neil nulph

Somewhere in Time by Neal Nulph


From a picture
Your eyes enchanted
Even the stars 
That light the night 
Don’t shine as much.

I knew at once
I had to hold you
I had to know the
Tenderness of your touch.

Somewhere in time 
To win your love
If I believe
That I’m with you
Will that be enough?

But I found you only to lose you
Somewhere in time.

Was I dreaming?
Did I imagine
Or was it real,
The warmth of you
Against my skin?

I was right there
Tasting your kisses
Ripped from your arms.
Why can’t I be there again?

If this is love
Here in my heart
I’ll find a way
To be beside
You never to part.

Then forever
We’ll be together
Somewhere in time.