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From a very long prompts list comes this: 

153: “ Put me down! ”

It’s late, and Neil knows this.
Kevin told him their night practice was going to run later tonight, but Neil didn’t realize quite how much later that meant.

Neil thought he would have some time tonight to do some math homework. He still has two online assignments due this week that he hasn’t started on. He had hoped to get a head start on them tonight between practice with the foxes and practice with Kevin, but Kevin had told him to stay on the court for some extra training time.

They stopped for a late dinner at some point a couple hours ago, but as the clock hits 2:26 and Kevin is still talking about how his aim needs work, Neil realizes that he’s not going to be able to get anything done tonight.

“Are you even listening to me?” Kevin’s eyebrows knit together. For some reason he doesn’t look tired, even though it’s been a very, very, long day.

Before Neil can say anything, he drops his stick. He didn’t mean to, but his fingers just relaxed and it was too late. The loud clatter of the hard stick on the plastic floor is enough of an answer for Kevin.

“Neil, if you don’t get this drill, you can say goodbye to court. You need to be able to do this!”

“I’m sorry. I’m thinking about other things tonight. I have a lot of math–”

“Neil,” Kevin says, interrupting him, “Now’s not the time to be worrying about other things. You’re on the court, and right now you’re here to play.”

 Neil’s mind took too long to formulate a response to Kevin’s comment and by the time he had strung together words that were comprehensible, the space in the conversation was over. Andrew had decided to join in on the talk, calling from the benches where he’s smoking a half-gone cigarette.

 “Kevin. Shut the fuck up.” His voice echoes off of the high ceiling of the court. His soft black pants and loose sweatshirt make Neil suddenly aware of how much his armour weighs. He’s a little jealous  of Andrew’s capabilities; he gets to sit all day and put in the bare minimum work for exy while Neil works his ass off every practice.

 “Neil.” Kevin says, snapping his fingers in front of Neil’s face. “We don’t have all day. Let’s go.” Kevin begins showing him the drill again, and although he is tired, Neil starts working on it again.

 He bends down to pick up his stick, and feels the burn of lifting it through his shoulders and back. Neil already knows he’s going to be sore tomorrow morning.

 When Neil straightens back up, black spots dance around the edges of his vision, but when he shakes his head, they slowly disappear. He’s not going to be stopped by some stupid little thing. He has a goal. He’s going to get this drill today, and then he can rest.

 Kevin finishes his display, and takes the ball out of the net of the stick and tosses it to Neil. Before Neil can catch it, it’s intercepted by a hand. Andrew’s hand. He looks at the ball, and then at the bags under Neil’s eyes.

 A count later, Neil’s mouth opens.

 “Oh.” He hadn’t even heard the doors of the court opening. He was getting rusty. Or maybe he was just getting comfortable.

 “Andrew, give the ball back to Neil.” Kevin says, shooting daggers with his glare at Andrew, who looks all but unaffected. “If you’re not going to play, go sit down. Neil needs to work on this.”

 “Day, I’m taking Neil, and we’re leaving. You don’t actually get a say in this.” Andrew directs to Kevin, no hint of a joke in his voice.

 Andrew walks a few more paces until he’s head and head with Neil. 

“Andrew,” Kevin looks at the back of Andrew’s figure, “ we’re not done yet.”

“If you don’t let him go,” Andrew turns around, “I will break your other hand, and then neither of you will be playing tonight.”

 It’s uncalled for, but Andrew gets the reaction he wants. Kevin looks down and quickly clutches his broken hand. He rubs the scars from left to right, just like he always does when someone mentions the injury. It’s actually quite fascinating, how Kevin goes submissive like a dog sitting at it’s owner’s heels every time. The boy has a spine until someone actually means what they’re saying.

 “Andrew, just let me try one more time. I need to get this if I want to get–” Neil’s cut off by one of Andrew’s arms scooping under his knees and the other supporting his back.

 It’s not the first time Andrew’s carried him, but it’s definitely the most uncalled for.

 Andrew starts walking away from Kevin, and Neil know’s what his goal is. 

“Andrew. Put me down.” Neil says, “I need to–”

 “If you don’t shut up, I’m dropping you on the floor and driving away without you.” Andrew interrupts him, “It’s late and I want to sleep.” Neil notices how he doesn’t call it ‘home’. He only does that when they’re alone, and Kevin is still in earshot. Andrew carries Neil all the way out of the court, leaving Kevin alone with a bucket of balls and a stack of cones to clean up himself. Neil doesn’t feel bad, even though he probably should. 

When Andrew makes it to the locker room, he ungracefully drops Neil on one of the wooden benches. He starts helping take off his gear, starting with his helmet and arm pieces before realizing what he is doing.

 He drops the helmet on the floor of the locker room and takes a step away, letting Neil undress himself.

 “Go shower. You smell.”

 “Are you sure you don’t want to join me?” Neil says with a slight smirk.

 “I’ll be in the car.” Andrew says while turning around, “If you’re not there in 10 minutes I’m leaving without you.”

 They both know it’s not true, but Neil won’t call him out this time. He likes to let Andrew believe what he wants. 

“Tell me that you are well enough to play.”

Neil reluctantly drags his gaze away from the court to meet Wymack’s stern look, and he offers one, curt nod, knowing full and well that any verbal response won’t end in his favor thanks to the rasp that’s clinging to his tone.

Neil can see the hesitance coloring Wymack’s narrowed eyes and opts to risk his hoarse voice to further emphasize that he can do this. “I can play,” he says, tone pushing past the rasp to come off as eager and confident. He bounces on the balls of his feet, gaze darting from the Wymack, to the court, then back to his coach.

“Don’t make me regret sending you out there,” Wymack says just as he nods toward Dan to lead his team out onto the court.

