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Hi :) love your blog!! and was wondering if you know any good tfc fanfic that you could rec? Thanks

ahh thank you!! i actually do, i’ve been trying to read more fanfic recently (though i still don’t read much…. welp). where i like authors i’ve tried to just choose the fic of theirs i like most?? and i’ve tagged authors where i know them

  • dangerous magics is an urban fantasy au!!! i can’t even explain what it is but holy fuck man i am so in love with this au? it rekt me
  • fear in a handful of dust by @wilsherejack is a harry potter au set AFTER hogwarts where neil is a reporter tasked with getting an interview with andrew, who NEVER does interviews and it’s SO GOOD
  • the bittersweet between my teeth by @neilexysts is a story where neil can jump through time but everywhere he goes he sees andrew, falls in love w him, then andrew dies. kinda tragic but also ??? ridiculously clever and good
  • and we’ll be running by @allyasavedtheday. band au!! band au!! aaaaa. andrew has to leave the band to be taken off his meds, neil fills in and then andrew comes back and ?? bands!!!
  • latchkey soul by @bekingly where neil wakes up 7 years before tfc and decides to start sorting out everyone’s problems too early,,, it’s fucking heartbreaking but SO GOOD
  • we might be hollow (but we’re brave). andrew and neil are neighbours and neil’s cat doesn’t understand that this doesn’t mean they live together. SO. CUTE.
  • missed call by @badacts,,, neil is brutal. renee is important. andrew deserves better.
  • like a river is another harry potter au but!! listen. it’s set in hogwarts! andrew is a squib and a seer and he adopts neil Straight away and they’re fake bfs but andrew is Pining and i can’t wait for every gd update omg

and if anyone else has recs pls let me and anon know i,,, always wanna read more fic  

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consider: andreil cuddling. like maybe not rly cuddling but they're watching a movie and theyre entwined. maybe the foxes walk in on them. possibly nicky cries

this is not what you asked for at all buddy, apologies my guy. I present to you nicky hemmick being the ultimate example andriel trash. also, heads up, i am nicky hemmick.

  • neil and andrew aren’t stupid, they’re aware of the effect they have on nicky.
  • andrew was always a bit iffy about the topic of Nicky’s fangirl like obession with the two of them, where as it amused neil a whole lot.
  • on the day where it all starts, all the foxes are in columbia and for some reason andrew & neil decide to go for a walk, but kevin and nicky feel the need to join in (translation: cockblock, ofc nicky isn’t doing this on purpose)
  • so neil and andrew are walking next to each-other, and andrew is feeling very possessive after an incident at eden’s twilight where someone decided grinding on neil was a good idea
  • he’s being extra touchy!!
  • it’s not much, but andrew starts to touch neil’s arm, running his hand up and down his wrist idly, inching his fingers under the sleeves of neil’s faded baggy sweater and rubbing his thumb in soft little circles on to his skin.
  • neil let’s out a little hum of appreciation and the next thing they all hear is a small voice saying ‘oh my god’ and a loud thump
  • what do u know nicky was watching the whole interaction and got so distracted by the two of them he walked in to a freaKIn’ pole 
  • this has been the closest andrew has been to feeling like he could actually start laughing since he got off his meds and neil is doubled over, even kevin is chuckling low under his breath.
  • nicky is annoyed but is more like “guys u can not do stuff like that in front of me, it’s not fair” he doesn’t even care that a lump the size of russia is now forming on his forehead, he’s more like i can not belieBe these two, doing cute shit in front of me, who gave them the right
  • so andrew and neil decide then and there that their new aim in life will be to play with nicky hemmick’s emotions until he gets himself in to compromising situations.
  • which is why neil sees his perfect opportunity when they’re all at matt’s dorm and watching movies, and nicky, this bitch
  • nicky is drinking a fucking greensmoothie™.
  • andrew and neil are lowkey about to kick someone when nicky walks in holding it bc a)green smoothie ?? and b) to a movie night rlly?? 
  • and they both have a ding! moment right there and they know what their goal is tonight
  • so they set off
  • first, neil starts to lean his head on andrew’s shoulder, feigning a yawn every now and then
  • (andrew is like damn neil and the cute act is affecting me much more than i thought it would, keep your cool minyard keep your cool)
  • nicky is looking at them every now and then, stopping to stare for a few more seconds when andrew throws his arm around neil and pulls him in closer
  • but nicky can do this, he can, he tells himself this at least
  • but when neil’s head is in andrew’s lap and andrew is subtly and idly stroking his hair with a dead but inconspicuously mischievous expression on his face,
  • nicky yelps a little bit but masks it with a cough, the rest of the foxes are either laughing because they’re all paying attention to the situation or, if you are aaron minyard you are sighing at your weirdo family members.
  • but what andrew does next is the game changer, he makes eye contact with nicky (the little shit) and leans down and gives neil the tiniest forehead kiss 
  • (this kiss is cute, im talking sleepy neil drowning in an oversized sweater, ANDREw’s oversized sweater, and in his boyfriend’s lap and his boyfriend is obviously endeared and gives him a totally unnecessary, soft, kiss to the forehead cute)
  • the series of events from this moment go like this; 1. nicky hemmick choking on his green smoothie 2. nicky hemmick spilling his green smoothie all over his shirt 3. nicky hemmick almost crying
  • the foxes can not stop laughing, matt and dan are being elderly and looking at neil and andrew in appreciation  and allison is recording everything like‘ cmon NICKY, nicky, TELL us what you did, tell the camera how you spilt your green smoothie every where because you are an actual teenage girl,

