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In a way, you could treat this as a character analysis. Perhaps even as unpopular headcanon, but here are some of my thoughts on the personalities of my favourite Haikyuu characters, past the first, second and third layer into their depths. Not entirely pulled out of my ass, these are just thoughts I’ve gathered from observing them in both anime and manga. Am I right, or am I wrong? There’s no answer, but you’re free to disagree.

Kuroo Tetsurou.

He’s my absolute favourite, but I’m not above picking at his flaws- one of the biggest reasons why I love this character so much. There’s so little revealed in the anime or manga, usually just as the ‘Captain’ or ‘Rival’ figure, but there’s so much underneath that gets glossed over very easily.

How much strength does it take for someone to pull together (and lead) a team that seems to be a gathering of strange misfits? Through in-game dynamics they seem to flow seamlessly, but if you think about it- the personalities of these people wouldn’t be the type to click together in a classroom or anything. Who binds them all? It’s Kuroo. There’s this solid, grounded feeling to him, when he needs to be. The keyword being need.

I have absolutely no evidence of anything I’m going to say next, but it’s a general feeling. Anyone with such prowess at provoking people, yet managing to admit their mistakes (e.g. pissing off Tsukishima), there’s definitely something. To me, Kuroo feels like the type of character that’s been there. He knows what to say, what parts hurt the most and when he needs to apologize because he’s said all these things to himself a thousand times in his head. He remembers the time when he chose not to apologize, or was too afraid to, and the consequences stung afterwards. He’s not a natural born genius at anything, but he has talent, and he’s honed his personality to fit what he has, over time, come to expect for himself. Kuroo Tetsurou knows what kind of person he doesn’t want to be- not necessarily the person he wishes to be- and he works to avoid it.

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It would be much more interesting if Usagi fought against the princess destiny thing. Like if she slips into princess form and the others bow, I want to see her freak out and tell them they shouldn't treat her any different! "I don't want to be like NQS! I'm your _friend_!" Usagi wouldn't want the responsibility of being queen of Earth, but I think she'd fear the social isolation even more. Manga or anime I think this would make for an interesting way to handle the Usagi/Serenity disconnect.

The anime very, very occasionally let this slip into Usagi’s character, but it was really only the vaguest hint or suggestion. I absolutely adore it though, and it’s an integral part of my characterization for Usagi. Usagi as Usagi and Serenity as Serenity is extremely important to me (as is that separation for everyone’s past selves), and I think the idea that her future as this near-omnipotent saviour would freak Usagi the fuck OUT.

Certainly I think it would’ve been tremendously interesting to explore. I can’t say I’m surprised that neither the manga nor anime went there as it would get really messy really quickly. But it’s something that I, personally, would want to have Usagi confront and deal with (or very obviously keep avoiding) and build her character around. The only reason Luna’s still alive is because she can functionally care for herself, how the fuck is Usagi going to handle knowing she is fated to one day be Queen Of The World? LET’S FIND OUT

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Are you a fan of PGSM?? I didn't know you watched the live action Sailor Moon. I'm a big fan of (most of) Sailor Moon, but I still haven't started PGSM. But I hope to soon, since I'm watching the old musicals now too. What are your thoughts on PGSM?

I haven’t watched it in a few years, but I’m a bit fan! What I think about PGSM is that it scratched an itch neither the manga nor anime really managed to, which is the interpersonal drama particularly between the senshi, but also Mamoru, the shitenno, and various side characters. I’ve mentioned this before, but I feel kind of “…?” when people talk about the Sailor Moon anime (or manga) in the context of “girls who all have different personalities!!!” or “girls and their friendships!!!!!!” because that’s not really the focus of the anime or the manga? (Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing, it just means the focus was… different.) But that’s exactly what PGSM is about, and what PGSM set out to be about! There’s so much about the girls’ personalities and relationships, and how they interact with each other, and how they grow and become friends, and I love that aspect of PGSM a lot. Back when it was airing, how PGSM handled Usagi and Serenity was a topic of controversy, but I personally adored where they went with it, treating Serenity more as a real person rather than a cipher who really only existed to make Mamoru and Usagi’s love seem tragic and destined. I also love the shitenno in PGSM, particularly the personalities and the relationships between Nephrite/Zoicite/Kunzite and their relationship to Mamoru/Endymion, something which was only really hinted at in the anime and manga. And Motoki! And Naru-chan! The side characters get so much more personalities and issues in PGSM than we’ve seen before! If anyone told me I should ship Makoto/Motoki I’d have doubted their sanity, but after PGSM, I do.

