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These Otabek and Yurio cosplayers are so cute! They’re too nice and really great cosplayers ❄
Neither of them have tumblr, but their Instagrams are down below!
⛄ Otabek: ani_myz
⛄ Yurio: naukuajewel

anonymous asked:

do you believe that cosplayers should make money from a hobby?

I believe that if they want to, they should be able to. 

Here’s something I wrote in 2014 when someone told me “Theres no such thing as a professional cosplayer.”

Oh not just yet anon! But soon!

Cosplay has boomed in just the past 4 years alone! It’s all actually very exciting. All cosplayers of this generation are experiencing a hobby become more recognized and acknowledged as a skill set that could be wanted and paid for in entertainment media.

At some point you have to imagine a lot of hobbies (and sports even) went through this phase. And its rare today to see it happen. I mean, at one point people who played golf or danced or rapped were laughed at when they considered making it a career. And now all three are widely accepted and praised professions.

Honestly I think the mainstream acceptance of ‘nerd culture’ is to blame (also youtube and social media). Its finally acceptable to like anime, comics, video games and so on — so cosplay is being dragged into light as this cool, widely know thing.

When I started cosplaying in 2007, even I hadn’t heard of the hobby until I was on convention grounds. Nowadays Sylar and I have had our cosplays featured on ifunny, with comments about how cool it is to see fictional characters come to life.

And I believe a lot of companies see the potential of great advertising and marketing that come from that magic. (Disney princesses, live action video game trailers, and fan made shorts anyone?) Not to mention the fact that industry companies at fan conventions are at an all time boom — cosplay is being dragged along into a NEW generation.

It’s being industrialized whether we are ready for it or not.

And it should be exciting! More mainstreaming of cosplay means its more accepted by parents, friends, work (think of what accomplishments you could add to your resume).. not to mention a wider variety of resources of cosplay. In Japan the hobby is so widely accepted they have tons of stores that sell costumes. And in Singapore, China and Korea a lot of tailors and wedding shops also offer costume tailoring and commissioned cosplays.

This just means cosplay will be easier and who the hell doesn’t want that?

Also, I don’t know about you anon but I was told by mother that I should do what I love and if I can find a way to make that a career, why not? Who really wants to wish a miserable job that takes up more than 50% of their day for the rest of their lives on someone?

And if you are scared that Cosplay becoming industrialized and business-eske will belittle people who do it for fun, don’t be!!

My dad golfs for fun and Tiger Woods’ professional career doesn’t take that away from him. 

That was 2 YEARS ago. Since then, Sylar and I have been booked and paid for full gigs that sometimes paid more than the income of our ‘regular’ jobs. 

A cosplayer signed contract with Joanns to make her own fabric line and distribute her own patterns. 

Volpin and GSQFashions own and operate their own costume commission storefront out of Georgia. 

I’ve seen multiple cosplayers become industry faces and even more quit their jobs altogether to live on an income supported by nothing but their following. 

Its fuckin happening already man. 


My poor, poor predecessor. Not only was he utterly and completely defeated, but he survived, driving home his embarrassment…he must have longed for death.

I’m neither a cosplayer nor a makeup artist but when it’s 2am and the need to practice some burn scars, mess up my hair, and become beyond birthday strikes me you bet I’m gonna do it

*bangs fists on table* MORE TEREZIS THAT AREN’T STICK-THIN

Recently I got an ask asking about “Levi’s” gender.

anonymous asked: hey levi you look kinda like a girl. are you like Mulan or what’s up

Go fuck yourself.
I don’t have the energy for this shit, now. And I’m turning off anon for awhile.
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As many of you know, I do not take kindly to the gender question, so my response to this was not surprising, but there are many others that have criticized me for being unnecessarily rude, or misinterpreting the ask, because it was addressed “hey levi.” This, according to my critics, insists that it was a harmless joke concerning Levi’s perceived “femininity.” However, I disagree with this argument on two counts. First being that the ask itself was particularly problematic, and could easily address the cosplayer’s gender, and second being that the gender question, in general, is not innocent and happy fun.

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