petalloso  asked:

could you elaborate on andrew's refusal/inability to feel anything and what that means to his relationship with neil and aaron and the others

Sorry salamai this is all over the place. Its v messy and I’ll make a separate post another time about aaron/andrew and andrew/s-h. This turned more into just a general Andrew meta pre-tfc oops. I just had to get all my feelings out okay. Obvious trigger warnings for child abuse mentions, its abt Andrew so basically a whole caution warning tbh.

  • Andrew’s grown up in the foster system since he was a baby okay
  • its canon that he’s been to twelve different foster houses, then going to juvie around thirteen. 
  • imagine when Andrew was a kid, kids need a lot of emotional support growing up. Andrew never had that. not until Cass, that’s why she meant so much to him.
  • okay so backtracking a bit—the emotional support Andrew was supposed to get as a kid didn’t happen.
  • the abuse he endured at the hands of foster families happened pretty early on in his life. We know Andrew was seven when the sexual abuse happened.
  • and what about the emotional abuse? The emotional neglect he went through. Even physical if he did something one of the foster parents didn’t like?
  • just imagine Andrew being disappointed over and over again. No one was keeping their promises, the people who were supposed to protect him kept abusing him. His real mother put him in foster care when he was a baby, she gave up on him that early.
  • don’t get me started on, “he said he would stop if I said it.” - “i was seven, i believed him.”
  • lets not talk about Andrew suppressing his emotions as a kid because it could get him hit, because he might make someone angry. Andrew silencing himself at an early age bc it was safer. Moving from foster home to foster home with new expectations because maybe, just maybe? This one would be different? And it wasn’t, it wasn’t any different. In some places, it was even worse.
  • So by the time things got real bad he wasn’t even suppressing his emotions anymore, they just weren’t really there? His trauma blurred the lines of feeling. He couldn’t control his circumstances and the actions of the people around him.
  • but he could control himself.  And if he couldn’t feel then what was keeping him alive? Cue the Spears, the self harming.
  • Andrew, after years of abuse and disappointment and just. Hopelessness that anything would ever change. He meets Cass.
  • Cass makes him feel like he matters, like he could be somebodies son, something he probably stopped wanting years ago after the things his abusers have said and done to him. 
  • And then Cass’ son comes in and ruins everything.
  • he’s ruined Andrew’s one chance of actually maybe being happy. When Andrew opened himself up once again to something. 
  • But Andrew stays and he almost kills himself doing it. Bc Cass gave him love, she gave him a home. but her son made it hollow (cred @nora). He stopped expecting. He let things run its course bc she was all he had. 
  • and then he heard he had a brother. A twin.
  • and then he got himself into juvie so he could protect Aaron from his abuser. But by then, it was too late for Andrew? Like, he’s been through so much, he doesn’t know how to act with knowing he has a brother? a brother? How do brothers act towards one another? Andrew doesn’t know. And Andrew doesn’t believe in family. But theres this kid, that looks like him, that shares the same blood with him. And it gives Andrew a reason to leave Cass’ place. He didn’t leave for himself but to protect his brother from ever meeting him there and getting hurt.
  • Let’s talk after juvie. Andrew lives with Aaron and Tilda, we know what happens, we know what Andrew does and i think this part from TKM between Andrew and Matt is really interesting when you take all this into account when its once again about Andrew protecting Aaron. 

