Gone Girl Movie (2014) Original Title

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✴ Gone Girl Movie Storyline:
With his wife’s disappearance having become the focus of an intense media circus, a man sees the spotlight turned on him when it’s suspected that he may not be innocent.

➘ Movie Details :
Release Date : 2014-10-01
Category : Drama, Thriller, Mystery
Casts : Lynn A. Freedman, Tyler Perry, Kim Dickens, Emily Ratajkowski, David Clennon, Blake Sheldon, Mark T Anderson, Casey Ruggieri, Casey Wilson, Scoot McNairy, Scott Takeda, Sean Guse, Lola Kirke, Carrie Coon, Christina Alexandria, Ricky Wood, Leonard Kelly-Young, Neil Patrick Harris, Boyd Holbrook, Ben Affleck, Brett Leigh, Julia Prud'homme, Jamie McShane, Lexis Nutt, Rosamund Pike, Cooper Thornton, Kathleen Rose Perkins, Kate Campbell, L.A. Williams, Mark Atteberry, Cyd Strittmatter, Patrick Fugit, Samuel Baca, Fred Cross, Darin Cooper, Donna Rusch, Missi Pyle, Ashley Didion, Kathy Sweeney-Meadows, Lisa Banes, Lee Norris, Sela Ward, Lauren Glazier, Pete Housman, Bill Blair, Antonio St. James, Marc Abbink
Duration : 145 minutes

  • ok but imagine neil getting a twitter and just?? calling out everyone who pisses him off and starting fights 
  • and wymack gets phone calls about his striker mouthing off online and he’s like “kEVIN!!!” bc he doesn’t think neil w his dinosaur of a phone would even know how to work social media but then Kevin’s like ‘whaaaat i didnt do it it was nEIL’ and like of couuurse it was neil duh he should know better by now when is it NOT neil stirring up trouble. 
  •  So then wymack grudgingly is forced to get a twitter to 'monitor’ neil and like this is So Not what he signed up for. They are Not paying him enough for this shit. 
  • But then he really gets into twitter?? And he’s mostly just complaining about things and yelling at neil and quoting ridiculous shit the players say out of context and slowly he gains a small following. 
  •  The girls, Matt, and nicky all have twitters already but the twins think its pointless and Refuse. (Aaron and Andrew are shocked that they?? Agree on something??) 
  • Eventually the others crack them tho. neil just asks and andrew’s like ok fiiiine. (he secretly really wanted on ok)
  • Aaron mostly ends up retweeting science related things what a Nerd. Or liking all of katelyns tweets. Nerd.  
  • Andrew tweets stuff like 'I’m bored’ 'I hate @ neiljosten’ 'the ravens suck’ 'almost punched someone today’ 'just punched someone today’ 'got a new knife’ '102% @ neiljosten' 
  • Matt, nicky, dan, and allison are terrible, awful enablers when it comes to Neil’s twitter fights. 
  • They all totally jump in and back him up, especially Matt and Dan. nicky retweets everything and cheers him on. Allison and Renee start up bets on who neil will drag next. 
  • Sometimes when fights get reaaally heated (like w death threats and shit) Andrew will randomly appear to back up neil like “dial it back fucko or i’ll wreck u” @ some mouthy rival or like some random hater that just wanted to start shit w neil. maybe someone who keeps calling him “nathaniel” and brining up his dad and stuff and andrew’s like *cracks knuckles* “turn on ur location buddy” 
  • also aaron totally indirects everyone. aaron is shady as hell. probs throws shade at his on teammates when they’re being annoying. allison later comes up to him w her phone like ‘what the hell is this all about aaron why the fuck are u talking about me on twitter!’ 
  • ‘u were being a fucking dick at practice’ and allison is like?? (she starts a new bet: how long will it take for aaron to discover the @ feature) 
  • Kevin only uses his twitter to livetweet exy games and talk about exy and occasionally tweet fans (mr fanservice) 
  • matt tweets the most random shit. like movie quotes, random things about the foxes, tweeting nice, cute things about dan. retweeting everything from neil’s account. posting team pics and selfies like his twitter is probs linked to his instagram. being such a BroTM 
  • nicky and erik are always tweeting each other and being gross cute and like So That Couple. his icon is probs rainbow and he’s like super in ur face about all gay things just to piss off all the homophobic exy ppl 
  • allison’s is p much all fashion and livetweeting updates on her ongoing bets/when bets are finally settled and who wins 
  • dan is wymack’s first follower and her twitter is a mix of kevin’s and matt’s it’s like 40% exy things + interacting w fans, 40% random stuff from matt’s twitter, and 20% retweets from wymack and neil’s accounts
  • renee retweets/likes most of andrew’s tweets and sometimes comments on them. her tweets usually end with heart and smiley emojis. she posts a lot of positive/inspirational quotes and lyrics. she follows back all her fans and is just very sweet and very renee. 
  • the foxes also get an “official” twitter and its clearly run by one of the foxes because they always tweet stuff that only the foxes would know about but whoever it is won’t own up to it and is a very good liar and none of them can figure out who it is like they all pull each other aside one by one and ask each other are u “sEXYfoxes_official”???? 
  • and everyone is like “” 
  • allison starts a bet about who it is but everyone is suspicious that it’s her 
  • she insists it’s not and puts her money on neil or nicky 
  • matt’s like ‘it’s fucking andrew!’ 
  • andrew looks at him w the most bored look ever at these accusations (which really does nothing but confirm matt’s suspicions) 
  • neil puts money on nicky, nicky puts money on neil, renee puts money on matt, dan puts money on allison, aaron and kevin are suspiciously absent for all of this …
  • wymack knows exactly who’s behind the twitter but he ain’t telling 
There have been challenges to the idea that human history is an unbroken string of male dominance and lethal attack. The Minoan civilization, lasting from 6000 B.C. to 15000 B.C., has been described as a time when male violence was silenced. The Minoan culture was marked by slow and steady technological progress in pottery making, weaving, metallurgy, engraving, architecture, and other crafts, and the many goddess images that have been recovered from archeological excavations stand in stark contrast to images of war or battle created by subsequent generations.