Neil offers one final nod right before he steps out onto the court. He eyes the large, orange paw print painted on the floor as pride swells within his chest, and he moves to his starting position as he mentally shoves his ailments into the far back of his mind.

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Neil Josten | [playmoss]

Neil Josten, nineteen year-old recruit from Millport, Arizona. Born March 31st, five-foot-three, right handed, stick size three. Starting striker for my Foxes and most improved freshman striker in NCAA Class I Exy.

No, Wymack said, getting louder when Neil started to interrupt. Look me in the eye and tell me if you think I care who you used to be. Hm? Wymack stabbed a finger up at his face, then jabbed it into the table. I care about how you are right now and who you can be going forward. I’m not asking you to forget your past, but I am telling you to overcome it.

an anderperry fic: he keeps his face toward the sun

title is based on a quote by w.w "keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you.“

this is a modern!au btw

Netflix. Neil knows he’s gonna have to shake hands with and practically sign his soul over to the CEO of the company, he believes it’s a fair price to pay for the state of nirvana that he’s in. A sense of bliss is so potent within him that he wouldn’t be surprised if it started dripping out of his pores and rose up throughout the classroom in a vaporous brume. He’s got a silly stupid grin on his face that he isn’t even aware of - he’s that happy. And he’s certain that with his heart beating as hard as it is, it’ll thump out of his chest unlike ever before, save for that time Todd’s shirt pulled up along with his sweatshirt when he was taking it off and Neil was able to catch a glimpse of the other teen’s bare skin. He had thoughts for days (and nights) about what it would be like to touch Todd’s flesh there (to touch it at all, honestly), to place his mouth on him, to kiss, to bite down and leave a mark. Needless to say, Neil’s never been filled with so much emotion, has never been this overwhelmed with infatuation, and has never felt this gay (in both meanings of the word).

And all because Neil’s got Todd sitting adjacent to him, their shoulders and arms pressed against each other’s, their heads close together. Neil’s pretty sure that if he turns his head his nose will graze against Todd’s cheek. He almost wants to turn, just so that he can accidentally (purposefully) touch him. Perhaps he could play it off as a mistake, like he had been about to tell a funny joke that the current scene of the movie had reminded him of. Or maybe he could say he was just trying to stretch his neck. Neil scoffs at himself, at his own ridiculous thoughts. He wishes he weren’t like this, wishes he weren’t so hell-bent on getting closer to Todd, wishes he didn’t have all these butterflies swarming around in his stomach, wishes he could control himself and quit acting so… so love-struck.  

This shouldn’t be a big deal. This isn’t a big deal. Neil watches Netflix with Nuwanda all the time. And nothing ever happens between them. Sure, Nuwanda makes jokes about it but nothing ever becomes of them. Neil watches Netflix with Meeks and Pitts, too. Usually documentaries, of course, it’s kind of hard to get hard watching those things, so bad example, maybe. But what of the times when they’ve watched comedies? Neil’s never felt this overwhelmed by having Meeks’ shoulder this close, or Pitt’s thigh adjoined to his. They’re friends, only friends, and Neil has no qualms about that. Why does he have a problem with simply being friends with Todd? Shouldn’t he be okay with just being friends with Todd?

He used to have a crush on Nuwanda. A while ago, sure, but still. He used to want to date his best friend, he wanted to kiss them, and he wanted to fall in love with them. Neil felt deeply for them but he got over it. He was able to move on, and in no less than a few months, even. Why can’t he do that this time? It’s April, for crying out loud. Wasn’t it in October that Neil first realized his crush? Or was it in November? Neil can’t recall the exact time but he can remember the feelings he felt, and the way Todd looked at the moment, and how everything appeared to fall into place.

He remembers looking over at Todd sitting in his desk and seeing Mr. Keating look down towards him while standing in front of him and telling him to step up, to be put out of his misery. Todd had said, “I- I didn’t do it. I didn’t write a poem.”

To which Keating responded, “Mr. Anderson thinks everything inside of him is worthless and embarrassing. Isn’t that right, Todd?”

The words sent a shot of pain through Neil’s chest, which made him confused at the time. The answer of why didn’t quite hit him until later.

Neil wasn’t sure if Keating was truly talking to Todd at that moment, it seemed he was talking more so to the class than to Todd, giving Neil an uneasy feeling in his gut. He didn’t like when people pointed things out about other people like that. He hoped Mr. Keating was wrong about what he said. He hoped Todd didn’t feel that way about himself. He certainly didn’t think that way about him. He’s always thought the opposite, in fact.

“Well, I think you’re wrong. I think you have something inside of you that is worth a great deal.” Keating continued, as he walked over to his chalkboard and then wrote, ‘I sound my barbaric YAWP over the rooftops of the world’. After introducing Walt Whitman to the class again, even pointing out a picture of him hanging above the classroom, Mr. Keating told Todd, “I would like you to give us a demonstration of a barbaric yawp.”

Chuckles were made from some of the other students. Neil pursed his eyebrows together, growing frustrated with them. Couldn’t they see how uncomfortable Todd already was? Why did they have to be such assholes?

From where Neil was sitting, he could see Todd rolling his eyes. “C’mon, you can’t yawp sitting down,” Keating said, “Let’s go, c’mon, up.” Todd reluctantly stood and followed Keating to the front of the classroom. More laughs, snickers, and chuckles were released into the atmosphere. Neil was confused, as was everyone else as to what Keating was doing but he was also intrigued and wanted to know what Keating had up his sleeve.

Keating stood beside him, and started making his way to the chalkboard again so that he could rest against it, “You gotta get in ‘yawping’ stance.”

“A yawp?” Todd asked for clarification, moving his hands somewhat. Neil could tell he didn’t want to be up there, his face was starting to get a blush to it.

