So the ParaNorman novelization is really fucking great and whY did no one scream at me to attain it sooner because seriously wow there’s so much more information on the characters, extra scenes, and it’s all from Norman’s perspective so you’re like inside his head through the whole thing and it’s just so much more insight on his characteR and jUST UGHGUH. 

Brace for eventual post consisting of every excerpt containing even the slightest bits of Neil/Norman because there’s been at least three and I’m barely halfway through.


Top 5 OTP’s of 2012

[2] . Norman Babcock & Neil Downe / Dipper Pines [ParaNorman / Gravity Falls]

Because there was no way I could choose between the two. Neil and Norman were my first ship and they just hit so many of my buttons. They’re adorable and precious and awkward and innocent, and just how much Neil helps Norman to realize that there are good people out there and how to trust in them. Then you’ve got Parapines, which, on it’s own is a landmark for me? I’ve never liked a crossover ship this much before, not even close. I’ve always said I need a canon basis for my dearest ships, but this one just totally bypassed that somehow. Dipper and Norman are just so good together, it’s kind of impossible to explain. They just work. Not to mention how the reason I started watching Gravity Falls in the first place was because the fanart for them was so adorable, so. History was made on two accounts there, thus the number two spot on this list.

Art credit goes to not-a-comedian, itsyamtastic, and kuma-la-la, in order.