Boyd, Neil. “The Beast Within: Why Men Are Violent.” Greystone Books; Douglas & McIntye Publishing Group. (p. 45)


We’ll be the last ones standing …

A mix for when the foxes get their game on: [listen]

i. Jungle - X-Ambassadors & Jamie N Commons // ii. Up in Flames - Ruelle // iii. It Ain’t Over - The Rival // iv. Warriors - Imagine Dragons // v. Victorious - Panic! At The Disco // vi. My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark - Fall Out Boy // vii. Monsters - Ruelle // viii. Weapon - Bastille (Vs. Angel Haze vs. F*U*G*Z vs. Braque) // ix. Centuries - Fall Out Boy 

the foxhole court community au

in which the foxes end up in one of the crazy end-of-semester priority registration paintball competitions

  • there are two main teams:
    • neil, andrew, nicky, and matt
    • kevin, aaron, and dan
  • no one knows how dan and matt got split up but they spend the entire time flirting because being on opposite sides is rlly hot except oops kevin walked past and took them both out because they weren’t taking this seriously enough
  • neil and kevin are so intensely engaged in this battle. this is their lifeblood. there is nothing in the world but paintball and creating elaborate plans to take out the other team
  • no one knows what team allison is on. she seems to be gunning for people on both sides while simultaneously convincing them they’re on the same team? either way she’s definitely winning
  • where the hell is renee? does anyone know?
  • andrew and aaron are freakin EXPERT snipers. andrew is constantly covering neil so no one takes him out. all aaron cares about is taking out andrew
  • nicky starts off hiding from everyone because the foxes are nothing if not INTENSE AS HELL WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT TO GET IN THE MIDDLE OF THAT but then allison finds him and convinces him to double team kevin with neil and damn nicky if he won’t do ANYTHING for neil
  • they take kevin out, and andrew feels free to hunt aaron down now that no one’s gunning for neil
  • lol psych though neil and nicky are mysteriously taken out as soon as they’re left alone and then it’s just aaron and andrew left. they’re getting closer and closer, hiding behind different buildings so they don’t get shot. finally they’re right in front of each other in an intense stare down, both poised to shoot and–BAM. they’re both covered in paint but neither of them shot
  • somewhere in the distance, the foxes can hear the sound of allison and renee screaming “HELL YEAH PRIORITY REGISTRATION!!!!!” 
  • the end
Excerpt of the tfc foster home Au

“Andrews hands unfold themselves supine, calloused palms facing Neil and the world but asking two very different things of them both. Neil jerks back shaking his head, “your wrong no one hurt me, my family loves me.” his lip threatens to stick farther out in a pout , trying to quell the behavior he sits on the last swing so there is a buffer in the middle. One swing in between them and Andrews intense solemn face. 

“oh Neil, “ he turns his face towards the dusty grey sky as a warm breeze sweeps across the backyard ruffling his blond hair like a kind hand. “Don’t you know its always family that gives you the most ouches?” 

if he focuses on the ground he can almost ignore the crushing feeling in his chest. Thunder rumbles in the distance, white noise to their tiny world. “don’t “ Neil says softly 

“my foster brothers used to say they loved me, but it wasn’t love.” he doesn’t even sound sad , he sounds like…..thats all he expects from life even now. with Abbeys kind eyes and Mrs. Bee’s hot coco, “ i still want love. but not when it hurts. love…shouldn’t cause ouches Neil. “ Andrews eye’s are gentle as he watches the darker clouds tumble through the sky. Neils head is loud with a truth that his throat cant’s handle, it slides back to his stomach like a cold lump when his mouth cant force the words out. 

nononononon stop, stop, stop. His mom told him this was the one thing he could never say. who he was, who gave him every burn and cut.  but it seems to have made him unable to say many more things. He can’t even say that he too wishes for a love that doesn’t hurt. or that he wishes Andrew never knew that pain but his vocabulary lacks the eloquence for such things. 