“No, not just a yawp. A barbaric yawp.” The word barbaric had been enunciated, and Neil remembers that Keating had grown more passionate here as he showed Todd how to do it correctly. Todd tried after, by that which Neil means that Todd didn’t really try. Keating knew this, the whole class knew it. Keating told him, “C’mon. Louder!” Todd tried twice after that with the same level of tone. Neil seems to recall Mr. Keating calling the boy a mouse and screaming loudly at him to yell like a man.

There was a change in the classroom just after that. It was like the tectonic plates of who Todd thought he was and who the class thought Todd was were being shifted. Todd yelled out, “YAWP” in such a loud and, yes, barbaric manner that students stopped laughing and Keating seemed appeased.

“There it is. You see, you have a barbarian in you, after all.” Keating had said.

Now, Neil can’t remember much of what happened after that exactly, but he will never forget the words that fell from Todd’s lips. It’s almost like they jumped out from Todd’s mouth and landed in Neil’s heart.

“A m-m-madman,” Todd had said when Keating asked him what he thought of the picture of Walt Whitman hanging on the wall. Keating didn’t make it easy for Todd, pressed him for more details. Todd replied with, “A c-crazy madman.” Same result. “Uh, uh, a sweaty-toothed madman.”

“Good God, boy, there’s a poet in you, after all! There, close your eyes. Close your eyes. Close ‘em. Now, describe what you see.” Keating put his hands over Todd’s eyes and they began to spin around.

“Uh, I-I close my eyes. Uh, and this image floats beside me.” Neil remembered him being interrupted a few times by Keating but couldn’t think of what he had said. “A sweaty-toothed madman with a stare that pounds my brain. H-His hands reach out and choke me.”

Keating had uttered words of praise before removing his hands from Todd. Todd kept his eyes closed.

Neil felt electricity run throughout the room, lightning strikes sparked up the entire place. Neil thinks that it’s what set Todd on fire. Neil also think’s he caught on fire with him. He’s certain that he’s been slowly burning alongside the blond boy’s bright flame since then. He wishes that they could join together to make one hell of a light show.

“And, and all the time he’s mumbling. M-Mumbling, ‘Truth. Truth is like-like a blanket that always leaves your feet cold’.”

The students began to laugh and Todd opened his eyes. Keating quickly gestured for him to close them again. “Forget them, forget them. Stay with the blanket. Tell me about that blanket.”

“Y-Y-Y-You push it, stretch it, it’ll never be enough. You kick at it, beat it, it’ll never cover any of us. From the moment we enter crying to the moment we leave dying, it will just cover your face as you wail and cry and scream.” Todd opened his eyes. Everything was silent just before a rambunctious noise filled the room, people began to clap and cheer for Todd.

Neil can’t remember if he clapped or not. Perhaps he did, but honestly he was so enthralled with how Todd’s sweet smile made his stomach do flips that it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that all Neil could do at that moment was look at him. Todd, in that moment, was like a sun that he could look at without being blinded, something absolutely mesmerizing and enticing and beautiful.

Neil couldn’t help but wonder how Todd felt at that moment. He had been taken out of his comfort zone and made to speak in front of classmates who’ve laughed at him, yet he was able to create and perform an original poem like that.

He still can’t recall if it was in October or November, but he’s resolved the matter. He has a crush on Todd Anderson, and whether he likes it or not, it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

Not with them visiting New York during Spring Break together. They hadn’t gotten tickets to a broadway show but they were able to watch a production of a modernized Shakespeare play that had them both laughing a lot. And staying the night at one another’s house hadn’t helped in the slightest. Neither of them ever took the floor. They’d share the bed, and every breath the other took, it felt like. Todd reading his poems to Neil, though, was probably what had him encompassed in flames of love. Not all the times Todd’s looked at him with a smile, nor the times they’ve rested their heads on the other’s shoulder… It was when Todd opened up his notebook and read aloud from it, shared his thoughts with Neil, that Neil felt like he was falling in love. No, knew that he was falling in love.

Neil realizes this is different than how it was with Nuwanda. It’s different because it’s Todd. Ever since Neil first met Todd on orientation day, he’s had feelings blooming within him. A flower’s been growing inside of his body slowly but surely since the moment he first talked to the young man. As they’ve grown closer, with the help of shared classes and the initiation of the Dead Poets Society as a club there at Wellton High, Neil’s feelings have grown.

Neil knows that if it weren’t a big deal he wouldn’t be freaking out as much as he is, he wouldn’t be -

Oh fuck, Todd’s finger just grazed his. Neil glances down. He sees their hands resting beside each other’s on their laps. Todd’s pinky is adjacent to his.

What should he do? What should he do?! Should he do something? What if he does nothing? What if he ignores it? But what if he takes Todd’s hand into his? And it turns that Todd had only moved his hand there by accident?

Neil’s thoughts continue screaming just before they quiet down when Todd fully wraps his hand into his. A flurry of ecstasy and euphoria makes it’s way through Neil’s bloodstream a hundred times over. He beams brighter than ever before and he immediately tangles their fingers together, feeling the softness of Todd’s skin, and starts to trace his thumb along the back of Todd’s hand.

Out of his peripheral vision, he sees Todd starting to turn his head. He starts to do so as well, and in an awkward embarrassing mess of a moment, they nudge their noses together. Todd lets out a laugh, and then, seeing that it’s more funny than anything else, Neil does too. And before he knows what’s happening, they’re kissing. They’re kissing. Everything’s perfect, everything’s right, and Neil swears that Todd’s mouth fits his exactly. Neil moves his lips with Todd’s, slowly and softly. Todd tastes like the fruit candy they were shoving into their mouths by the handfuls earlier. He doesn’t think he’ll ever be able to eat them again without thinking of right now, Todd’s mouth pressed against his, his tongue making its way into his mouth.

