A Day To Remember Preference: Insecurities


therealjeremymckinnon: She hates her laugh, her smile. The way her eyes crinkle and her teeth. She hates all of that but me? No, I love it. I love all of it and I want her to realize all of that…is why I love her.


neilwestfall44: I was immediately told to delete this picture  but why would I? This is Y/I/N in her natural form. No makeup, PJ’S her hair just brushed and nothing else. It’s what I wake up to and go to bed with and it’s nice knowing I get to, I love her insecurities. Every. Single One.


alexshelnutt: I wish she’d wear this dress more often with me, the way it frames her body and the way she pulls it off so well, but she only wears it around family because people complain she’s too small. She’s too thin and it’s disgusting; and that’s not gonna stop me. If she gains a hundred pounds I’d still love her because that’s my baby. Nothing can change my baby.


joshuawoodard: Her skin is one of my favorite parts of her body. The way it’s so smooth and soft. The way she doesn’t have to hide it from me. I love all of that. She’d kill me if she knew I was posting this but I don’t care. Know that in my heart, I love my princess and her shy attire, her soft skin and her great personality. 


kevineffinskaff: Do You see those thighs? She hates them. Her hair? She always says she could do better. “Her arms? Too wide. Her shoulders? Too broad. Lies, lies, lies. It’s all beautiful. I love her hips, I love her thighs, her hair, her shoulders, her arms, her laugh, her smile, her eyes, her. I love her. Baby you might think that your insecurities define you. But they don’t. They make you my baby.