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Yo Akui ^_^ Im not a big fan of shin, but is there any way that you could get rid of his glasses and his eyepatch by using photoshop to see what he would've looked like? Im so curious ^o^

Yo~! Haha, neither am I. (*┌ ~ ₃~)┌  I already removed his glasses once from my crack edits, see here~

Hmm. No glasses /and/ eyepatch. (~˙ ・ω・ )~  Well…

Much better //shot.


My name is Hadley and I would absolutely adore a pen pal. I have always been under the impression that I was born in the wrong century, connecting more with the slow gentility of the Jane Austen times. Of course I know things are better now and technology is freaking awesome (I mean tumblr and Netflix, like hello) but I think to have a pen pal with whom I can share all my day to day musings and deepest troubles that cannot be shared with anyone else would make my (and hopefully their) life infinitely better!

I am 17, turning 18 in October. I live in South Carolina in the good old USA, but I do not follow the possible southern stereotypes that may sway you away from me. I love reading classical novels (Jane Eyre and pretty much any Jane Austen being my weakness), listening to chill, acoustic music (John Mayer being a particular fav), creating art, going on bike rides, cuddling with my 3 cats, begging my parents for a dog, watching ALL movies (literally I love all genera’s), watching your usual cult TV shows (Doctor Who, Sherlock, Hannibal, etc), and I am neither religiously nor sexually firm (haha). I am going into my senior year of High School and have taken on a crazy amount of classes so I’m hoping for a pen pal who would be cool with chill conversation, little gifts, doodles, life advice, and fancy stationary (because I literally have a quill and ink pen I’ve been dying to use).

I’ve never had a pen pal before and don’t really know how this goes, but I am consumed with excitement! Just as a warning I only speak English and a little French (very badly I might add) so if we could communicate in English that would be really helpful! I’d really like someone around my age, but I live by the one human family mantra so gender, sexuality, and religion doesn’t sway my desire to be your pen pal!

Contact me at
My tumblr: That_awkward_moment
Or my email:

Feel free to stalk my tumblr to get to know me or ask any questions!!!!!
Hadley Out ☁️☁️☁️

Totally Straight, as in Straight Up Gay. ((Destiel🐬 JOCK!DEAN and JOCK!CAS))



“THAT STUPID THROW, Because NEWSFLASH , Novak, I cant catch the damn ball if its 30 feet above my head! IT ALMOST COST US THE GODDAMN GAME.”

“Well EXCUSE YOU, Winchester, you just dont want to admit that you dont have the skill to catch it!

Castiel and Dean went down the stairs, cussing insults at each other about the game they actually won. They just didnt want to admit that the other was good.

“You son of a bitch!!”


“Assbut?” Dean paused and smirked “,You need a better insult than that, Cas.”

He blushed and Dean found that adorable

“Suck my dick, Dean,” Castiel mumbled, face still red.

“Well maybe I will.” Dean said unconsciously, and saw Castiels eyes widen comically.

“I-i mean.” He scratched his neck, it was his turn to turn red ,“Girls , sports , babes , I am tooootally not a gay man…. Haha…”

“Haha… Neither am I,” Castiel laughed nervously. “Hundred percent straight….like not even 12% gay…. Like yeah…..uh full blown no homo, im like a heterostraight man…. I mean i AM straight, straight as spaghetti… I um uh… How about that game yesterday huh?”

Castiel tried propping his elbow on the stair railing, but he slipped and lost his balance.

Dean, with his fast reflexes caught him while he fell, Dean’s back landed hard on the floor as the other man accidentally tackled him onto the floor. A warm breath was felt on his neck.

Castiel looked up and saw green eyes staring back into his. They stayed like that, just staring, bodies pressed againts each other until the bell rang and snapped them out of their daze.

Castiel awkwardly stood up and helped Dean to his feet.
“S-so… See you tomorrow at the game?”

“Uh y-yeah! I’ll be there… For the game… I mean.”


“Anyways,” Dean pointed his thumb to himself, clearing his throat “Totally straight.”

“Same.” Castiel said nodding.

They stared at each other, both not making a move and suddenly they clashed their lips together into a deep yet chaste kiss.

“So….Saturday night, Harry Potter marathon at my house?”

“That sounds lovely, Dean.”

—((Notess))— Some people are straight as spaghetti until theyre wet, hun so dont give up

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Are you a self taught makeup artist or did someone teach you? Biggest makeup inspiration?

I get this question a lot so I hope you dont mind me publishing this!

I am neither! I consider myself Youtube taught, haha! I learned things from watching others and applying the principles I learned from that on myself. I actually attend/ed beauty school for over a year in order to get my cosmetology license, but thats mostly hair. I actually did most of the makeup demos at my school myself XD (I graduate next week actually).

Mykie (Glam & Gore) is probably my biggest makeup inspiration, because she shares a lot of my aspirations and inspirations, but I draw inspiration from plenty of people who dont do makeup. I like visual art as makeup inspiration personally, watercolored paintings and things like Alex Pardee’s work are my favorites! Michael Hussar also has some killer artwork that translates well on the face. 

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I may or may not have definitely binge watched the entire series in the past few weeks and I don't know if I'm emotionally ready for tonight haha

You aren’t! But that’s ok because neither am I!