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Paul Newman, Jim [Garner], and Steve and I went to the races at Riverside. On our way home, the men became annoyed because I had insisted on stopping at the next service station rest room. They had hoped to beat the traffic home. When they did stop I discovered to my dismay that there was a long line of women ahead of me. Unable to stand the delay any longer, I came up with a brilliant idea. I said to the girls standing there, “Hey, do you know there’s a car full of movie stars around the bend?”

“Who?” they cried in unison, “Why, there’s Steve McQueen, there’s Paul Newman, and there’s James Garner!” The girls looked at each other and ran like crazy, leaving me in sole possession of the facilities. I never did tell the fellas how a swarm of females suddenly discovered them!

-Neile Adams

One of the many reasons why Neile Adams is the coolest person to ever exist.