A Brush with Genius: Q&A with Madelein Krugell

What made you decide to be a makeup artist?

The magic of creating a world into which you can escape from your daily life.

The Q&A with former World Tour prosthetics head, Madelein Krugell is up! Thanks go out to everyone who submitted questions, most notably neimhaille! Madelein has shared some interesting Phantom trivia, beauty secrets, makeup wisdom and is just super down-to-earth in general. Hope you’ll check it out and enjoy!

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1. If you can only watch one TV show for the rest of your life what would it be?

This is tricky… I love so many shows. I’d probably go with something relatively light and fluffy and with many seasons so I didn’t run out… Maybe New Girl or Scrubs. 

2. What is your go to stress relief?

A hot bath. Nothing like soaking with some music playing and letting everything melt away 

3. What was your dream job as a child?

I wanted to be a truck driver because they could have their lunch whenever they wanted. True story. 

4. Who do you most admire in life?

I’ve been trying not to idolise people too much, because everyone’s different and has flaws, etc but that said, I admire a lot of people. My boss, my mum, heaps of people! 

5. Team DC or Team Marvel?

DC always. Batfamily <3 

6. What color are your walls painted in your room?

Two walls pale blue and two sort of beige. 

7. If you were a mutant from X-Men what would your power be?

Teleportation, if I can choose anything! Teleportation is the best power. 

8. What is your Patronus?

A horse, like Ginny Weasley according to the last quiz I did. 

9. What is your Hogwarts house?

Hufflepuff. PUFF PRIDE 

10. If you could read a book again like you had never read it before what would it be?

proooobably… Ender’s Game. I love that book every time I read it but the ending was devastating the first time. 

11. What would you have been named if you were born a different sex?

No idea what my parents would have gone with but I choose Adam. Heheheheheh. 


1. If you were any kind of soda/fizzy drink, what woul you be and why? 

2. What was the best movie you’ve watched in the last 12 months? 

3. What is your earliest memory of? 

4. What’s something you never want to forget? 

5. Name something you think is over rated? 

6. What three things do you love most about yourself? 

7. Favourite song of the moment? 

8. Never get sick again or work successfully from home? 

9. If you could learn to play any instrument in one day, what would you learn first? 

10. Would you rather paint glorious pictures or write beautiful songs? 

11. What’s one book you’d recommend to everyone you know? 


For neimhaille: different wedding dress bodice fabrics. 

1. Sarah Brightman’s original West End dress. It was made of a white fabric (I assume silk) with broad stripes of ribs every second inch or so. Unlike other versions, this was front closed, with hooks and bars, but this was changed during Brightman’s run. Probably too hard to do the quick change. The complete POTO book describes the dress as being made of cotton damask and satin, and 16 meters of lace frills. 

2. The wedding dresses to come, the 90s dresses in the UK, Austria, Sweden, Germany and Japan, was made of another ribbed fabric - a shimmering silk with narrow ribs every second inch or so. They are often seen without buttons in front, a nod to Sarah Brightman’s front closed bodice, and they are heavily decorated and with long bodices with defined basques. This exact photo shows an ancient Stockholm dress in use in Copenhagen. 

3. to 5. The turn-of-the-century dresses. The 90s bodices were replaced by a shimmering silk - a slightly ribbed cream weave with silver threads. It appears in the late 90s dresses in Hamburg and West End, and from there basically everywhere in Europe (Japan still does the fabric in photo 2). A few of these dresses had glittering appliquées over the bust instead of the lace fans, but it was soon replaced by the lace fans around the turn-of-the-century. The bodices here were worn by (3) Hanne Damm/Copenhagen, (4) Viktoria Krantz/Copenhagen (but made in the UK), and (5) Sofia Escobar/West End. 

6. and 7. The US bodices are made of a similar ribbed cream/silver fabric, but the ribs are more defined, and it’s referred to as an “ottoman”. These versions also have the lace fans over the bust. The versions here were worn by (6) Marni Raab/Broadway, and (7) Sarah Bakker/Broadway. But this is the fabric used in all US dresses, with the exception of the first Broadway ones and the current US tour ones. 

8. The current World Tour bodices also does a ribbed fabric, but the ribs here are alternately narrow and broad, and more wavy. The fabric also seems to have some structure or pattern in between the ribs. As the other versions, lace fans are done over the bust. Interestingly enough, the Aussie/World Tour versions to have the fabric from photo 2 mixed into the pleated basques (here in row 2, but in Danielle Everett’s dress in row 2 and 4). 

9. Sierra Boggess Royal Albert Hall dress. It was tailor made for her, for the event. It looks so pristine I at first thought it was a different fabric than the photo 3-5 ones. But the dress is currently in use in the West End production, and judging from how it looks when a bit more battered after stage use, it IS the same fabric. It just has different decorations down the front, and no lace fans. Still, placing it on its own since it’s so PRISTINE. 

10. Now, this is the dress Valerie Link wears in Hamburg. From what I can tell, they made her a new dress. But THIS fabric, albeit very similar to the RAH one, looks different. I cant quite put my finger on why. More structure, possibly? Also, it looks whiter on stage than the others. The decorations over the bust is also different, with tiny white appliquées instead of glittering ones or the lace fans. 

I don’t quite remember the context for this one. I remember it was a smaller production at Det Ny Teater in Copenhagen, where the Elissa skirt worn by Carlotta and Christine merely served as props in the background. It might have been “Blue Angel” in 2000. 

I also remember first found this photo. 

Whatever the case, I think it’s awesome to see Carlotta’s and Christine’s version of the costume side by side. It might be the only photo I have of that happening, no matter the production. 

anonymous asked:

Do you have any close ups of the World Tour slavegirl collars? Of you do could you please do a photoset? :)

Well, the question was pretty much answered here:

In addition there’s these two jaw-dropping replicas, made by Neimhaille

But I can also do a photoset later on, showing how much variety there are in the Aussie/World Tour collars!

anonymous asked:

Hi! Do you have any pictures of the Hannibal princess in 'normal' clothes? I liked the one I saw recently on Broadway and was curious what others looked like. Love your blog. :)

So cool you noticed that costume! There are actually two hannibal princess in non- or semi costume. A long time ago Neimhaille pointed out that the semi costume one is inspired by a Harper’s Bazaar fashion plate, except the dress underneath is made into a colourful costume. Bu the dolman/jacket is very recognizable. 

The other is also inspired by a Harper’s Bazaar fashion plate, of a Princess Style Victorian dress. Bjørnson made the dress patterned, but again: it’s definitely recognizable. 

I’ll make you a photoset!