Yeah, Neil definitely owes Netflix.

They’re doing tumbling when Katelyn, lined up behind Neil, mutters to him, “Did Andrew follow you to the bathroom at the banquet the other night?”

“Uh,” Neil says, and then catches sight of her smirk out of the corner of his eye. “Katelyn.”

“I’m just saying, if that’s your type-”

“Stop,” Neil interrupts her.

tumbling ain’t the same as falling - chapter four

read it here

The Poetry of Laughter (Neil, Todd)

Summary: Neil loves finding reasons to get his hands on Todd; Todd doesn’t really mind. (Guess who decided to collab again?! That’s right, @nhasablog and I decided to write a little Dead Poets Society piece together, and we hope you enjoy!)

They were sitting in their dorm room, making their usual small talk; boring classes, disgusting amounts of homework, pointless assignments. It was the weekend, finally, and they would have some time to relax. They sat crossed-legged beside each other on Neil’s bed.

“Do you know what the play is going to be this year?” Todd asked, lightening the mood from all the talk of school.

“No, but I have a feeling it’s going to be Romeo & Juliet,” Neil replied.

How exactly he had this feeling, Todd wasn’t sure, but didn’t question it. “You’d be a great Romeo,” he said.

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anonymous asked:

OMG I loved your post break up au post about the emergency contact and was wondering if you're willing to write another?? My favorites were the can't sleep alone so can I sleep with you one more time, the drinking game to decide who gets what or the one where one rushed to the airport but didn't get there in time and the other found out later :)) thanks!!

(this took agES i’m sorry anon but yES AGREE CAN DO i’m gonna pick the sleeping one bcs c’mon that just screams andreil)
(additional warning: this is Long AF sorry mobile users)

  • neil doesn’t know where his life went wrong. 
  • scratch that, he does. when the cousins’ graduation came and went, when the summer left him alone. andrew off to train with his new team, the two of them only having weekends in columbia or andrew’s new place. when the season started back up for neil, the constant thrumming at the back of his head reminding him that this was the season that really counted, the one that could make or break him. 
  • when he decided, alone and thoughts running through his head at breakneck speed, that concentrating on his team, letting andrew focus on his career, would be the best for both of them
  • (”Is that what you want?” - “Yes.” - “If that’s the case.”)
  • so it’s not that much of a surprise when he finds himself on andrew’s doorstep at 2am, stolen hotel duvet in his arms, with a disgruntled andrew looking at him 

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anonymous asked:

andreil coffee shop au?? maybe neil is a barista at starbucks and andrew is a huge fan of the birthday cake frappacino??

first; im so sorry this took so long. exams.

second; i started writing it from the middle to end in full-fledged fic format (quite long too acc) but i have the beginning to write and its in hc format because fic format will take too long?? sorry, i hope you like it babe! (it’s v long yikes)

in this au, aaron doesnt play exy. he is a doctor and lives in nyc with katelyn. 

  • so we all know andrew minyard packs the weight of the northern hemisphere inside of him in sugar 
  • he likes going to coffeeshops in south carolina and all but recently a starbucks just opened on campus 
  • so andrew’s like ‘yeah why not let’s try it’
  • so he’s just entered the shop and hes looking at the menus and stuff and a certain neil josten (cute new barista boy with dusty hair and delicate hands and artistic cheekbones) smiles 
  • and andrew’s like lmao i might as well play pro exy just to earn enough money to buy this branch so i can be manager and stare at this smol (yet physically tol) boy all day
  • but yeah its about coffee okay 
  • so he pushes his thirstiness down and continues ravaging the menus when w h o do you know, neil walks over and him being an excellent reader of people and gr88 at customer service, goes 
  • “hello, were you looking at anything special today?”
    • and andrew’s mind’s like yeah you 
    • if it was anyone else, he’d glare but this boy’s smile is too pretty to scare off so andrew goes “actually, it’s my first time here.”
  • neil: “oh wow, well if you dont find anything, i highly recommend the birthday cake frappuccino. you’d like it, it’s super sweet”
  • and andrew’s face goes a little ?? because how would this stranger know he’d like the sweet 
  • and nei understands and goes “oH I watched your interview.”
    • andrew: ?
    • neil: youre andrew minyard right 
    • andrew: “uh”
    • neil: exy 
    • and for a second, andrew forgot he’s famous in the media bc lbr he doesnt care about exy or fame 
    • and andrew doesnt understand why they put such weird stuff on his interviews like drink preferences but okAy aNYWAYS 
  • he’s like, “uh yeah sure” 
  • so this happens and andrew comes the next day and neil says hi again and goes “the birthday cake?” and his smile is so wide, andrew has to gulp and he can barely manage a “yes” because this boy is like a fairy wtf 
  • eventually, neil and andrew somehow get to have a convo (neil is a nerd™ but andrew’s okay with it. talking to neil about exy is the only time andrew likes exy. but thats okay too because slowly, he realizes he likes neil too.)
  • until one day, they’re sitting on the curb behind the shop during neil’s break when andrew goes: [initiate fic]

“Coach’s forcing everyone to go to some Winter Banquet in Georgia,” Andrew says and he’s playing with the straw in this drink.

“I see.”

Andrew wants to run away because this was a bad idea but if he doesn’t say it now, he never will, so he tries to speak against the rocks in his throat.

“Have you ever been to Atlanta, Josten?”

Neil looks up in surprise, a little struck that Andrew was asking to take him, no matter how deluded the question was. It was still there, hanging in the space between them, biting at Andrew’s nerves every second that Neil didn’t respond. There were about one hundred and forty-two bored comebacks on the tip of Andrew’s tongue if Neil said no, but the reply was just, “No, but I’d like to.”

