neil camp camp

Max: Fuck off dad
David: Max (crying)
M: what
D: You called me dAD
M: no i didn’t what
Nikki: you definitely did
M: Nikki what the fuck I didn’t
Neil: I can confirm that you did
M: No I didn’t I said David
Nikki: no you said dad
M: fuck off all of you
M: But especially Dad–vId dAvId


Welcome to Kappa Kappa (originally Kappa Kappa Beta but that last part fell off), Lake Lilac University’s first and only co-ed fraternity!

I’m literal trash and also a community college student who still lives with their parents so I’LL TRY NOT TO MESS THIS UP:

Max-Everyone is sure he should have graduated by now, but he’s been in the dorm for so long and still has his major as “undeclared”. No one knows if he actually goes to LLU or not, he never attends class. He’s also somehow behind every out-of-control party or riot that happens on campus or in the dorm, or least DJing. Has been living in Kappa Kappa because it’s the cheapest but he hates everyone, especially the RAs. Nikki did his tattoo. 

Neil-STEM Major. Actually does his work and attends classes and was dead-set on not becoming a party kid, but is always the first one to get absolutely smashed at every party. Max’s roommate. 

Nikki-No one knows what her major is. Like Max, no one is entirely sure if she actually goes to LLU, but everyone seems to have a class with her. Often climbs in through peoples’ windows because she got “locked out again”, although no one actually knows which room is hers or if she actually lives in the dorm. Got kicked out of Gamma Lambda Sigma (AKA college Flower Scouts idk man) for being the wild child she is. Has been stopped by security/police multiple times because they all keep thinking she’s on drugs. Nah, it’s just Nikki. Good thing LLU has a rugby team (She’s really good but no one is sure if she actually plays for points or for the sake of beating people up).

Trans Max headcanons tht nobody asked for

•his parents aren’t very supportive of who he really is but at least they let him dress masculine(they’re still dicks about it though and Max really doesn’t feel comfortable at home)

•when he first comes to the camp, he tells David about it(of course in a very “if you fucking tell anyone I told you this, I’m killing you” fashion)

•David is super supportive of Max and always makes sure he feels comfortable
-the only other people he eventually comes out to are Nikki and Neil

•(in which David adopts max)the first thing David does is change Max’s legal name and on the outside max is like “ugh cool I guess” but on the inside it’s the happiest he’s ever been

•David takes Max shopping for a bunch of rad masc clothes

•When Max gets his first shot of T he’s chill but David is crying because he’s so proud and happy for him

•Once max needs to start wearing binders he wears ones with patterns on them(he has one that just says FUCK all over it that David doesn’t know about)

•When David is doing laundry one day he sees the Fuck Binder and he just pretends he doesn’t because he knows it makes Max happy

•David doesn’t condone violence but if someone uses Max’s wrong pronouns on purpose he’ll either throw a punch or sick Nikki on them

•Nikki would beat the person up either way, Neil would spit on their corpse