As far as its writing goes I feel it drags in some places, particularly in the middle, but I adore the climax and the final scene (SO. MANY. TEARS!!!!!!), so I’m willing for forgive it. It also has a great soundtrack of awesome j-pop songs! (Minako’s Katagoshi ni kinsei is a modern classic.)

By the way, one thing I don’t feel like people talk about is how the main writer of PGSM was Kobayashi Yasuko, who went on to be the main writer of shows like Claymore and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures, too.

P.S. I made these like six years ago when tumblr’s gif size limit was 500kb but I love Minako so much in this show I wanna repost

First of all, this is an interpretation. A head-canon. My feelings. These are my thoughts on Anzu. If you think I’m wrong that is completely okay, but don’t try to lecture me why your opinion is better.

This is just my head-canon of Anzu based on what the crazy Penguin during the Noah arc said. He mentions in the original Japanese version that Anzu’s father is a business man and that they have spend some years outside Japan when she was still a child. So this made me think about her whole situation both manga and anime. People tend to hate her a lot or make up the most craziest stories about her parents. She lacks characterization and even though I like her I agree that both anime and manga wasted a lot of potential. They could have develop her better. Actually, most of the female character’s could have been better developed.

Why is it that she values friendship so much that people would hate her for this?

I think that the reason why Anzu values friendship over anything else is that she hasn’t any siblings and was pretty much left alone when she was a child. Her father was working all day so she was living all alone with her mother who would go to musicals with her now and then. So she started to dance away her loneliness and tried to find new friends. Since she was in a new country and didn’t know neither the people nor the language she was frustrated and felt lonely, missing her friends in Japan. She was torn away from her usual environment and dragged into another country.

They probably moved to America, New York. First she hated this country trying to stay distant to it but her homesickness made her feel depressed. She was thinking a lot about her home and she just wanted to go back. There was no one she could talk to and she didn’t understand English yet so it was difficult for her to find new friends. She cried a lot and missed Yuugi who even brought games to her. She felt sorry that she smashed that game only because she wasn’t good at it. She wanted to see him again and play games with him. She felt sad and left alone until her mother took her into a musical that made her realize how interesting this country was. The dancers and singers in that musical took her pain away and for the first time since long she felt happy and at ease. The music, the lights, the dancers and their costumes fascinated her introducing her to a new world.

The musicals she has seen gave her inspiration and dancing made it easier for her to forget her sadness and homesickness. Since she was still young she was influenced easily and started to love America and dancing.

After all, there is no actual reason for her to go to America only to study dance. She could study dance in her own country as well but for some reason it has neither been explained in the manga nor the anime why she insists on leaving her homeland. Is it really necessary for her to leave Japan to become a dancer? Japanese people value their traditions and their country a lot. This always made me wonder why a girl like her had such an urge to leave her homeland. Why she was ready to leave everything behind. During the manga Shadi enters Anzu’s soul room in an attempt to lure out Yami no Yuugi. Inside he sees items that represents Anzu’s dream of becoming a dancer in New York and a photo of a hero, whose face is blank. Even her soul room reminds me more of a young American teenager than of a Japanese girl.

Of course, this is just my interpretation of Anzu but I think the mix up of the anime and manga does make sense here and would explain a lot about her.

