There have been challenges to the idea that human history is an unbroken string of male dominance and lethal attack. The Minoan civilization, lasting from 6000 B.C. to 15000 B.C., has been described as a time when male violence was silenced. The Minoan culture was marked by slow and steady technological progress in pottery making, weaving, metallurgy, engraving, architecture, and other crafts, and the many goddess images that have been recovered from archeological excavations stand in stark contrast to images of war or battle created by subsequent generations.

Boyd, Neil. “The Beast Within: Why Men Are Violent.” Greystone Books; Douglas & McIntye Publishing Group. (p. 45)

[Listen] The Last Goodbye

"All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither, 

Deep roots are not reached by the frost.”

The vocal songs I could find after the last journey ends and the new one is waiting to begin.

Edge of night // Misty mountain cold // Song of the lonely mountain // Council of Elrond // Lament for Gandalf // Laurië Lantar // Haldir’s lament // Breath of life // Twilight and shadow // May it be // In dreams // The end of all things // Gollum’s song // Into the west // I see fire // The last goodbye // Blunt the knives


In virtually every nation-state men compromise more than 90% of those found guilty of murder. The primary methods used to kill differ, however. In Canada about 30% or more of all homicides are committed with firearms and another 30% or so with knives; a further 20% are the consequence of beatings; and a final 10% are strangulations and suffocations. In the United States a little more than 60% of homicides are committed with firearms, and the remaining deaths come from a mix of knifings, beatings, strangulations, and suffocations; as in Canada, knifings and beatings are more common than strangulations and suffocations.

Boyd, Neil. “The Beast Within: Why Men Are Violent.” Greystone Books; Douglas & McIntye Publishing Group. (p. 71)


Screen caps of a letter sent by George Harrison to Pattie Boyd from New York City, presumably in October 1971 (George had departed from England on 2 October 1971 aboard the France, according to The Beatles Diary Volume 2), from the e-book edition of Pattie’s book Wonderful Tonight.

Apologies for the inferior quality of the screen caps; it’s a bit difficult to read, so I’ve typed it up… (also, you’ll probably know that the “Paul and Janet” mentioned along with toys are George’s nephew and niece :)):

Monday Evening

Dear Pattie,

Hello. Hope you are O.K. I tried to call you when I got here but there was no Greg in the Lodge. Can you call me through Apple at ABKCO or the Plaza -> Room 601 to say hello to Hubby! Its a drag not being able to speak to you. You can call ABKCO and tell them a time, and I’ll call the Lodge.

The ‘France’ was not as good as QE 2 more straights in Tuxedos and not as many things to do, so I read a lot in the cabin.

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When I think of my wife, I always think of her head. I picture cracking her lovely skull, unspooling her brains, trying to get answers. The primal questions of any marriage: What are you thinking? How are you feeling? What have we done to each other?

— Nick Dunne, Gone Girl (2014).

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Although men kill both men and women, there is one context in which victims are much more likely to be women than men: the murder of a spouse or lover. In about 70% of these situations, women are the victims. In other kinds of killings – attacks on friends and acquaintances, stranger homicide, robbery homicide, and contract killing – the victims are overwhelmingly male.

Boyd, Neil. “The Beast Within: Why Men Are Violent.” Greystone Books; Douglas & McIntye Publishing Group. (p. 72)

Evolutionary psychologists and biologists argue that male violence is like the dark moth or the peacock’s tail. In the absence of social constraints, violent men are more likely to impregnate women than non-violent men are, more likely to reproduce, and thus more likely to ensure the survival of violence as a social strategy within the species.

Boyd, Neil. “The Beast Within: Why Men Are Violent.” Greystone Books; Douglas & McIntye Publishing Group. (p. 48)


im at the library and there was a little section on feminism so naturally i got excited and looked through it and this book was on display i’m????? its literally just a man whining and crying about ~*~ evil feminists~*~ BETRAYING the fight for sexual equality gross

Raleigh, North Carolina-based advertising and editorial portrait, food, product and architecture photographer Neil Boyd comes to PhotoServe this month with some fabulous looking barbecue food imagery. Boyd recently did a four-day shoot for the large chain Smithfield’s Chicken ‘N Barbecue. (Continue Reading)