  • sorry little interruption here: 
    • neil the nerd’s initial thought process was like “woAh am i going to meet all the exy warriors??? is this it?? is this real? is this happening to me??”
    • but he decided that wasnt why he said yes, because exy was cool but andrew was better and lowkey neil’s andrew minyard greatest stan bc best goalie in the league™ but he wont admit to that yet
  • bac k to the story 

Andrew considered that a victory and gave Neil his barely-drank drink to Neil before leaving.


Winter banquet, according to Palmetto’s athletes, is on December 3 and its only November 26 when Neil throws yet another cup labelled ‘Andrew’ in the trash, to join the remaining 9. His manager might actually fire him for plastic wastage like that. Andrew had asked him to Winter Banquet and when Neil looked back, Andrew had seemed pretty content with Neil’s answer, but that didn’t line up with the fact that Andrew had not returned for the past week. It’s terrible, Neil thinks, waiting for someone to validate you, and decides perhaps Andrew wasn’t such a great decision after all. The burning in his chest says otherwise.

On the eleventh day, the glass revolving door beckons the entrance of one Andrew Minyard and Neil smiles despite himself. He walks over to the frappuccino-mixer to get the Birthday Cake rolling when he sees Andrew’s companion. Andrew strolls towards a table with a tall girl in a Vixen uniform with soft eyes and Neil knows it’s probably a teammate until she grabs his hand and he lets her. His stomach feels weak with his the hopelessness of his hope. The smile Andrew gives her is wide enough to burn his own away. Andrew doesn’t as much as look at Neil. He also doesn’t order the Birthday Cake Frappuccino because the girl takes care of it. Another cup lands in the trash and Neil thinks getting fired right now would at least give him some time to sleep all of this out.


The next time Andrew walks in the door, he has a bandage across his cheek. Neil shouldn’t care, but he does, but at least he doesn’t say anything about it. No cups are thrown because Neil doesn’t care enough to make an unasked drink for an unasked-for boy anymore. He continues to serve other customers and forces himself to not look in Andrew’s direction. When Andrew gets up to order, Neil’s supposed to be on break but for unholy reasons, Dan has pulled Matt out to the back of the building with her and Neil doesn’t want to imagine why. There aren’t a lot of people around but Neil just wants to breathe in the air for moment. The remaining thick air in his lungs evaporates when Andrew makes his way towards him and Neil wishes he had the choice to not serve customers he didn’t like.

“Neil,” Andrew says, and Neil gives him the most cool, levelled gaze he can muster.

“What would you like, today?”

Andrew frowns at that, but presses on, anyway.

“The Birthday Cake. I thought you knew it was my usual.”

“No, didn’t really know anything, actually,” Neil retorts calmly and gets to work. Andrew presses his fingers against Neil’s when he’s handed the drink because he can feel there’s something wrong but words aren’t his forte and he hopes Neil will talk to him. The flinch of Neil’s hand stings a little, but he decides he’ll ask him on break.


Matt comes back from the back with mused hair and Neil grimaces but goes out back and pulls a cigarette out of his pocket. He’s sitting on the same curb where Andrew had asked him, lied to him, a week ago when there’s footsteps behind him but he ignores them. His cigarette is pulled out of his fingers and he turns around, annoyed to see Andrew settling beside him on the curb.

“I’d like to know why you’re suddenly avoiding me.”

Neil gives him a brief, bored look.

“I’m not. And that was mine.”

“I would care, but I don’t.” He carelessly flicked the cigarette away, causing another scowl to form on Neil’s face.

“Did you change your mind.” Neil raises his eyebrows in confusion and Andrew looks a little annoyed so he continues, “About going.” He doesn’t say “with me” because articulating the fact that Andrew wants Neil to “go with him” makes it real and senseless and Andrew does not work with flustering statements.

“Why, did the Vixen reject your messed up face?,” he said, motioning towards his face to indicate Andrew’s bandages.

Now it’s Andrew’s turn to look confused and he goes, “What? The bandages? I was smashed by a Raven. And what Vixen? I don’t like their excessive and quite frankly, unnecessary enthusiasm.  The only person looking at my face for a week has been Abby.”

Neil is annoyed and frustrated that Andrew’s making him go around in circles and he came here for a break not to be bothered by a hallucination of a relationship. White lies from Andrew also don’t help so he gets to the point with poison lacing his tone.

“Cut the crap, Andrew. The Vixen; the girl you brought yesterday. Spoiler alert: not ordering by yourself doesn’t make me not see you. Lying to me also doesn’t make you any more admirable.”

The Vixen thing was weird for Andrew but the addition of “girl” puts everything into perspective and despite himself and the knot between Neil’s brows, Andrew laughs, a weird, sour thing, because its open and unguarded and infuriating. Neil grunts in annoyance and finally gets up when Andrew gets ahold of himself and grabs his wrist.

“You saw Aaron, Josten.”

Neil raises his eyebrows in silent question but doesn’t pull.

“Who’s Aaron? I saw you.”

“Aaron’s my twin brother.”

Neil’s eyebrows somehow shoot higher in his dusty hair and he asks, “You have a twin?”


“And you never told me.”

Andrew gets up but let’s go of Neil’s wrist.

“Well I would, but I got hospitalized for a week so I didn’t have time to clarify concerns while you thought I was making out with my doppelgänger’s girlfriend.“

Neil frowned.

“I thought you were being the ‘arrogant, blonde prince of Exy’ and lying to me.”

“That’s repulsive. Never call me that again.”

“That’s what the media calls you, Minyard.”

Andrew smirked, “‘Andrew’ should suffice. You might get confused with the ‘Minyard’ thing again at Winter Banquet and make out with the wrong twin.”