“don’t even try to justify it. you don’t return a punch with a broken neck.” “where you come from, maybe not,”
“the real world?” 

“don’t - a privileged child like you has never seen the real world. don’t speak of it like you understand.”

Ok so this is where i actually answer the ask.

refusal/inability to feel anything- 

  • Andrew’s been through trauma heaped upon trauma right. He knows feeling doesn’t get him anywhere.
  • I believe he tried to make himself stop caring when he was younger and then that morphed into him actually not caring and not even pretending he doesn’t care. he just cant.
  • when caring about something usually meant caring about himself and we know Andrew holds his own life with little regard.
  • but there are a few things that Andrew does care about. his promises, Aaron and Nicky and then Neil. 
  • his meds fucked with him, made him feel things, made him manic. that’s why he thought Neil must be a side affect of the drugs..because off them he didn’t feel anything, but he was wrong.
  • obviously with Andrew being apathetic, it wasn’t easy on his relationships with anyone. Nicky and Aaron think he’s soulless until that day at Nicky’s parent’s place their thoughts start to change and they begin to see Andrew as a person, one that’s been hurt badly. The foxes all think of him as this psychotic ‘monster’.

It’s simple really, when bad things keep happening to you over and over, parts of you start dying inside until its hard to care at all.
Andrew isn’t mentally healthy, his apathy and carelessness for his own life can also be considered part of his depression.
But he’s still here, and he’s still waking up and breathing everyday and I’m so proud. 

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85 and/or 66 ?

#66 “I dare you!” + Neil and Aaron / with mentions of Andreil 

(you probably wanted Andreil but you didn’t specify and this popped into my head instead. sorry!)

“I’m fine.” 

“Josten, if you say ‘I’m fine’ one more time i swear-”

“I’ll go have Abby make sure it’s not broken. Better?”

Andrew just grunted and walked out of the shower room. If Neil was being honest, it hurt pretty bad and he was kinda scared, if it was broken he’d have to sit out of the next few games.

When he got to Abby’s office he almost walked right back out. Abby was no where to be seen but sitting at her desk was Aaron grinning down at his phone.

“Where is Abby?” Neil questioned, making Aaron jump though he was quick to recompose himself.

“You fuck up again?” Aaron glared as he got out of the chair.

“Where. is. Abby?” Neil repeated.

“Not here. Do you ever pay attention if the conversation isn’t about Exy? Wait, of course you don’t.”

Neil tried to remember if anyone mentioned this but came up blank so he decided to shoot back with “If the conversation is about you, i don’t.”

“She’s leaving me in charge for the next week, perfect practice for upcoming med school.”

Neil sighed. Of course. 

“Okay.” Neil turned to leave but Aaron quickly stepped in front of him. 

“Where do you think your going? As much as i’d like to let you leave, i need the practice and none of the other idiots are getting themselves injured.”

“Yeah i don’t think so.” Neil tried to push past Aaron but he didn’t budge.

“Fine. I twisted my left wrist pretty hard and your brother thinks it might be broken.”

Neil did not want to explain how this happened and was thankful Aaron didn’t care enough to ask.

Aaron motioned for Neil to sit on the table. Apparently he was going to do this the professional way. 

He took Neil’s wrist and carefully pressed and squeezed. “My brother is an idiot. This is clearly not broken just badly sprained. I’ll wrap it, you won’t use it for a week and it’ll be just fine.” 

Neil let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding.

Aaron grabbed the bright orange wrap off the counter and began to bandage Neil’s wrist.

Neil wasn’t thrilled with the idea of no practice for a week and he knew Kevin would be annoyed but it was the best outcome for this situation.

“How did this happen?” Aaron asked as he tied the end together, breaking Neil out of his thoughts.


“Your wrist moron. How did you sprain it? I’m supposed to document it.” Aaron rolled his eyes then grabbed the clipboard.

Neil just gave him a blank look. Aaron plays on the court with him and the lie he had planned for Abby wouldn’t work with Aaron.

