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anonymous asked:

10 reasons why you love Neil Patrick Harris

Again, JUST ten? Now with GIFS and pics for added fun!

  1. He’s an amazing singer. His singing voice can be compared to raindrops falling on ivory.

  2. He’s pretty much one of the most attractive human beings on the planet. I MEAN LOOK AT THIS: 

  3. He’s an awesome actor also, and can play any part well that you give him.  

  4. He’s a sweetie, deep down. He is a mama’s boy for sure, and did you see his Tony acceptance speech?  

  5. He licks everything. I do mean EVERYTHING. Most people don’t do that. 

  6. He’s great at hosting award shows. 

  7. He’s MULTI-TALENTED. He can play instruments, sing, act, do magic, idk pretty much anything. 

  8. He’s hilarious, and outrageously inappropriate, which sometimes goes a little over the line, but hey, you gotta love him for having the courage to say whatever he wants to to the public, as long as it’s not too insulting or offensive. I.e “If you’re given the chance to have a swastika painted on your ass, glitter on your nipples, and to simulate sex with a man and woman behind a curtain, then do it- provided it’s Cabaret on Broadway and not in some dude’s basement." 

  9. His tweets are just the best. 

  10. He’s Neil FREAKING Patrick Harris. He rides unicorns. He hosts awards shows and pretends to shoot everyone onstage. He attempts to launch chickens from giant slingshots. He licks his awards. He takes drunken selfies in Mexico. He makes out with puppet cows. He listens to the Selfie song in his dressing room before performing. He lets dogs lick inside his mouth. He dresses in drag and grinds on strangers. You have to applaud the man for just being who he is- NPH, someone who literally does not care about anything that most people do. The real question is how can you not like him?