I got o a high school where they make skateboards… and this is the first board i created. Its of Zelo from B.A.P.. I can’t believe it’s finally done. I’m actually really proud of the outcome, and theres no way i’m riding this thing. Its going on my wall!!

I have so much more respect for Cavia as of tonight.

Their first game, Drakengard, has a sick, twisted plot that proudly gives you five endings where not a single person lives happily ever after in any of them. Compare that Final Fantasy, where the majority of their quality games are nicely tied up in a neat bow. Cavia says fuck all that and ties their shit up with barb-wire.This was a change of pace for me that I welcomed, though to be honest I wanted to at least get a proverbial pat on the back for slaying evil. I never got one. And I love it.

Their sequel wasn’t as good story-wise and is better for cracking  jokes during the playthroughs. I have a copy that I like to play as a guilty pleasure. It’s a love-it-or-leave-it deal. It can easily be skipped if you’re not big on sequels. Or having the original shit on you.

Now here I am sleeping on NeiR, and after doing some research it comes to my attention that they might have started this game from the last ending of their first commercial game-seven years ago. Should I continue writing fiction, THAT is how I want to keep my stories in their own narrative universe. Also, the first twenty seconds of the opening had me hooked. Fuck man, I’m a sucker for swear words :D

So top hats off to you, Cavia. I wish you had a stronger fanbase overall. Because I’d rather have more Square-Enix (mostly Enix) games where you don’t need multiple re-releases, International versions, and sequels giving you the run-around (2010 Kingdom Hearts?) to tell players one story.