In his peripheral vision he can see the other boys hand stretch slowly to lay on the seat of the swing between them. there is an invitation in the way his fingers uncurl and curl, like he’s waiting for something . like he’s waiting for Neil to be that something. 

but he can’t. his dad always said you can’t make something out of nothing. Neil was born a possibility of something that fractured away when he and his mother fled in the middle of the night. The cover of night the only protection against their bruised fragile hearts. 

……maybe….maybe he could try though. Wymack said they were family now right? maybe he could try to be something for them….to protect them… protect Andrew from the real life monsters that plagued his bed ……the monsters that made Matts dad make Matt sick or hurt Renee everyday she dared to stand back up…..even if its just so he doesn’t let them down…maybe that would be ok. maybe someday he would get there,

Neil tentatively reachs out. he’s shaking so hard he expects Andrew to make fun of him. call him a baby and go back inside but he just continues to observe the gathering tempest. The air is dry with summer heat , Andrews palm a cool contrast to his own sweaty dirt covered fingers. Andrew wraps his fingers around Neil’s without hesitation.  

“but i’m here now. and so are you.” his young voice drops to a fierce oath, “ This is our family now Neil ok? we gotta protect them , we gotta make sure ouches don’t mean love anymore ok?” 

His answer is lost in the roll of thunder but Neil know Andrew gets what he was trying to say. yes, the answer is yes. it’s always yes for Andrew. Neil pushes off the ground setting the swing into a lazy back and forth knowing he doesn’t need to say anymore. 

The sky is a fresh bruise of color , it’s almost time to go in for dinner.  He’s reluctant to move when the place were their hands meets radiates a warmth that makes Neil want to stay holding Andrews hand until the stars come out and the world is quiet, a warmth that seeps into Neil chasing away the vestiges of his turmoil and a past that never stays where it should .For once, Neil feels exactly where he should be.”


In virtually every nation-state men compromise more than 90% of those found guilty of murder. The primary methods used to kill differ, however. In Canada about 30% or more of all homicides are committed with firearms and another 30% or so with knives; a further 20% are the consequence of beatings; and a final 10% are strangulations and suffocations. In the United States a little more than 60% of homicides are committed with firearms, and the remaining deaths come from a mix of knifings, beatings, strangulations, and suffocations; as in Canada, knifings and beatings are more common than strangulations and suffocations.

Boyd, Neil. “The Beast Within: Why Men Are Violent.” Greystone Books; Douglas & McIntye Publishing Group. (p. 71)

Baseball: Hornets take divisional crown

Baseball: Hornets take divisional crown

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Hornets take divisional crown In their rookie season, the Belfast Hornets will be representing the Northern Division of Baseball Ireland in the league final against the Dublin Spartans.    It was tough going for both the Hornets and the wild card winning Belfast Buccaneers at Henry Jones with the later innings of the second game taking place in a steady downpour. In the first, Mark Smith faced…

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im at the library and there was a little section on feminism so naturally i got excited and looked through it and this book was on display i’m????? its literally just a man whining and crying about ~*~ evil feminists~*~ BETRAYING the fight for sexual equality gross
Neil Boyd Shoots Smithfield's Chicken 'N Barbecue

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Raleigh, North Carolina-based advertising and editorial portrait, food, product and architecture photographer Neil Boyd comes to PhotoServe this month with some fabulous looking barbecue food imagery. Boyd recently did a four-day shoot for the large chain Smithfield’s Chicken ‘N Barbecue. (Continue Reading)

Evolutionary psychologists and biologists argue that male violence is like the dark moth or the peacock’s tail. In the absence of social constraints, violent men are more likely to impregnate women than non-violent men are, more likely to reproduce, and thus more likely to ensure the survival of violence as a social strategy within the species.

Boyd, Neil. “The Beast Within: Why Men Are Violent.” Greystone Books; Douglas & McIntye Publishing Group. (p. 48)

Scot on Scotch - The Glengoyne Way

Scot on Scotch – The Glengoyne Way

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The Glengoyne Way – “Our craftsmanship can be tasted in every bottle that leaves our distillery.”

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to invite a couple of whisky-loving friends out for a private, intimate dinner and whisky tasting with Neil Boyd, ofGlengoyne.

Over the past couple of years I have been fortunate enough to attend many different whisky and scotch tastings, and have developed a taste…

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