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Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus Drop Ivanka Trump Fashion Line
Yet another department store chain has announced it will no longer sell Ivanka Trump's eponymous clothing and accessories line. On Thursday, Seattle-based Nordstrom said it would no longer carry the collection. Then on Friday, Dallas-based Neiman Marcus also said it was dropping the line. "We've...
By ABC News

“The decisions to no longer carry the line follows a grassroots campaign spearheaded by foes of Donald Trump called “Grab Your Wallet,” which called for a boycott of retailers that carried Ivanka Trump or Donald Trump merchandise.”

Dale Chihuly (American, b. 1941, Tacoma, WA, USA) - Every year Neiman Marcus comes up with the most extravagant gift ideas for the person who has everything. In the 2010 catalog for a mere $1,500,00.00 you can order a 22 x 12 foot glass installation at the bottom of your pool. (For another mere $24,000,000.00 you can also buy one of his famous light fixtures (shown above pool).  Installation Arts

Donald Trump being mad about Nordstrom not selling Ivanka’s clothing brand anymore is funny to me because they sell her stuff at my job but no one buys it. So I understand Nordstrom saying that her sales were low (but we all know that’s not the only reason why.) Like I’ve been at my job for almost 2 years and didn’t know we sold her stuff until a couple of months ago when a customer was getting ready to purchase a shirt but noticed that it had Ivanka’s name on it and asked me to put it back. And not only that like her stuff just sits around and collects dust here or it’s here for so long that it just gets marked down to 50 cents and even then most people still don’t want it. 😂😂