Neil’s stomach churned with satisfying adrenaline and he entwined his fingers with Andrew’s before replying with, “Nah, if you had a twin, I’d still choose you.”

“You’re disgusting,” Andrew replied with the mockery of spite. A beat. Then, “And so is this god awful drink,  drink it for me.” Neil frowned but took the drink for him regardless.

“But you’ve been ordering it for over a month now.”

“Yeah, because you’d recommend it so viciously every day. I like artistically sweet things, not truck loads of liquid sugar. I also hate birthdays.” Andrew didn’t look bothered at this inconvenience though, so Neil was astounded, and amused and touched all the same.

“You’re disgusting,” he replied in mockery.

“And yet, you’d still choose me,” was Andrew’s response.

consulting-angel-in-bag-end  asked:

Andreil + Troye Sivan's "For him"? :) Oh, and my name's Julia btw ;)

Lol I love how Troye’s everybody’s go-to for Andreil 

Hello Julia! I hope you like! 

“Did you get the Nestle?” 

Neil opened his mouth to answer, then reconsidered, “Nestle? You like Swiss Miss.” 

Andrew leveled a stare at him, how the fuck does he know that, “Same difference, doofus.” 

“Well, I got the Swiss Miss.” 

Thank you. “Good.”

Neil was panicking. 

He had a game in 5 minutes and he couldn’t…find his bandana. 

He’d scoured the locker rooms, asked his coach if he had extras, and had asked the whole team if they’d seen it. 

“Here.” Andrew through a bandana at Neil, his breath was coming in labored, but it looked like he was trying to hide the fact. 

“This isn’t mine?” Neil asked in confusion, then - “Wait, what are you doing here?” Andrew didn’t have a game, he did. 

It’s mine. “Take the damn bandana, junkie.” 

Neil furrowed his brow, then his lips screwed up in a half smile, “Thanks, love.” 

Neil interrupted Andrew’s eye-roll with a quick kiss, before running out of the locker room. 

Andrew took a deep breath, letting it out slowly, Good luck…love.  



“Uh…how do you change a flat?” 

Silence, and then, “ - tire?” 


Static as Andrew exhaled into his cellphone. “Where are you?” 

“Right after exit 27 on 85?”

Neil could hear the eyeroll through the phone. 

“Don’t do anything stupid. I’m coming.” 

“You don’t have to. Just talk me through - 

“I’m coming.” 

Neil couldn’t help the smile, couldn’t stop even if he tried. “Alright, thanks.” 

“Stop smiling, you loser.” Andrew hung up before Neil could say anything more.

Neil was grinning now

Want one?

anonymous asked:

Andreil 22, 32 or 37 ty love

37. “Wanna dance?”

Three years after graduating, Matt finally proposed to Dan, who got so excited she climbed him like the tree he was to kiss him.  They ended up having to set the wedding date out almost a year later, so they could get the whole team back for the wedding.  And absolutely no one was surprised when Matt asked Neil to be his best man at his wedding, but almost everyone was surprised when he said yes, and then did actual best man duties.  Ok, yeah, the bachelor party was a little awkward at first, but Matt didn’t really want a traditional party anyway, all things considered.  Matt was more than content with just getting trashed while playing Mario Cart.

The day of the actual wedding, Matt almost bolted because even though he loved and adored Dan, Matt had one of those, she deserves so much better than a washed up Exy player, oh gawd Neil just let me go! moments.  But Neil wouldn’t let him and the first thing Matt did post-ceremony was kiss Neil full on the mouth.  Most of the Foxes laughed even as most of the other guests stared in horror.  Only Andrew didn’t laugh, just finished off his flask after staring at them for several long moments.  Eventually he got up and downed five champagne glasses.

Neil wandered back towards their table and looked around for his boyfriend, smiling when he saw him despite Andrew’s grimace.  Andrew grabbed another glass, and sipped it as he walked unsteadily towards his boyfriend.

“Hey, you good?” Neil asked as Andrew took his hand.

“Wanna dance?” Andrew asked pulling Neil towards the dance floor.  Neil looked around, alarmed, but no one had seen him yet.

“Come on, let’s go get some fresh air,” Neil suggested, tugging Andrew towards a set of stairs.  Andrew let him take him to the roof without much comment.  Once alone, Neil turned to Andrew and opened his mouth to ask him what was going on, but Andrew spoke before him.

“Can I kiss you?” He asked and Neil shook his head.  Andrew pulled out of Neil’s grip and curled in on himself.

“Andrew, what’s wrong?” Neil asked. as Andrew walked to the ledge pulling out a pack of cigarettes.  Andrew shook his head as he lit a cigarette.  “Do you wanna talk about it?”  Andrew shook his head, no, again.  They could just hear the slow music from the roof.  Andrew chugged the rest of the champagne.

“I wanna dance,” Andrew repeated.  Neil sighed and closed the gap between him and his boyfriend; he held out a hand and Andrew took it, pulling Neil close.  Neil could smell the cologne Nicky had picked out from him.  Andrew surprised Neil, pulling him close and leaning into him.  They’d been together for years, but Andrew still had very strict touching rules which just made Neil more nervous.  They didn’t so much dance as lean close to each other and sway together.  As soon as the song changed, Andrew pulled away and took a long drag of his cigarette.

“You gonna talk to me now?” Neil asked.  Andrew didn’t say anything for a long time, just stood there smoking.  When he finished with his cigarette he lit another with the burning stub.  Once done with the second, he turned back to Neil.

“Do you like dancing?” Andrew asked, and Neil shook his head, no.

“What?  No!  Not particularly.”  Andrew nodded and picked at his armband.

