I have been trying for weeks to get a photo pass for Slam Dunk South festival. With my friend Tom of Honour Over Glory running a stage and selling his rad clothes, and my friends in Decade playing, i thought i had a good chance. Unfortunately I was sadly wrong, and photo passes for the event were very hard to get hold of. As with most major events, no profesional camera (ie SLR’s) are allowed to be taken into the festival without an appropriate pass.

After a long drive up with some great company to Hatfield University, we got in and the festival was well underway. The bands were great and the problems from last year seemed to be resolved (helped by a much smaller number of people). Unfortunately though i couldn’t just enjoy the gig and moped around wanting my camera.

I eventually got fed up and started to hunt for a way to try and get a pass, or at the least get my camera into the event. I sweet talked a bouncer into letting me grab my camera out of my car, and i guess he didn’t know the rules as he wasn’t on an entrance (just patrolling the parameter gate). I ran to the car as fast as i could and got straight back to the security guard, trying to act like i was doing nothing wrong. Within seconds, i was inside and with a big smile on my face.

My next step was to try and get into a photo pit, but it seemed that the security in all other areas of the festival were more switched on. I had failed here, but i could still get pictures from the crowd if i could get close enough.

The starting line was on the outside stage, so it was easy to get within a good viewing distance for watching the band. Unfortunately i didn’t have a long enough zoom to get any usable photos. I fought my way forward and within seconds i was already covered in beer that was being thrown from random places in the crowd. A few seconds later i caught a 14 stone crowd surfer on the back on my neck. Trying to keep my camera safe was going to be a hard task, trying to take a photo without dropping my camera would be harder!

About half way through the set i was close enough to get some photos that i was happy with. I was really enjoying seeing one of my favorite bands for the first time and capturing some on the intensity and fun of the performance. More cups of beer were thrown, and a became a seasoned pro at dodging the surfers but i persisted through. I never usually delete any photos when i am out shooting but i was very low on space, so i had to keep going through the shots and deleting anything that i didn’t want.

From the shots i came home with, i only deleted three more photos, they weren’t bad, but doubles of photos that are currently in the set. I really loved taking every shot in this set, and i am stoked with the results considering the conditions. I hope you enjoy looking at them even 1% as much as i enjoyed taking them.

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