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After a trip to Africa, actress Tippi Hedren, her husband Noel Marshall, and their actress daughter Melanie Griffith, wanted to make a movie about lions. At the advice of Ron Oxley, an animal trainer who said that “to get to know about lions, you’ve got to live with them for a while,” they had Neil the lion live with them. Their life was documented by LIFE photographer Michael Rougier.

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Dadvid AU

So I was having a lot of ideas for the Dadvid AU and decided to write them down. I’ll most likely have more ideas. I have more specific ideas, these were just general ideas.


-After camp Gwen can’t afford a place to stay, has no other job and refuses to move back in with her parents so David takes her in

-Gwen is extremely to David but he insists it’s a thanks for being his friend

-David and Gwen are never in a romantic relationship. They don’t feel that way about each other and it’d have no benefit on Max or anyone else

-Gwen acts as a mother figure towards Max and is either looking for a job, at David’s place or at college (again)

-Surprise, surprise, she still has no job


-After camp David goes to his job as a Day Camp Counselor. He loves his job and gets to spend his whole day with kids 5 days a week

-The other 2 days he spends with Max and tries to get Gwen to stop being anxious and get out with them

-David enjoys Max’s company but could always go without the constant negativity


-After camp his parents don’t come for a few days. He stays in the counselor’s cabin until his parent’s take him (very reluctantly)

-David would constantly worry about Max and call him every day until one day Max shows up at his door covered in cuts and bruises. Max refused to talk about it but David knew he had to do something

-He lets Max stay at his house whenever he needs until David calls the police on Max’s parents for child abuse and Max become an orphan until David adopts him

-Max would constantly get in trouble at school until he gets into a fight with a bully when they confront him about being a foster child and Max beats the shit out of them and he gets expelled

-Max moves to another school and finds out Nikki and Neil go there as well

-Having friends at his side to defend him, he was no longer teased

Tippi Hedren in her swimming pool, spouting water at Neil the pet lion, Calif., 1971.

By Michael Rougier.

Hedren has since acknowledged that it was “stupid beyond belief” to put her family at risk by allowing an animal with “no conscience or remorse genes” to roam free. On that, at least, we can all agree—even if these pictures make Neil look like the world’s biggest pussycat.

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pairing: kevin day/neil josten/andrew minyard

au: DELINQUENT AU!! everyone is a fuckboy and andrew is a drug dealer

word count: 1700

warnings (please read): drugs, drugged sex, dubious consent, honestly this au should probably be a warning in and of itself???

for: the anon who sent me this ask: for the delinquent AU: idk if you’ve heard of poppers, but basically it’s an inhalant thats popular among some queer men bc after you sniff a little bit of it, it can cause a head rush, but most importantly, it can have the effect of heightening sexual arousal and making penetration feel 10000 times more pleasurable. So, like. What I’m trying to get at here, is that Neil needs to do poppers and have Kevin and Andrew both fuck him at the same time. also the delinquent squad @cabeswaterlovesthem@miniminyardd@wymack


“He’s just there in the corner, sweetheart,” Kevin slurs into Neil’s ear. His breath smells like smoke and his lips are sticky with alcohol, and he passes the joint pinched between his fingers from one hand to the other, freeing his right hand to press a damp twenty-dollar bill into Neil’s palm. “Go and tell him what you want.”

Neil’s already stoned and the music is loud and the room is just a little hazy but even then, Andrew Minyard is still terrifying. He’s standing in one corner of the basement looking like he couldn’t give less of a fuck, cigarette dangling from chapped lips and white-blond fringe glowing blue under a neon light one of the Vixens thought to bring.

“K,” Neil starts. “What do I—”

He barely has time to stutter before Kevin’s hand is on the back of his neck, rubbing hard circles into the tense muscles there. “Go on, baby,” he coaxes. “Go ask him. So we can get out of here.”

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anonymous asked:

Ok so I haven't seen anything like this but listen here. Aftg zoo au.

Revolutionary, anon. Alright so, shoutout to Una for her input on this.

We’ve got Wymack as head keeper, Abby as the resident vet, and Bee running the gift shop (with an endless supply of sweets for a certain blond keeper of course).

Dan runs the elephant enclosure and Matt’s on the neighbouring giraffe experience.

Nicky runs a seal show where he gets them to twirl around and jump through hoops, but most of the time he’s just around the park feeding ducks and getting all the gossip.

Aaron’s on penguins.

Una’s convinced that Neil would be turtles and Andrew would be a crocodile wrangler but that’s because she’s only on book one.

So we have Neil hiding out in the reptile house, but he was in training with big cats until he ran away from his father’s circus (which incidentally provides services to the rival Moriyama Safari Park) and became a zoo keeper.

Kevin’s on gorillas, but used to be a tiger trainer at the Moriyama Safari Park until his hand was suspiciously mauled by one of Riko’s lions.

Neil likes to chill with the tortoises because their slowness calms his desire to run, and he often hangs out with the stoic keeper of the primate house, Andrew.

Andrew’s main focus is on the small primates, and he has names for all the pygmy marmosets. One day Neil walks in to find Andrew with a marmoset clinging to each finger, and he’s just going about his daily tasks regardless.

Wymack’s in charge of most of the big cats but Renee takes responsibility for the Snow Leopards.

For some reason when I thought of Allison my mind jumped straight to camels? You’ll have to fill in the blanks with that one because honestly I… don’t know? Maybe her father is a Saudi Arabian Prince and she’s furious over the unjust deportation of Qatari camels so she moves to America to aid in their breeding programmes.

Riko of course dies in a tragic accident that taints the name of his safari park forever oh how sad.