“You know I can’t give you this,” he said bluntly, waving his hand about.  Neil blinked, not comprehending what Andrew was really saying.  “Jeeze, Josten!  Why do you have to be so dense?”  Neil blinked and waited.  “A wedding,” Andrew finally said and Neil sighed.

“Andrew, I don’t want a wedding,” Neil said and Andrew glared at him.  “What could possibly make you think I did?”  Andrew fiddled with his collar and then shrugged.

“I mean, we’re here aren’t we?  You’re the best man, aren’t you?” Andrew asked.  Neil sighed a little.

“My best friend asked-”  Andrew squawked despite himself.

“I thought I was your best friend.”  Neil’s face fell a little.  He’d never seen Andrew like this in the past three years, and couldn’t think about the weirdness of the situation.

“Jeeze Minyard, dense much?  How much have you had to drink?”  Andrew opened his mouth to reply, but Neil interrupted him.  “You’re like my best best friend.  You’re my boyfriend.  I don’t want or need anything else from you.  I can’t believe weddings make you the biggest drama king,” he laughed.  Andrew made a face.

“I’m not-”  Neil pointed at him and Andrew closed his mouth.  He closed the gap between them again and leaned into Neil’s space but didn’t touch him.  “Can I kiss you?  Can I touch you?”

“Yes,” Neil whispered and Andrew brushed his lips gently against Neil’s and leaned into him so they could slow dance some more even though a fast song played in the background.  Neither of them noticed Nicky and Kevin until it was too late.  Nicky ran across the roof from Andrew holding his phone high, laughing at Andrew’s threats if he didn’t fucking delete it right now.

“It’s too cute,” Nicky yelled as Andrew wrestled him to the ground, tugging the phone away.  Yelling triumphantly, Andrew got to his feet and threw the phone over the side of the building just missing some wedding guests.  Nicky shrugged.  “I already saved it to the cloud.”  Andrew growled and walked away as Nicky called out to him he owed him a new phone.  Shrugging, Andrew stalked down the stairs and Neil followed him, shaking his head a little.  He never would have thought that weddings would have such an impact on Andrew.

tresjules  asked:

yo if you're still doing these; 32/andriel? feel free to pile on the fluff pls

32. “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”

It didn’t start out this way, but the closer Neil got to graduation, the more and more he started to worry about his deal with Ichirou. He still had a few more years at Palmetto, and he knew that it was likely that he would get recruited to play professionally, but that didn’t stop the nightmares about what would happen to him or Andrew if he didn’t go pro.

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anonymous asked:

I was considering Wymack's go to threat for the foxes being 'signing them up for a marathon' what if after Baltimore and championships, Neil is just like "why not" so he decides to train for and run a marathon also because it serves as a big fuck you to anyone who has ever hurt him because here he is running for the sake of running. I would appreciate it if you could come up with a short story about this idea

“You know, studies show that long distance running is actually really bad for your health.”

Neil hadn’t noticed Andrew leaning against the dorm when he started stretching, but he doesn’t let his surprise show. He switches quads and flicks an unimpressed look towards Andrew.

“Andrew, I fully expected I’d be dead by now,” Neil says. “I don’t give a fuck if this messes with my knees when I’m 50 or whatever.”

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U. Coming home for my andreil bbys (a lil angst would be welcome thx)

if you wanna hear what i listened to writing this, go here

It’s – really stupid.

Neil is just so tired.  He always is, these days.  Like he hasn’t slept a full night through for two months.  He hasn’t - he seems to have forgotten how.

That’s why he’s sitting in his car outside of his ex’s apartment.  

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h-enrywinter  asked:

actually..i just miss you / andreil (but like with Andrew telling it to Neil) 😊

thank u !!!

five word prompts: “actually… i just miss you.” + andreil

For the sixth time that day, Neil’s phone rang with the obnoxious ringtone Andrew had set when he’d finally upgraded to a newer, touchscreen phone. It wasn’t the same song he had had when Andrew had first bought him a phone, but it was equally as annoying, and no less significant to Neil’s previous life as a runaway. He answered it, putting it onto loudspeaker before setting it on his bedside locker. The apartment was quiet, with Neil living alone since he moved to New York after graduation. He had a cat, granted, but all he did was eat and sleep. Andrew was in California with his team, and the long distance wasn’t Neil’s favourite thing about living so far from him.

“Look who’s calling once again,” It was 10pm in New York, which meant that where Andrew was, it was only 7 in the afternoon. On a Sunday, neither teams had practice, and Andrew had already called him five times since he woke up. “Next time I’m not going to answer.”

“You’ll always answer.” Andrew’s robotic voice, warped by the distance and terrible phone connection, brought a small frown to Neil’s face. He lay down, facing the ceiling. The loud cars below and the hustle and bustle of the city was drowned out by Andrew’s voice. “You wouldn’t want to miss something important.”

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anonymous asked:

Andreil + Q from the prompt list

Q. One missed call

Neil thought to grab his phone off the floor after three hours straight of being holed up in the bedroom with Kevin, watching exy games on his laptop and taking notes. He had one missed call from Andrew he didn’t hear because he never takes his phone off silent. When he dialed back, Andrew’s phone was disconnected. Neil got up to look for him, ignoring Kevin’s protests. The other room was empty so he headed up to the rooftop, distantly noticing it was dark and chilly out, but there was no sign of Andrew there.

Neil shot a text to Renee, thinking maybe they went for a sparring session, but she quickly replied she hadn’t seen him. Neil thought to look down at the parking lot, ignoring the four level drop. The Maserati wasn’t there.

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coldsaturn  asked:

something about Andrew's or Neil's birthday!!! *w*

“Oh, come on, Andrew! You and Aaron are finally LEGAL to drink and you don’t want to go out?” Nicky exclaimed, his tone sounding far too pained about not being able to go out on someone else’s birthday. He stared at Andrew’s back until Andrew glanced at him and then away again. 

