is RAD and she always loves and supports dex which makes her a 10/10 in nursey’s book
    • they totes exchange numbers
    • does sammy send nursey embarrassing baby pics of dex? yep
    • does she send old family vids she’s saved of dex’s first words (lobster, pronounced “wobstah”)? hell yep
  • sammy is the only poindexter that dex allows to follow him on social media (his accounts are locked the fuck down bc every other post is abt nursey and like… he’s obvious as shit)
    • as a result of this samantha believes it is her duty to provide every single Embarrassing Family Member comment that everyone else gets
    • she legit replies to/comments on every goddamn thing he posts
    • dex pretends to hate it but everyone knows he loves it
  • when they graduate he and nursey are looking for a place to stay in ny bc they could stay with nursey’s moms but they just downsized and moved a little too far out of the city for it to be a comfortable commute and so sam’s like “yo come live w/ me until you figure it out”
    • they end up living with her for a yr bc neither of them particularly want to leave
    • it’s actually sam who leaves, moving in with her girlfriend
      • (lowkey she had been planning on moving in with her six months ago but she waited until dex secured that Big Promotion and nursey finally got through the nuances of editing and was published and they both saved up for a few months bc she wanted to make sure they could afford the rent on their own) (she’s a rlly good sister did i mention that)
  • when she and her gf elope dex and nursey are the only ones from the poindexter side that are invited (lbr nursey is officially a poindexter now, they might not be married but that dude is her brother in law)
    • the wedding is a quick lil ceremony @ the museum (nursey is swooning with how fcking cool it is. chill, nurse)
    • then there’s a fucking huge party with all their friends + dex, nursey, and her gf’s fam
      • dex gets to give a speech. everyone cries. nursey cries so much. so so much. like, calm down, nursey.
  • at this point in their lives dex and nursey aren’t exactly hurting for money, with dex pulling some serious cash as head of IT for some big name company and nursey about to publish what is assumed to be his third best-seller (and the most anticipated YA novel of the yr), and they both want to do something for everything sam’s done for them, so they buy her and her wife an all-expenses-paid 2-week trip to rome
    • there’s a lot of crying involved