Anzu is one of the character’s who don’t get much characterization neither in the anime nor the manga. Although she is the main heroine she reminds me more of a minor character since we don’t see much about her background. There really is just one moment in the anime where that Penguin says something. It’s easily overheard. Many people hate her for being shallow and always lecturing others about friendship. But I think that she isn’t really lecturing but that she is only trying to help. This is just her personality.

In summary, Anzu was still very young. She may have been in kindergarten or elementary school when she had to leave America. It doesn’t really matter. What I am trying to say is that she was forced to leave her homeland because of the work of her father. Yuugi was like a kid brother to her who she wanted to protect and with whom she could laugh and have fun. But she couldn’t see him for several years, she worried about him since he was easily ripped and hurt by others. Yuugi has a soft and kind personality and probably has been bullied before. She always protected him.

When her father finished his work they agreed to go back to Japan. After they got back to Japan her father got a different position in his company so that he didn’t have to move around all the time and was able to stay in his homeland. Anzu who finally got back to her old life realized how important friendship was and that she wanted to become a dancer. Dancing was her way of dealing with her feelings and made her feel comfortable and calm. To me it was always strange that she knew what she wanted to do with her life although she was only 16.Many young people have problems to find out what they want from life.

Since there were times in her life where she felt lonely and sad without having anyone to talk she started to value friendship more than anyone else. Even Yuugi mentioned somewhere during the manga that it has been a long time since they last walked together to school. This might be because she wasn’t around and lived somewhere else. Even Sugoroku said that she has grown a lot which means that he didn’t see her in a long time. He knew how Anzu looked when she was young but he had no idea how much she changed over the years. He even points her breast size out since it did surprise him so much how much she has grown.

So I interpret that she wasn’t around. She lived somewhere else.

That is also the reason why she values Yuugi as a friend so much and tries to protect him. Yuugi always has been an important friend of hers. She even protected him against bullies and this might explain her sense of justice as well. Since Yuugi who was weak and hated violence was bullied she felt the urge to protect him. So she hates injustice because other people hurt her most important childhood friend. They were like siblings and she valued him a lot until they lived apart from each other because of her family circumstances. When she came back her urge to find many friends and have people to share her interests with has grown stronger and stronger. Although it does seem like that Yuugi-tachi are their only friends in the manga (and anime) I believe that she has way more friends than we expect. You don’t believe me?

One day she realized that they didn’t have much in common and that Yuugi was the opposite of her. She was open, while Yuugi was shy. She loved to go out and meet other people, while Yuugi rather stayed at home playing the newest games. She was interested in life-style and fashion, while Yuugi only cared for games. So they had different interests and she started to hang up with others as well. I don’t think that Yuugi was her only friend. If that was the case she would have stayed together with him and spent most of her free time with him. But Yuugi even wishes for a friend who doesn’t leave him alone and never betrays him. Couldn’t this be because he felt disappointed about Anzu who left to another country and easily found new friends when she came back? He wanted friends so badly although he already had a very good and important friend on his side. This was always making me wonder about what happened between these two.  

Even in the first chapter of the manga she left Yuugi alone in order to play basketball with her other classmates. Just take into account that she was the class president which obviously means that her classmates respect her and consider her a trustworthy person. To me she seems like a self-confident person whose cheerful personality tends to make other people smile. Hanging around with her is really comfortable that is why she is popular in her class and even was class president. So I think that Yuugi was still important to her, but that she also had other friends around her so that Yuugi felt exluded and maybe thought that he wasn’t important for her anymore. Though she likes him a lot and would never leave him alone.

What I’m trying to say is, that Yuugi is her most important friend but that she has many other people around her which shows how important friendship is for her since she is afraid to lose the people she cares about again.

Thus, the years she spent in America made her more mature than others in her age. She is self-confident, determined, convincing, powerful and knows how to defend herself with words. Even bullies like Jonouchi and Honda respect her. She works hard to achieve her goal to become a dancer. She wants to leave her homeland in order to study dance overseas and she sees forward to it. She isn’t afraid of leaving but she rather enjoys the thought of meeting new people to share her dreams with. She realized how important it is to have people around you who support you and with who you can laugh with. So even in America she will easily find new friends because she is cheerful and kind person who would never betray anyone.

