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tycutiovevo  asked:

do you think you could draw andreil in autumn clothing? im craving the colder weather already ;__; (i love your art and your blog btw!!! <3 ) (oh bonus points if theyre actually wearing each others clothes, maybe? :0c )

i love this request!!! ive havent dressed up andreil so!! 


@fuckrikosquad creation event: Roasted Riko

“I don’t think you’re telling Kevin to sit out because of his health. I think you know this season is going to be a disaster for your reputation. You and Kevin have always played in each other’s shadows. You’ve always been a pair. Now you have to face each other on the court as rivals for the first time, and people are going to know how premature this was.” Neil gestured at his face, meaning Riko and Kevin’s tattoos. "I think you’re scared.”

-pg 224, The Foxhole Court

Closing Time - TFCFansgive fic

This is the fic that I did for @curlyhairedneil through @tfcfansgive. Hopefully this turned out alright!! I won’t lie, I really super struggled with the prompt, because we all know I’m not one for fluff writing, but this was… admittedly a lot of fun once I finally figured out where I wanted the story to go.


Neil doesn’t know what to do on a snow day. Not that he considers this much of one. There’s barely a dusting on the ground, hardly enough to even call it snow. It’ll be gone by tomorrow morning, if not later this evening. He doesn’t get it. Classes – canceled. The whole school – shut down. Even Wymack, the betrayer, had called off Exy practice for the day. It’s not that Neil doesn’t get that, regionally, this is a lot of snow. It’s not even an inch, but to people who live here, who make a home in the south east, this is an abomination. Neil’s been here for three years – has called himself a Fox for three years, holy shit – and they’ve never called a snow day before. It’s unprecedented.

And yet all Neil can see when he looks out the dorm window is a lack of ice and perfect running conditions.

“We’re not going out there,” Andrew says from his spot on one of the bean bags. Kevin is at his desk doing homework. He’s been grumbling for the past fifteen minutes about stubborn coaches and unreasonable fathers. Apparently, not even Kevin could win Wymack over. The court is closed to them.

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something new

At this moment in life I want to not exist
I want to go out of my way and trap myself up into my room on a cold wintery night and wait till the hot summer breeze to make me feel new.

Even if I have to sit on the hill and watch the spring flowers bloom all my life till you love me even if I’m not me then maybe that will just have to do.

The bright blue sky bounces off the deep red tulips and beyond the yellow sun creating you. Looking right into your eyes.

I feel something drop on my head. As I reach up to grab it I start to notice red, brown and yellow leaves fall from the tree. Slowly in the chilly windy breeze.

I am the earth and you are the sun

Maybe the new season and all the changes will change my being or maybe change your mind

Righteousness is for people who don’t know any better

Everyone knows Neil has an attitude problem, and that he says what he thinks. For example, in the first book when they take Neil to Eden’s:

“Drugs are stupid.“
“Ouch,” Andrew said with a cold smile. “That’s judgmental.”
“I’m not going to apologize for thinking you’re being idiotic.”
“Is your spine the spine of the righteous?” Andrew wondered. “Are you trying your best to step on my toes because you’re feeling the tragic weight of the holier than thou?”
“Righteousness is for people who don’t know any better.” 

What’s interesting about this is how (probably unintentionally) honest that last line is. Neil often doesn’t know any better, but that doesn’t stop him from running his mouth and meddling when he thinks he is right.

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Sugarhigh+Lovestoned // “Cinnamon Girl” // Winter Holiday Lookbook

photographer: Amanda Leigh Smith
Model: Skye Sengelmann
Styling: Tami Snodgrass