nein ok

Ich küsse dein Herz und falls es verletzt ist, nimm mein Herz und ich hoff es ersetzt es.
Heute in der S-Bahn
  • Ich: *Saß auf der Bank*
  • Mann: "Hallo du guckst so traurig ist was?"
  • Ich: "Nein alles ok."
  • Mann: "Du siehst so traurig aus genau wie meine Frau und jetzt ist sie ein Engel."
  • Mir kamen die Tränen.
Theory on Sasha’s situation in Rhombus of Ruin

Sasha’s delusion is appealing to all his childhood memories, rather than his nightmares. There’s a HUGE emphasis on his childhood in his mind. Both his memory vaults have to do with him having a generally bad time as a kid, and the first part of his mind is his bed with some toy blocks. The rest of the mind continues with the shoe shop theme.

There’s nothing that’s actually going to turn out “bad” about Sasha’s delusion. Rather, it’s only there to keep him distracted while the fish people do what they need to do with Truman. What better to distract him with then give him all the childhood fun he could’ve had? 

He looks pretty darn excited (even if he does regain his composure pretty quickly) for someone who emphasizes keeping a fair amount of control on his emotions.

The entirety of the room (especially the aliens) looks like a kiddy sci-fi spaceship for someone to play around on, it wouldn’t surprise me if Sasha gave into the temptation of having a fun time for once. Plus those aliens look pretty cute i would give them a hug

So the Rhombus of Ruin isn’t made to give everyone’s worst nightmare to everyone, the reason the “Ruin” part is there is because of the number of ships and planes that disappear there. Sasha is simply kept at bay with what would keep him at bay- He would express control over his fear when in a nightmarish situation, but the exact opposite wouldn’t bring any need for alarm. Besides, if he’s always wanted a fun childhood, why run? 

There’s probably a lot of other influence coming from the Rhombus of Ruin itself that would make him give in, but I feel like this would be a pretty good “trap” on its own.

Rollo unten, Zimmer dunkel, den ganzen Tag nichts gegessen ab und zu anfangen zu weinen, Gedanken machen, noch nicht einmal aus dem Zimmer gekommen, schneide Druck. Aber glaubt ihr das mal jemand rein kam um nachzusehen ob alles ok ist ? Nein hahaha, ich mein warum auch, ich bin nicht wichtig, ich bin egal, sie sind froh, wenn sie mich nicht sehen müssen, und sie denken sie bestimmt auch " das fette Kind kann auch mal nichts essen ".
  • Ich * sitze allein aufm Fensterbank*
  • Lehrer: Was ist den los?
  • Ich: Nichts. Was sollte sein?
  • Lehrer: Von deinem Blick her siehst du aus, als ob du gleich stirbst oder Suizid begehen möchtest.
  • Ich: * lächel* Nein, alles ok. :)
  • Lehrer: Mh, kannst du mir eins versprechen?
  • Ich: Und was?
  • Lehrer: Falls irgendwas ist, egal was, bevor du es tust, komm zu mir. Rede mit mir.
  • Ich: Ok ..
Never on Time. Part 2

Never on Time (part 1)  | Part 3

Summary: Reader’s and Kurt’s friendship blossoms.

Warnings: none

Word Count: 1784

Dedicated to:  @memiskypirate @youngmalums @my-soul-is-the-moon and @wxndamaxiimoffs who all sent me very sweet messages asking for a part 2. I hope y’all enjoy this as much as the first part!

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