Official Ambotkada Members as of now

Sila lang po yung nasa facebook group at ang madalas na kakulitan sa TinyChat.

Dapat kahapon ko pa ito post kaso lang wla nga yung internet ko lagi na DC. 

I-paparada ko lang ulet ang aking AMBOTKADA FAMILY















Xempre nde ko na ginawaan ang sarili ko. hahaha!

salamat sa inyo at naging kaibigan ko kau d2 sa tumblr.

i love you guys! choz!

11 questions tag game

  • Rule 1- Post the rules.
  • Rule 2- Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then make 11 new ones.
  • Rule 3- Tag 11 people and link them to your post.
  • Rule 4- Let them know you’ve tagged them.
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Tagger’s questions:

  1. Favorite movie? This is tough. Uhm, The Neverending Story :“>
  2. Favorite color combination? What’s with all the difficult questions!? Jk. I’m not sure i’m into color combinations, but these are the ones that make me go "oohh” - Teal/Turquoise and white/black
    - Orange, Yellow & Green
    - CYMK
    I’m an aspiring graphic artist, people. helloooo? 
  3. What tv shows do you watch? those investigation type of shows. I can’t help it. RF: I always find someone to crush on in every single show. 
    - CSI (New York & Miami only)
    - NCIS (Original & LA)
    - Bones
    - Criminal Minds
    - Law & Order
    - Hawaii Five-0 <3333
    But I do watch other shows like: New Girl, The Big Bang Theory, Supernatural, Sherlock, Leverage
  4. Do you believe in the saying: “You are what you watch.”? … hahaha I’ve never even heard of it. I’d want to believe it though, because I’m awesome.
  5. What are your pet peeves? When illiterate people say ‘STUFFS’, confuse your & you’re, then & than, they’re/their/there. … pero stuffs talaga.
  6. Favorite blog? My own? I’m serious. I don’t have a 'favorite’ because I love them all, but there’s not really any single blog out there that makes me want to reblog/like everything they’re posting. My blog, how ever, has everything that I love… so, my blog’s my favorite.
  7. Have tea/coffee with your best friend or clubbing with friends? Depends on the mood, of course. Like, if it’s the afternoon, then I think tea/coffee with best friends would be more suitable than clubbing with friends. Depends talaga. Kapag gusto ko chill lang, o kung gusto kong pumarty. I don’t mind. But, I’m leaning more on the chill lang with best friends.
  8. Pasta or burger? I’m not very fond of burgers. So I’ll have to go with pasta.
  9. Do you believe in the saying: “Do not trust anyone but yourself.”? When I was young, I learned about the saying “No man is an island.” Why waste spending time with people if you can’t trust them? I grew up depending on people to make me happy. I grew up WITH people. I learned to trust them. It’s stupid to just know people and keep your distance. Basta. hirap i-explain. Other people helped me become who I am right now. Ayun. Chorva.
  10. If you could turn back time to fix one thing in your life, would you do it? If you would, what would you fix? Yes. Second year first sem. Gusto ko lang ayusin 'yung pagiging tamad ko. Ultimate downfall of my academic life. :( Lapit ko nang mag-DL nung First year second sem, tapos ngayon, naghihirap ako para lang pumasa. :(
  11. What kind of artist are you? The one that works best when the deadline’s near. procastination is my motivation. HAHA! I’m the perfectionist type, 'yung kung alam kong hindi ko magugustuhan 'yung outcome, hindi ko na siya tinutuloy/tinatapos kasi madidisappoint lang ako na it’s not my best work. 

My Questions:

  1. What’s your usual get up? (like, for school if you don’t have uniform or when you go out with friends)
  2. Do you take time just to look good?
  3. What’s your first tumblr url?
  4. What’s the first thing you look at on the opposite sex?
  5. Besides tumblr, what do you do for fun?
  6. (if) in college, what course are you taking? / what course did you take?
  7. How many are you in the family?
  8. Are you the type of person who doesn’t have any problems in regards to going out with friends? (like during out of town trips, it’s not a problem to ask permission, etc.)
  9. Pepsi or Coca Cola?
  10. What’s your biggest fear?
  11. Honestly, describe in best detail: how are you right now?

People I tag:

  • notkorra
  • nebuladreamer
  • dalecute
  • neilkolet
  • ikaboom
  • gellieprieto
  • astraykitty
  • confusedraccoon
  • laserguidedcarebearmissile
  • life-isbeautiful
  • neonstitches
After the departure of Neilikha

because he thought… We (ajhinator and me) will leave the room. I said something to the group and make Funny things while we are in the room.

