neither am i haha

a good boyf and an evil boyf, equally as bored with the world

kmmcm  asked:

8, 11, 17, 24 for the asks :)

Thank you :D

8: What your favorite show?

oh boy i’m unsure, i think at the moment Yuri!!! On Ice because it really did save me from a terrible, terrrrrible funk. thanks boys :)

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11: What’s your favorite tumblr?

hummmm i don’t think i have one really…i do love art and crackship blogs though :)

17: Twitter or Facebook?

neither, i have used neither haha (but i am aware of more twitter things)

24: What’s your height?

Ellery comes in at the fairly average height of 5′6″ :)

ask me questions if you want guys :3