Me trying to sleep:
  • Me: Well, it's time to go to bed!
  • Brain: of course, but it's still early, you have time for one or two minutes on Tumblr, right?
  • Me: obviously!
  • *6 hours later*
  • Brain: meeeeh still early, LOOK!!!! A new fanfic about one of your OTPs!!!
  • Me: WHERE?!
  • *in the morning*
  • Me: I should wake up, it's time to go to school!
  • Brain: Are you serious, gurl?! Oh hell nah, you're staying here and you're sleeping now, next time you just have to sleep earlier!
  • Brain: No but really, young people these days...

Following on from my previous Chinese Pantheon Map, the Egyptian one! The Egyptian pantheon is actually incredibly complex in that, while it fits or more standard family-tree structure than the Chinese Smite pantheon, there’s a lot of variation in the mythology.

Many of the Egyptian gods are at times considered aspects of other gods or feature in different places or are married to or born from different people thanks to an incredibly long time period and a wide degree of localisation of worship.

It is, for example, possible to consider Ra his own great-granddad. Sort of.