Andrew didn’t answer Nicky as he finished putting his textbook away. He didn’t really put any effort into homework but one of his professors insisted that the students learn everything themselves, aside from that defeating the purpose of the professors entire existence, so Andrew had made it a habit to read all of the information on days off. He was a fast reader and it all stayed with him so it never took long to get through a book but it still felt like a huge waste of time. 

He probably still wouldn’t have done it at all if Kevin hadn’t pestered him with his ‘concerns’ about Andrew being cut from the team. As if Coach would let that happen. But Andrew figured it would be less effort to read the damn book than fight with the team about a tutor and so here he was. 

Nicky was still mumbling and making indignant noises behind Andrew, so Andrew stood and walked to the door. He opened it and looked back at Nicky, making it clear that he was being shown out. Nicky started to say something about how it used to be his room too but instead he just pouted and pointed a finger at Andrew’s chest. 

“I’m going to talk to Neil about this. He always knows how to convince you. I don’t care if he ‘asks’ or if you need some physical action to agree bu-” Nicky was cut off as Andrew slammed the door in his face and turned the lock into place. Andrew ignored Nicky’s muffled complaint and went to the window. 

He was half way through his second cigarette when he heard the lock on the door click over. He knew Kevin still had a lecture to sit through, so Andrew didn’t even look up as Neil walked in. He listened as Neil closed and locked the door behind him and then proceeded to set his bag on his own desk. He went to the kitchen and Andrew heard the faucet running and then Neil was sitting on the desktop next to him. 

Andrew finally looked up at Neil and studied his face. The past 7 months were good for the scars on Neil’s face, even if the burn marks on his cheek would always look like shit because of the black ink burned down into the skin. Neil met Andrew’s eyes and then set his glass of water down between them before peeling the black bands from his arms. Andrew knew Neil only wore them to keep nosy students off his back, so just like any other cover up, there wasn’t any point in wearing them at home. Andrew had been wearing his nonstop for years now, so he felt uncomfortably naked without them, even if he’d never admit that. He also had no reason to share his scars with his teammates; it’s not like they’d seen them before and Andrew saw no reason for that to change. 

“Nicky stopped me right outside the stairs.” Neil started as he set down the bands and picked up his glass. “He insists that going to Columbia is ‘absolutely vital’ for all birthdays within the family, especially when that family member is turning twenty-one.”

Andrew threw his burning cigarette butt out the window, ignoring Neil’s scowl, and got up. He went to their bedroom and pulled his overnight bag from underneath the bed. He let Neil follow and watch him from the doorway as he started packing a few outfits. He then opened Neil’s drawers and looked back at him, leaving the half full bag open on top of their bed. 

“We’re going out this weekend.” Andrew finally put forth and Neil just continued standing in the doorway, his brow furrowed. Andrew almost sighed but instead he turned back to Neil’s drawers and started pulling random pieces of clothing out until Neil got it together. 

“But, I thought you told Nicky…?” Neil started, finally moving over to prevent Andrew from packing his entire wardrobe. 

“I told Nicky that I wasn’t going to Columbia this weekend because I’m not. I’m going to Virginia.” Andrew explained as he let Neil put most of his wardrobe back into his drawers. 

“Okay. So why are you packing my things?” Neil asked.

Andrew just stared at Neil. He’d thought Neil was done being stupid but he shouldn’t have let himself get hopeful in that regard. Eventually Neil figured it out and just looked at Andrew with wide eyes.

“But it’s your birthday. Shouldn’t you spend it with Aaron at least?” Neil asked, even as he left two outfits in the overnight bag. 

Andrew grabbed the bag off of their bed and headed toward the bathroom where he picked up shampoo bottles and soap at random and threw them haphazardly into the waiting bag. Neil followed, as Andrew knew he would, and Andrew watched as he pulled a plastic bag from underneath the bathroom sink and started wrapping a shampoo bottle. He put a soap bottle and another shampoo back into the shower, since it was Kevin’s, and he grabbed another one and wrapped it as well before he stopped and looked at Andrew. They stared at each other for a few minutes before Andrew stepped up to zip the bag closed. 

“Aaron has plans already.” Andrew said as he walked out of the bathroom. Neil grabbed the bag and followed. He figured that meant that Aaron was spending his birthday with Katelyn. 

“What about Kevin? He’s not going to be happy abou-” Neil started but Andrew interrupted him. “I don’t care what will make Kevin happy. We’re leaving before he gets home.” 

Neil stood in the living room for a moment, watching Andrew put his shoes on, until it finally got through to him. Andrew planned a weekend alone with Neil for his own birthday. Neil started to smile but then he pushed it away with a hand.

“Okay. What’s in Virginia?” Neil asked as he stepped up to slip his shoes back on. Andrew looked up at Neil from his crouch before standing and walking over to the desk under the window. He grabbed his cigarettes and Neil’s armbands before slamming the window shut. 

Andrew was silent as he let Neil into the hallway first and then locked the door behind the both of them. He was silent as they walked downstairs and climbed into Andrew’s car. He was silent as he turned the key in the ignition and pulled out of the Fox tower parking lot. Neil had given up waiting for an answer to his question but then Andrew spoke up as they merged onto the highway. 

“No one we know.” Was all that he said and Neil finally let his smile out in full force. Andrew ignored it but Neil knew he could see. That was enough. 


So, the rest of this, the part where they spend the weekend in Virginia, is coming in another message. This is my first Foxhole Court fanfiction and I’m still working on characterization. I realized that my Neil was more like the Neil from the first book so I kinda redacted on his characterization on accident, but once I’d noticed it was too late. Sorry about that. Anyway, here we are!