In summary, she values friendship because she is afraid to be alone again and experienced how it feels to be left alone. There were times in her life where she had no one to talk. This would explain why it is so important to her to remind Yuugi-tachi that they can always count on each other. Thus, I don’t think that she exaggerates with her behavior because that is how she really feels about her friends which, if you ask me, makes her a wonderful person. And it’s not like that she is rambling about friendship all the time, this is what 4Kids made her look like. She isn’t that persistent about friendship in the Japanese version.

I can’t understand why people hate her so much. Only because she has a crush on the main protagonist (Yami no Yuugi)? I have never seen people bashing on Mai. She still is a wonderful person with a great personality. Although, when it comes to the manga… okay, that’s a whole different story because I think that manga-Anzu contradicts herself way too often and acts at some times ooc. She even stumples over her own principles so I rather like anime-Anzu since she stays true to herself.

Well, basically, I really like her and I can understand why she values and loves her friends so much.

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OHMYGOSH, honey, I gotta ask you for a HUGE favor! Yana seems to be tweeting about Lizzy's birthday not beeing decided on but sometime in spring or something. COULD YOU PLEASE TRANSLATE THAT PROPERLY? (It's a very important matter to me since there are so many false rumors!) PRETTY PLEASE?~) Q///Q

Hi!! I’ve just checked it, and yes, Yana’s talking about Lizzie’s birthday :D

Yana’s twitter posts from 10/14/2016

I’ve been told “Happy birthday, Lizzie!”, but why!? I haven’t decided on Lizzie’s birthday yet, neither in the manga nor in the anime. […] -Toboso

I haven’t decided (on her birthday) yet, but I think Lizzie was born in spring. Anyway, it’s definitely not today. -Toboso

Now I see, it’s this one [*a post by ‘Tower Record Anime’ in which they listed all characters who have birthday on 10/14, including “Elizabeth Ethel Cordelia Midford” from Kuroshitsuji]…! I’m very sorry to say this because they put effort in writing such a long name in their tweet and introducing her, but Lizzie’s birthday is uncertain. I’m sorry… I wonder where they got this information from? -Toboso

Ewww! There seems to be an information website where not only Lizzie’s birthday, but also Ciel’s height is mentioned (I actually haven’t decided on either of them yet). This kind of website is problematic since anyone can edit the entries as they want. Well, there’s no real harm if they decided on these things by themselves, but I feel sorry because I received a lot of birthday messages [even though it’s not Lizzie’s birthday today]… -Toboso


  • Lizzie’s birthday is not 10/14
  • Ciel’s height is not 152cm (5'0")

Neither the FMA manga nor either anime can win in the manga/bh vs 03 fight (which is dumb anyway) with the Izumi/Yock Island parts because in all of them you have an adult who is completely okay with leaving two children alone on an uninhabited island for 30 days, to let them fend for themselves completely, likely without even knowing if they’re capable of that. All so she can decide if these children are worthy of being taught alchemy by her.

The only difference is that in the manga and 03, Izumi sent Mason to the island as well to keep an eye on them, but he also beat them up and more likely than not traumatized them. In BH Mason isn’t present at all there.

Ater re-watching Owari No Seraph for the umpteenth time, this time there was still something striking that I keep thinking about.

The gun that Mika stole from Ferid’s mansion; I wonder how it is still in Yuu’s possession? Obviously I thought he has taken it with him but neither in the manga nor the anime there are any hints.

Furthermore, in the manga there is even a panel where the pistol drops to the floor right after Yuu shot Ferid. Of course he does since he is trying to drag Mika along with him so he needs both of his hands to hold him. And after that there is not a single trace of Yuu picking it up again or having it somewhere else with him while running out of the exit.

So yep, how does Yuu still have it after 4 years? Now that I think about it, Mika having the gun would make even more sense.