PArang ayoko rin umiyak kong sinu aalis sa aamin :(


We copied our Friends :)

 1. Neilkolet(kaloysotero), me(gabbito gwapo CHOS) and Ate ajhinator(bolengako)

External image

 2. Neilkolet(rfblogger) Failed, me(eayanmilo, bugawboii) and ajhinator(bolengako)

External image

3. Neilkolet (bolengako), me(neilkolet) and Ajhinator (thegirlyouwonlookfor, ly)

External image

4. Neilkolet(bolengako), me(apaintedheart) and ajhinator(kiankweker)

External image

5. NEILPOSE (neilikha lahat)

External image

6. eayanmilo(bugawboii)

External image

7. wala na kaming maisep… AHAHAHHHA

as the following pictures ruin your dash :)

External image

8. Tinychat (neilkolet), Manunulat(me) and kumukuhangpic(ajhinator)

External image

9.belat(neilkolet), baliw(me) and muslim(ajhinator)

External image

Until nag bubye na kamI :(((((

External image

will these moment be not erased to our lives? :“) may God bless us, Ambot kada! We did it for fun :) not for any teasing of evilness. 

please keep us away from any harm. let god


Greetings Part 4

Neilkolet, Apaintedheart and joseptv - hey guys thanks for the sleepless nights na kasama ko kau :)) God bless sa lives natin! :D Let love be spread between us :D HHAAHAHAH More problems to solve :D

Jazzgasm and Ibrag - thanks for filling my blogs in any sense happiness :) hehe actually the two of you are my OTHER christian friends :) eheheh LOL sana mag meet kau HAHAHA :) God bless. GOD SPEED GUYS?

makulitsiissa- hehe Nice meeting you… From the day to night HEHE :)D God bless! You filled my 2011 merrily too don’t worry we will know each other more :))

hehe Salamat sa pag choose ng A :)

babalik nlng ako sa pag gwa ng doodle .___________. Forever alone.

Well anyways :) Yun man tlga ang banner hahaha. tsaka  Guys Neilkolet is a Multimedia Arts batched student :)) If you want to know him more ? You’re free to check his blog :)

:)) kua Kolet! Ipa view mo na private edits mo :))

@joseptv: salamat kua josep… I feel being loved HAHAAH ADIK…..


@mbvantot: haha trip mo na! :))

@machogwapiito: opo! LOLO!

@maypusongbughaw: opo. WAHHAHA

@thegirlyouwontlookfor: Just ask my friend :)

Take not guys : yung gust2 sumali sa ambotkada :) just ask the boy named KALOYSOTERO :D

I’m just one of the memebers :) brutalblitzer and thegirlyouwontlookfor

11 questions tag game

  • Rule 1- Post the rules.
  • Rule 2- Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then make 11 new ones.
  • Rule 3- Tag 11 people and link them to your post.
  • Rule 4- Let them know you’ve tagged them.
  • Tagged by: neilkolet

Tagger’s questions:

  1. STATUS. (This can be interpreted in many ways.) - Relationship - Single , Emotional - Alone, Sexual - None
  2. In what way would you like to die? - i want to die sleeping in my own house with my family around me. contented and happy with all the things i have done in my life.
  3. If you had to pick any celebrity to date for a day, who would he/she be? What would you do? - Anne Curtis a tour in manila. ;)
  4. Name one confession you do only with yourself (Ex: Biting your nails) - i masturbate a lot? loljk. i love to twist my neck to hear my bones crack.
  5. Top or bottom? Why? - Top because i want to be in control. do i get the question right?
  6. How do you describe your perfect Sunday morning? - watching anime/movies whole day eating and resting. just stay at home.
  7. Your current Last Song Syndrome. -what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! .. lols
  8. What are you proud of?- i am proud that i have my lot and starting to build my own house for my future.
  9. If you were to choose to be a BOY or a GIRL, which would you pick?- i still want to be a boy. i never think myself as a girl so no question ask.
  10. If you were to go back to a time in your past, what happening would you go? When was it and what are you gonna do? - maybe the time when me and my crush have a time to do it but we did not. at the back of my mind i regret it. so maybe if that situation came up again. i will give the first move.
  11. How do you melt an ice? - just leave it alone the heat here in the Philippines we have no difficulty melting ice now.

My Questions:

  1. Who was the last person you kissed?
  2. Would you date an ex?
  3. Are you happier single or in a relationship?
  4. Oral sex. Give or / and Receive?
  5. Could you have a relationship with a bisexual woman/man?
  6. How sexual are you on a scale of 1-10?
  7. Would you prefer the lights on or off during sex?
  8. If you could ‘take back’ your virginity from your first partner, would you?
  9. Other than your head, where is the hairiest place on your body?
  10. What is a bad habit that you have?
  11. What do you want to improve the most about your body?

People I tag:

  • Neilkolet
  • jiyanyansan
  • ako-elo
  • gossipboyjc
  • magnificentryan
  • marvidesiangeek
  • kiankweker
  • popoyy
  • narcissisticguy
  • rydhero
  • ikawnaako

Sagutin nyo naman utang na loob! lols! tag nyo rin ako.. thanks!