Aaron raised his eyebrow. “I have to write something.”

“In the shower.”

“In the shower? you really are a danger to yourself aren’t you.” Aaron laughed. “Can’t you go one day without getting injured?”

Neil has an attitude problem.

“Well i would have been fine today but your brother decided to take a shower with me and gave me one of his fucking amazing blowjobs and i lost my balance then tried to catch myself. Go ahead and write that i dare you!

Aaron dropped the clipboard and choked.

Neil took advantage of Aaron’s speechlessness and slid off the table and headed for the door.

“I- thats not- what the f-” Was all Neil heard before the door slammed behind him.

send me a number + a ship or bro ship (taking foxhole court prompts only)

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i need some pining, could you maybe write andrew wanting to kiss neil all the time to shut him up, wanting to kiss him even when he wasn't saying anything and he doesn't know what to do bc he doesn't know if neil even swings his way and then in columbia neil seems to catch on and then he blurts that out with wanting to give him a bj and he's now silently freaking out bc what if he ruined every chance he had with neil

Okay I’m on mobile but this is so cute
(Also sorry it’s taken me forever to write this)

- so Andrew Minyard is not one to feel all gooey inside. He sucks at emotions and he really does hate Neil Josten because of this emotion display problem he has
- but that hate is a “I hate you for making me want to feel again bc I want nothing”
- on his meds he thought this was merely an infatuation because Neil Josten is attractive and he doesn’t know it and Andrew does get stopped up by nice things
- and then the second time they meet Andrew is off his meds and the infatuation is still there
- only now it’s a disinterested curiosity
- Andrew doesn’t know what to do with himself. He’s never been vaguely interested in anyone both on and off his meds
- (personal headcanon: Roland is a pre-meds fling and now Andrew has lost interest in keeping it going)
- but here comes Neil
- Neil with his secrets and half-truths and semi-acceptable exy skill and overwhelming urge to run
- Andrew is intrigued to say the least
- he is not about to turn into a pile of mush over some boy. That is not how Andrew goes about this
- instead he watches from a distance and he learns that Neil is someone he can protect someone he even wants to protect (not that he’ll admit that)
- he also wouldn’t mind getting into his pants (NOT that he wouldn’t make sure Neil was okay with it first)
- one problem: Neil claims not to swing which just raises Andrew’s curiosity even more (but don’t get confused, he still cares about nothing)
- but Neil is quite literally nothing which raises an even bigger problem
- Andrew brushes it aside and it becomes the least of his worries because Neil is literally a ball of issues and attitude problems and Andrew has his hands full
- but then he’s off his meds and Neil is still more of a problem than Andrew would like
- he’s got everyone’s attention too because he agrees to help Neil when he asks which is more than he does for anyone else
- but that has nothing to do with this infatuation (or what he hopes is infatuation) that’s a matter of his own principles and being treated like he has a choice
- anyway everyone seems to think they’re something more which Andrew couldn’t care less about
- but Neil has no idea which makes this infuriating
- because he kinda really wants to kiss Neil at least once which is new for him but he has no intention of acting on it
- and then Roland does a thing that makes Neil finally pay attention and ask questions which Andrew doesn’t want to answer
- “I hate you, but that doesn’t mean i wouldn’t blow you”
- he really shouldn’t have said that because he wouldn’t want anyone saying that to him and it’s wildly inappropriate
- Andrew wants to fight with Renee now but he can’t because they’re in Columbia because now Neil knows and he was never supposed to know

This got really long and ended weirdly my bad


Someone asks “what’s with chicks and science?” … then Neil Degrasse Tyson tells it like it is.

Never not reblog.

imagine Neil has to have his wisdom teeth taken out so Andrew and Nicky are the ones who pick him up from the dentist all loopy from the sedative and cracking up at random things.

Nicky is Loving This and Andrew is just annoyed so they get him in the back of Andrew’s car and Neil is just mumbling things around the gauze about how he likes Andrews arms and eyes or whatever and Andrew just glares and hits the accelerator. Nicky is like :D!!!!!! But doesn’t say anything when he sees Andrew’s glare

Idk where I was going with this but it would be Cute to see Andrew taking care of Neil and changing his gauze and giving him his pain meds while Neil is all out of it and looking at him like he’s the sun